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  1. According to Lewes tweet the games off due to potential travelling problems.
  2. Still not happy at being clapped from a distance at the end of the game though. Shook Billy's hand, but only because he had to walk past us after being subbed. Ryan didn't even play, but still came over to shake hands.
  3. If I were a MOTD pundit, I'd use one word sentences: "Passion." "Commitment." "Purpose."
  4. In the immortal words if Alex Ferguson: "Football! Bloody hell!" On this performance Enfield have made me hope again. And it's the hope that causes all the pain! Aargh!!!!
  5. In the immortal words if Alex Ferguson: "Football! Bloody hell!" On this performance Enfield have made me hope again. And it's the hope that causes all the pain! Aargh!!!!
  6. Initial thoughts: their keeper stopped it from being 5 or 6. Really good performance from him. Best I've seen this season. We played some really good football on the ground. Lewis really made a difference. Great to have him back. Ken's goal was great! I thought he was going to lose it, but he somehow conjured up a bit of magic!
  7. But, do you know what? Part of me would love it just as much OR EVEN MORE if our players did the Beveren thing (that used to be the Enfield thing). You know what I mean. (If you don't, forget it! You just don't get non-league football)
  8. We've certainly covered a fair amount of ground on this thread! I'm not going to go over the same ground, but I will pick up on one element - the falling attendances - and offer an alternative perspective. I'm not suggesting that other reasons are wrong - I'm sure they're not, but what hasn't been mentioned on this forum is something which was highlighted on Twitter the other day by Beveren: all their players did what only Ryan Blackman currently does here: shake hands with/hug fans after the game. I can remember when I first started following ETFC (when they moved to Donkey Lane) I loved the fact that there was genuine interaction between players and fans: hugs, chats, recognition from players of fans. It felt like a genuine community. If Kirbs had a bad game, you could feel it. If he scored the winner with a trademark header, you celebrated WITH him. Hopey and Kirbs will go down in history as legends, not just because of what they achieved, but because of what they achieved WITH us. Billy is a great goalscorer, but he will never be an ETFC legend. For him it's a job and he makes that abundtantly clear. He's employed by us, just as he could be employed by any other team in our league. He does his job, end of. But maybe there are too many players like that now. They do their job. They dutifully clap us fans at the end of a game (but heaven forbid they shake our hands like Town players used to and Beveren players still do). Surely, at our level of football we fans want to feel really connected with our players, and not just clapped at as if we were Liverpool fans graced at having been lucky enough to have witnessed another win. I think it's interesting that the slow decline in support seems to have coincided with the gradual decline of contact between players (and manager) and fans. Brad was absolutely great at this part of the manager's job. AL is shite. What I'll say in conclusion is that while I still care about the club as a whole, I care less and less about individual players. Ryan Blackman, yes. Mo was good at face-to-face contact with fans too. Nathan is goid. But apart from that, I would have to go back to Mickey P.
  9. Let's say, for argument's sake, that from the 1st minute until the 12th minute of the match against Bognor (in terms of the alphabet A = 1, L = 12) everyone behind the goal (which is where all the noise comes from) turned their backs to the pitch and kept quiet. That would be a massive message from dedicated fans and the sort of thing which could be escalated. I"m not suggesting this SHOULD happen. I'm just saying that if enough people felt strongly enough, a movement for change could be created in some way or another. Rather that than whinge, whinge, whinge.
  10. I should perhaps have clarified my previous post as far as "From mighty oaks..." is concerned. It is of course, wrong. It was supposed to be wrong. What I meant to convey (and failed to) was that Lee was/is a mighty oak and from him acorns have been created, which have grown into the mighty Ultras!!!
  11. Personally I'm getting a bit fed up with the constant wingeing. I don't like AL, either as a manager or as a conversationalist whenever I've spoken to him. I remember posting that he should go when I got fed up at how he failed to 'get' Mickey Parcell. But what's the point of keep moaning? I remember being behind the goal in the days before the Ultras and the atmosphere was dead. Lee posted a brilliant, rallying message on this forum before an away friendly against Potters Bar. We met up in a pub there before the game and, to cut a long story short, the Ultras were born. They've evolved and now have a life of there own. 'From mighty oaks...' and so on. The point I'm making is this, if people feel strongly enough, CREATE something. Mobilise. Form a grassroots group within the grassroots. Just stop w***ing off on this forum, please. It's getting boring.
  12. Well, that was rubbish, wasn't it? Oh...hang on!!!! 😁 (Can't wait to see how the moaners are going to find the negatives in this! 🤔 Only drawing the first half, perhaps? Mo not getting on the score sheet again?)
  13. "we were comprehensively outplayed for the first 45 minutes". No we weren't. They were better than us. Not the same thing. "soft penalty"? Nailed on in my opinion.
  14. Personally, I'm still glass quarter full. I can understand all the negative comments and don't necessarily disagree with them. But we were playing a club above us and we COULD have gone in ahead at half time. Their goalie made one sensational save, and Ken was in good positions on two or three occasions. Ken isn't Mo, let's face it, but at least it meant the team had got the ball to Ken in decent positions. As for the second half of the second half well, as I said to begin with, my glass is a quarter full.
  15. One step forward at the weekend, two steps back last night. Another two goals shipped against a relegation candidate. The highlight was Nathan coming up at the end and getting a header on target. To be honest, he might as well stay up front for the rest of the season since he doesn't actually have a defence in front of him anyway.
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