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  1. Right lads you set a standard now....grear all round team performamce, hard to single out a player who shone over the rest. The new shape worked really well, alot of that down to the 3 boys in midfield working there socks off.
  2. may well make the crown for the game, finished about half 2 so gives us enough time to get to back the team
  3. I thought the pitch played well agaisnst brigtlingsea, so barring any downpour or minus temps i reckon we are good to go
  4. You starting the fear the worst eastside? Not like you.
  5. We should be so lucky, i think the refs gripes are how your foot sinks in the groud over that bit and theres no support, which unfortunately doesnt change over night
  6. We shall see.....maybe you could lend a hand as your clubs ways is the way. We can just put our name to it so i keep to my original post of being Billericay Town FC and not are you dulwich in disguise fc
  7. Thanks dulwich, i am by no means having a pop at your club, the money raised is great and helping towards your on field success at present....will it last when not so happy times come around, we shall wait see. My point being i would like that extra money being kept within the club. Then Seeing improvements from the money being put into the club, would definately help, we have had a lot of fundrasing efforts over the last few seasona like pitch up for the pitch, quid for a win, birthday parties, mascots which all generate money towards the club. Alot of that money would go towards paying the daily running of the club i presume, but it would be nice to see that money making improvements around the ground. First and foremost we need to get together and encourage people to come and watch us, spend time in the clubhouse, take part in BTSA events and most of all want to keep coming back and being apart of Billericay Town Fc
  8. ............Billericay Town FC!!!! After to going to Dulwich yesterday and reading Steve's comments them in his blog. I for one and I doubt many at the club would want the fan base they have. Yes the numbers are great and with a good run of form and a team that is winning games, scoring goals and playing attractive football then numbers will increase (Champions Season - albeit not attractive at times) But... If you made your way round to the 2nd half end of the pitch you would of seen the amount of empty cans left by their own supporters.........That's right over a 1000 in attendance but I would say probably over half wont even go in their club house! Instead they have gone into Sainsbury's picked up crate of beer for £10 and then buggered off at the end, so not evening spending an extra penny at their own club. A comment from one of their supporters was that he wouldn't get served in time in the bar so its easier....10 of them doing the same is £100 as easy as that which has gone into sainsburys rather than the club. I want our supporters/fans going into our clubhouse spending money helping towards making our club self sufficient, we do have a clubhouse that would be able to accommodate more than they can. We need to make the most of this. Adding BT Sport is a start, thumbs up for that. We don't have a huge fan base, but the fans we do have are passionate for our club. Yes I would love to see us playing in front of more support every week and I'm sure the players would too, but that doesn't change over night. You need processes in place to make people in our town and the surrounding towns know that we have a football club. When I was younger there always a poster in what was summerfields car park at queens park, I was always seeing what games were next when I went round to the shops. Social media has become a huge part advertising but we need to still be advertising where possible in and around the high street. Billericay is a busy place. Its a CLUB effort that is needed and everyone pulling in the same direction. It has to start somewhere lets make it start from tomorrow night. I don't want to be like anyone else I want to be BILLERICAY TOWN FC
  9. Fire away....you didnt catch me falling over in the high street though...the ankle is still sore now
  10. Eeeeeerrrrrrr i feel terrible......good day had by all, the team put in another great performance. 3 points clean sheet roll on monday
  11. There manager that day was an embarassment to lewes
  12. Thats what i meant james, dont wory ill be there breakfast burger in hand possibly!
  13. Looking forward to my first away dayer in a while, 6 points on the board will be nice!
  14. Right talk on the terrace last night is, £25 per person in a group of 4 from billericay and £23 per person in a group of 4 from basildon. See you all saturday to get the numbers up for lewes......... Oh when the BLUES go STEAMING in!!!!!!
  15. Right ill go first.... Nothing cup, both made changes, decent crowd in, Blues stroll through! Anyone got a minibus to take our goals scorers home?
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