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  1. yes we left bedfont sports for reasons that is our buisness and the chairmans . no we have not aproached chertsey as if u read all posts I did ask jono to put email up on here to show everyone wot we sent apparently . As I said in that post I do respect others so would not do that and u should be old enough not to listen to rumours . on the last point , we r now 36-37 years old and the only club to offer us a chance to still play is staines lammas and as we r not geeting younger surely u would agree u have to play until you cant physically do it no more .
  2. if it is me u r talking about sending emails id stop listening to rumours. I can garauntee u I have not sent nothing as I do respect people , obviously unlike other people . If I did send this email then post it up on here as id like to see it aswell , if not id appreciate it if u stopped trying to make me bad . many thanks and good luck for the season Gavin
  3. myself and my brother stuart as of this week have parted company by mutual consent with bedfont sports.Id firstly like to thank Dave and Terry reader for giving us the opportunity to start our managerial career with them. Bedfont sports is a fantastic club with great facilities and some very hard working people involved . Weve loved every minute of our time there and want to wish them the very best in the future. Myself and stuart will now be looking for our next venture as player/managers along with our coaching and backroom staff.
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