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    Zippy reacted to 1966 in CCL Under 21 League   
    Stuart Pearce found playing for Wealdstone at 21 by Coventry . Ian Wright, found playing for Greenwich Borough by Crystal Palace and signed at 22.
    Very glad these 2 didn't take your advice duncs !!! 1247 football league appearances and 111 England caps between them.
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    Zippy got a reaction from tringarmy in Midweek Games - Tuesday/Wednesday 15/16 October   
    Well Clough has been sacked at Derby, plus Man United are a bit pants....
    So you could be right Rhodes!
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    Zippy reacted to Big J R in Strictly Come Dancing - 2013   
    Ditto Adam !
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    Zippy got a reaction from cup of tea in Ed Milibrand   
    Why not nuclear or hydrogen?
    France has loads of nuclear power stations, and cheaper energy prices than here in the UK.
    I'd also look at open-casting, except for in AONB/SSSI's.
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    Zippy reacted to Eastside Urchin in Ed Milibrand   
    Not saying I agree with the Policies of UKIP but I do think they are being vastly underrated.I believe that the public are getting extremely fed up with the two main parties and the lib dems and the press who nail their masts to whatever party they fancy at whatever time.
    Let's face it,UKIP are probably never going to be one of the two major parties but they could challenge the lib dems unless they get their act together.Just maybe the people of Britain are getting fed up with the mud that the two and the press keep slinging and it could well play into UKIPs hands
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    Zippy reacted to Big J R in Ed Milibrand   
    Not so much for the 'sluts' comment  -  More for assaulting that prat of a reporter who called him a racist.
    Actually, I thought the idiot deserved it.  Channel 4 is SO anti-UKIP.  Maybe that proves they are worried about UKIP's future success ??
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    Zippy reacted to Eastside Urchin in Ed Milibrand   
    Ed milliband is a fckng joke
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    Zippy got a reaction from cup of tea in Spalding United away Saturday 28th September   
    Hope you have a great day up in Lincolnshire (seems an awful long way for a London side like AFC Hornchurch to have to travel - usually it's my lot that get send to the ends of the earth in the FA Cup!)
    Anyway, if you need directions - from Hornchurch join the M25 anti-clockwise and take the A1(M) to the B1081 roundabout at Rowthorpe.  Take the B1081 until it merges with the A43 and stay on this road (through the town centre) until it forms a junction with the A16 and take the A16 towards Market Deeping.  The A16 and A15 roads become one road for a short distance around the west of Market Deeping, but to the north of Market Deeping the A15 heads left towards Sleaford.  Stay on the A16 through Deeping St. Nicholas and at the Coronation Canal Roundabout (the first roundabout you'll come to - with the town of Spalding on the left) turn left and cross over the canal.  At the mini-roundabout you will want the second exit (heading virtually straight ahead).  Stay on this road until it ends opposite a canal and then turn left towards the town centre.  Once you reach the road bridge over the canal, turn right and follow this road around until the T-Junction opposite 'Masons Models'. Turn left, follow the road around the bend to the right and then take the first right past Halfords and the Bus Station - the ground will be ahead of you.
    For those of you going by train - slightly easier as the ground is right next to the station!  You'll need the 11:35 from London Kings Cross to Leeds, getting off at Peterborough at 12:21 and then catching the 12:41 train to Lincoln which arrives at Spalding at 13:03.  From Spalding station, cross over the road and walk through Sainsbury's Car Park towards the ground (the floodlights will be ahead of you slightly to the north west).  Book in advance and from London Kings Cross it is only £14.50 one way.
    Good luck!
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    Zippy got a reaction from Hookey in Greg Dyke's 'Grand Speech'   
    Agreed Hookey, 
    He started out life at Llanelli FC as well.
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    Zippy reacted to Hookey in Greg Dyke's 'Grand Speech'   
    Any list of great "British" managers would have to include Jock Stein.
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    Zippy reacted to Eastside Urchin in Greg Dyke's 'Grand Speech'   
    Herbert chapman for a start
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    Zippy reacted to Hookey in Amanda Knox - Guilty or Innocent   
    As guilty as a guilty person studying for a degree in guilty at a University for guilty people in guiltyville.
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    Zippy reacted to Ian_W in Amanda Knox - Guilty or Innocent   
    But she has not been found innocent has she?
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    Zippy reacted to Big J R in Amanda Knox - Guilty or Innocent   
    Haven't looked at the Bible in ages !!

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    Zippy reacted to Big J R in Farnborough players all change their names via deed poll   
    More likely to be sponsored next by  Exlax......
    cos, it seems they are well and truly in the sh1t !
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