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  1. Yes, I know it's just an expression, but you can't go around making comments like that these days, when so many are quick to take the greatest offence at even the most seemingly innocuous comments. Thanks for your concern, I'm bearing up under the circumstances. However, you won't have the pleasure of reading my words of wisdom on the "other" forum next season as I shall only be doing public resumes of the Southern League games I go to. Yes, I know it's upsetting - here, have a spare Kleenex - but we all need to do what we think is right.
  2. Why not register yourself and give them the benefit of your wisdom? I'm sure it'd be welcomed with open arms.
  3. I'll quickly get this in before you-know-who starts sniffing around LEVERSTOCK GREEN 1-4 BALDOCK TOWN The quoted attendance of 63 must surely have included the large gaggle of ex-Pancakes who’d gathered in the clubhouse as some form of tribute to one of their former team-mates who seemed to have developed some health issues. To be honest, they might have done better on the pitch today than the current crop who were completely bossed and outplayed by the visitors who raced into a four goal lead thanks to a rather clumsy own-goal before LG managed to sneak in a consolation which was gr
  4. Not especially - two sides struggling near the bottom and only one goal which didn't come until well into the second half. Credit to the referee though - earning a little extra pocket money in the middle of studying for his GCSEs EDIT - this is in response to you-know-who
  5. Why, were you planning on being there? Anyway, to save you the trouble 7. Crawley Green 7-1 London Colney My previous visit this season saw seven goals but there’s always room for improvement and so it showed. A lob and a penalty saw Crawley Green go 2-0 up at the break but in the second half, they really turned it on, tearing their unfortunate visitors apart who may have been distracted by their rather eye-catching shirts, complete with individual QR codes. London Colney’s goal, when it came, appeared to be one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it occasions as it elicited
  6. There's more chance of you actually attending a game and doing your own reports than there ever was of any of these clubs getting to Wembley...
  7. I did toy with the idea of asking him his opinions on Rhodes, but thought better of it. Mind you, he did get some pretty hefty verbals right at the end in the wake of the red card(s).
  8. FA Cup results may also allow for some rearranged League matches on 24th. Can't have players sitting around doing nothing now, can we?
  9. Isthmian and Southern League should be out by Friday (12th), then it just depends on how long it takes for the SSML pencil to be sharpened or the laptop to be booted up.
  10. True, but we had high hopes from Mark Eaton and that didn't last long
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