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  1. So who's paying you then Billy? Looks like the shills are out - when can we expect Bill O'Reilly?
  2. Paddy Power will be taking bets on the outcome, at this rate!
  3. Sometimes I think Rhodes is angling for a threesome with Amanda Knox and Carolyn Radford
  4. They can go in, just leave us out of it. I'd rather DC invest more in schools that actually educate children, better roads (no more potholes) and get back more of our rights from the Brussels numpties.
  5. Yes, a good start for Mansfield Town and also for Newport County. The two promoted sides are looking good at the moment. Got to laugh at Cheltenham though - their fans have given Gloucester so much stick of late, and now they are four without a win they can't take it. Think Mark Yates will be gone by Christmas! I wish Mansfield the best, and whatever may be said about the odd couple (John and Caroline) they are far better than Keith Haslam, who nearly killed The Stags years ago.
  6. This is the crux of the argument. Only Amanda Knox knows if she is guilty or innocent.
  7. I am glad that Cameron is not doing 'a Blair' over going to war, and far from condemning him for being weak I think all sides should say well done to DC for doing what the people want. If the yanks want to go in, then let them - just leave us out of it.
  8. Cassation? Sounds painful Wonder what Meredith's parents would think of the comments here...
  9. So what does the Fabian Society (of which TB was a member) stand for?
  10. Are you sure about that, Alan? http://www.nextleft.org/2010/11/i-am-socialist-says-new-labour-leader.html http://www.totalpolitics.com/speeches/economics/public-services/33513/tony-blairs-speech-to-the-fabian-society-on-public-services.thtml http://lib-161.lse.ac.uk/archives/fabian_tracts/562.pdf https://secure.gn.apc.org/members/www.bilderberg.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4239&sid=147bfbacc9a6d75ed544c2b6a307825b Admittedly, the last one is slightly more conspiracist.
  11. Agreed, wish somebody would bomb the vile Fabian TB instead.
  12. Can we even afford to go to war? The millions that would be spent on pointless destruction could be far better spent here.
  13. IIRC, it was between George 'Dubya' Bush and the environmental liar Al Gore. That's like choosing between whether to be kicked in the shins or punched in the Connahs Quay Nomads...
  14. In short, no we should not be getting involved. We waste too much money on war and needless Foreign Aid to places like India and China. High time we looked after our own people for a change!
  15. Sarah Palin? Bill O'Reilly? George Soros? Alan Greenspan? Lady Gaga? Dick Cheney?
  16. I think he's having a GREEN DAY... (Okay I'll get me coat....)
  17. Maybe Rhodes has a few notes down the side of his sofa?
  18. There's a few good programmes on (Father Brown being one of my current faves) but TV ain't what it used to be.
  19. Gokkyboos! Camp as anything, but he does come to Gloucester now and again (he opened the Quays development) and he can at least laugh at himself which the other 'luvvies' seem incapable of doing.
  20. Expecting Big News On The UKFF Front For Next Weekend!

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