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  1. 13-January 11 - Happy Birthday Lovepug13 :)

  2. 1-1 staddart...12 mins left
  3. It would indeed be party time!!!!
  4. Indeed, could there be one last throw of the dice today.......would make next saturday very interesting.
  5. Skysports I reckon matey! And as for Starwars........dont we all love it.!!!
  6. Yer I hear you matey, my brother has gone...I am forced to write an essay on textual analysis!! Damm uni cant wait to finish and get a real job! make some money (abramovich style) then the real rebuilding will begin! Hartsdown park with a capacity of 80,000 and champions league games to look forward to! he he
  7. yer Oldham Athletic, still 0-0 16 minutes! Watching the Carshalton, Newport, Maidenhead results as well. all 0-0 at the mo. Keep u all informed. May the che be with you kirby, always! Oh and you 2 davo!
  8. Team for today. trego, alexis, greene, smith, barnett, edwards, keister, gradley, manche, rocky,clarke. Brother is at game, will keep u posted. Adam (stuck in doing crappy essay work)
  9. Lovepug13

    A True Great

    amen cookie, amen.
  10. Lovepug13

    Paul Sykes

    good night and god bless from the blue army. A dark evening indeed for kent football. Adam
  11. Margate were winning 1-0 (baptiste) One of the opposing team has had a fit. Just for your information guys, Adam
  12. Lovepug13


    game called off - medical complications to one of the opposition - allegedly had a fit!
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