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  1. Audrey! Lightening up! You absolute scamp, you! I'd never have guessed you had it in you! (By the way, you are refering to that orifice described in Ed Sheeren's 'New Man', aren't you?). How terribly exciting!!! But did it hurt? And do you really have no regrets? (Where's your dignity for goodness sake!).
  2. Ooh! Auds! Miaow! Careful sweetie or you're liable to catch cat scratch fever. Let's be friends you little sausage.
  3. No way Andy! It was Mo's parting gift 🙂. He sprinkled a little bit more of his magic around the Donkey Dome and lo and behold...we get double the points! Add them together at season's end and we're champions! 😂 Cheers Mo! 👍
  4. Audrey! Honeybuns! Just when I thought I'd managed to get over you, you wend your wicked way back, whispering words of wisdom, as I wonder why your wily ways work their wonder. And they do, dumpling, they do. (Sigh!). But of what cup dost thou speak, pumpkin? Could it be the 'Delusions Of Grandeur Cup', fluffy bunnykins? Or the 'Audrey Walker's Crisps Trophy', poppet? Oh, do tell! You're SUCH a tease!
  5. A little perspective might be in order: no easy games in the Middlesex Charity Cup (er, unless they're against us, that is). And anyway, now we can, um, 'concentrate on the league'.
  6. To be fair, he looked like he could be a decent addition for us based on yesterday's perfirmance. Here's hoping he sticks around for a few more hours!
  7. Blimey! He's been with us a few hours and hasn't yet moved on to another club. Happy days!!!
  8. Desire for anonymity at the AGM (due to concern at expressing unpopular views, feeling peer pressure to conform, embarrassment at speaking in public etc.) can be catered for by giving members an alternative way to ask questions: by allowing them to write them on paper and placing them in a box prior to the start of the meeting. These would then be read out by a Board member and answered by the appropriate person.
  9. Interesting comments as ever Steph - thanks. But just thought I'd clarify what might not be clear to everyone. Mo has clearly been instructed to play wide at times. The Wingate game was a good example. When told to play wide in the first half against Wingate they probably thought 'Thank you very much'. When allowed to go central in the second half, he scored (as we've come to expect).
  10. Mmm! I REALLY don't like the idea of offering reduced admission to Spurs fans. And, no, I'm not a Gooner either. Just doesn't feel right. (Apart from the fact that I couldn't care less about Spurs.)
  11. Oh yes, and see an England international in goal!!!
  12. Oh yes, and see an England international in goal!!!
  13. "Josh Davison: ETFC to Charlton. Corey Whitely: ETFC to Newport. Mo Faal: ETFC to the Premier League???? See the stars of tomorrow right here, right now! In the comfort of your local stadium! Wake up and smell the mud! Hear the ball hit the back of the net! (You can't do watching TV! Or while getting ripped off in corporate enclosures!)" Just a thought! I'm no marketing expert! "can't do that" I meant!
  14. We didn't play well. Even the players accept that. But what's different this season is that we keep going. Once we got our first I knew we'd get an equaliser (though I didn't think it would take until the 6th minute of added time!). This team won't come first, but we will be promoted via the play-offs.)
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