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  1. 27-February 11 - Happy Birthday LEWIS JAMES HARKER :)

  2. James Russell is a top keeper, that save was blindingly good but I thought maybe he was helped by it being a bit closer to him than previously thought, but it was a exceptional reaction save and he had a very good game. very good performance overall and can't wait for the season to start UP THE YELLOWS! p.s I hope we sign Russell and Cohen top class!
  3. Make some noise - Batch Canvey Island boss John Batch is backing the Park Lane club's fabulous fans to shout down the followers of a hugely-supported Dover Athletic team that have take the division by storm this season. quoted from Todays Echo.
  4. sorry about the quality, I recorded it off my phone
  5. COME ON CANVEY! i lost my cigarettes somehow jumping up and down like a lunatic. Oh well.
  6. Can you imagine trying to play football at Ilford full stop
  7. If it's this Saturday I can't ! Sorry
  8. Originally Posted By: MOB Snr It used to be we had a couple of hundred posts on here every day, now it has all gone flat!! Where is Ribbit, Canveyboy18, Yellow bungle, Pabird, Banana Boy, Merv, Lewis, Matt, Cangull, Anon E Mouse, EFM and all the rest. Lets all use this thread to say why people are not posting! Is it people have lost faith in the site? Do we want a Canvey only Forum, linked to the main site, I am sure Charlie could organise it!! I haven't had internet for a while
  9. I'm available It is possible for my cousin to play if you need any players. (striker.)
  10. I'm going to bring my black clown suit coz its going to be cold
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