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  1. Happy Birthday Harvold!

  2. It appears that the club decided to keep Keith in charge on a caretaker basis till the end of the season, ahead of more experienced individuals. It seems that they may regreat that now, as they are one of my favourites for the drop
  3. Surely eversley need to kick on if they got the lights working!! I'll be there tonight to see what they can do in there first ever floodlit game!!
  4. Thats a disgrace in itself that they made him travel to hospital on his own back considering he could of been suffering from concussion! I sometimes wish clubs would look after players more, especially when it comes to head injuries! it's not just all about the money.
  5. Understand from friends at the game that knaphill were very poor yesterday! How many go down this season? As they could be battling to stay out of that but looking like hanworth and Guildford currently
  6. Exactly young veteran and you could give him the opportunity to play in the local and league cup competitions which some teams use to give those squad players a game! Surely that is what we should be doing to develop the game and give youth an opportunity to get involved gradually
  7. Not really a ridiculous comment more a judgement call that in this could well of been an opportunity to have a second keeper whom is fairly young which would like to gain the experience of being in and around a first team camp and can't see why that can't happen at most clubs
  8. That is poor management in my opinion, not having a sub keeper on the bench!!
  9. Was thinking the same with regards to Guildford, management team must be under some pressure!! Also what happened at badshot game abit of a thumbing for knaphill!!
  10. Surely the southern central would be the likely destination as that is where Godalming got moved to this season
  11. Former Hartley Manager Neville Roach is available too, So would expect he maybe interested in a return to the combined counties league after a stint with Marlow FC. Be interesting to see who gets the role as a very good set up at Westfield, been impressed by the games I have attended there. Also heard on the rumour mill there are a few other clubs ready to cut there relationships with there managers so maybe quite a few jobs to go round for everyone.
  12. Understand Westfield might be on the lookout for a new manager! Anyone else here the hear the same rumour? If so who is available to take up the post
  13. Good result and performance for eversley today, team really looked up for it and pressed lots more than in previous performances, Charlie in the middle of the park made a big difference for me, added experience and quality on the ball, sheer water got into the game in the last 15 mins or so but overall good result for eversley and the new management team.
  14. I see the Tarr factor had started with new signings coming in from his former club!! This is how thommo will make himself look good by using Tarr's contacts!! Still confused how a Sunday league manager at best manages to get a role at such an ambitious club!! Good luck to Scott in his first training session as he will be doing most of the work I can imagine while the gaffer is tweeting!!!
  15. All the best Sav and all the best to your daughter! Not sure about the Thommo appointment though after what I heard the sandhurst chairman say about him when you guys played and the fact he applied for the role when it came up, doesn't really show the loyalty required for me! Plus not really a club you would let someone with very little experience take the reigns, I'm assuming it will be the Scott Tarr show with him bringing in the players and doing most of the grafting!! I suppose we'll have to see come the end of the season!!!
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