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  1. Absolute twats on here who question the Bamfords integrity. If they get no concrete offers at step 4 managing/playing then its step 4s loss not theirs. They have a fantastic work ethos and 20 years experience at that level and above, a decent following and a promotion in their first managerial role. A few people out there missing a trick in my opinion. Would they have a better chance of improving some of the struggling step 4 clubs abso[****!!****]inglutely. Off course they will play at step 6 to keep fit because they have no ego and above all they ballers.
  2. From what i hear the lads are really professional so probably wouldnt share that information. Any of us on the outside have no idea what goes on, on the inside. So myself included are asuming and guessing.
  3. No disrespect to step 6 im sure they wont be going to Lammas or any other step 6 or even 5 club. I think they have pals there so probably just watching. These lads have spent the best part of 15 years of their career at step 3 & 4. You cant buy experience.
  4. Ive seen Bedfont play a few times over the last couple of seasons, they seem to be a tight knit group, i suppose that comes from winning promotion together, and to be fair they are one of the better footballing teams in the CCL even if the results are not going their way.
  5. I believe the bamfords are looking for a new player/manager project along with the backroom staff, no disrespect to any step 6 team but they have done that already, with a promotion already on the CV. I think they will be looking closer to step 4 so dont see them going to lammas.
  6. Im sure the Bamfords will receive many offers with many years of experience at Ryman and a promotion in their first managerial role at Bedfont. I think they played at Chertsey, but I haven't heard anything about a vacancy there. Apparently they are both still playing so would be a good aqusition for anyone at step 4.
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