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  1. Interesting comments as ever Steph - thanks. But just thought I'd clarify what might not be clear to everyone. Mo has clearly been instructed to play wide at times. The Wingate game was a good example. When told to play wide in the first half against Wingate they probably thought 'Thank you very much'. When allowed to go central in the second half, he scored (as we've come to expect).
  2. Mmm! I REALLY don't like the idea of offering reduced admission to Spurs fans. And, no, I'm not a Gooner either. Just doesn't feel right. (Apart from the fact that I couldn't care less about Spurs.)
  3. Oh yes, and see an England international in goal!!!
  4. Oh yes, and see an England international in goal!!!
  5. "Josh Davison: ETFC to Charlton. Corey Whitely: ETFC to Newport. Mo Faal: ETFC to the Premier League???? See the stars of tomorrow right here, right now! In the comfort of your local stadium! Wake up and smell the mud! Hear the ball hit the back of the net! (You can't do watching TV! Or while getting ripped off in corporate enclosures!)" Just a thought! I'm no marketing expert! "can't do that" I meant!
  6. We didn't play well. Even the players accept that. But what's different this season is that we keep going. Once we got our first I knew we'd get an equaliser (though I didn't think it would take until the 6th minute of added time!). This team won't come first, but we will be promoted via the play-offs.)
  7. OK! OK! I know I this is straight out of Drama Queen Central, but...you know what?' I'm just a bit looking forward to this bad boy! I might even get a tad carried away. Well, you never know!
  8. I don't think you'll need to worry too much about Mo's wages any longer CC.
  9. I think any criticism is not directed at any one individual.
  10. Auds, I love the fact that you think you understand what the word 'sarcasm' means. It sums up what I wrote about baiting a retard. There really isn't anything I wrote that was sarcastic (check out the actual meaning of the word). And for the second time, I really am not LS! And...you also failed the modicum of intelligence test.
  11. I am an ETFC fan, but if I were an ETFC player I would give the middle finger. If Mickey leaves, that's all that needs to be said. ,
  12. Mark Kirby? Legend. Did the club let us know officially he'd gone? No. Liam Hope? No Mickey Parcell? No. Very, very, very pi**ed off.
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