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  1. I don't think you'll need to worry too much about Mo's wages any longer CC.
  2. I think any criticism is not directed at any one individual.
  3. Auds, I love the fact that you think you understand what the word 'sarcasm' means. It sums up what I wrote about baiting a retard. There really isn't anything I wrote that was sarcastic (check out the actual meaning of the word). And for the second time, I really am not LS! And...you also failed the modicum of intelligence test.
  4. I am an ETFC fan, but if I were an ETFC player I would give the middle finger. If Mickey leaves, that's all that needs to be said. ,
  5. Mark Kirby? Legend. Did the club let us know officially he'd gone? No. Liam Hope? No Mickey Parcell? No. Very, very, very pi**ed off.
  6. Agree totally WR. I've mentioned elsewhere that I thought it was really bad that Mark left with no official 'thank you'. Then Liam left a second time in the same way. Mickey going in the same way suggests a pattern of lack of recognition of players the supporters actually relate to.
  7. If you can read properly, I've given you one last chance to show you have a modicum of intelligence. Use your chance wisely!
  8. Got bored baiting you Audrey. You're too stupid to make it fun anymore. It's like baiting a retard. I was hoping you might rise to the challenge, but you're just thick and sad, aren't you? And no, I'm not Lively Stuff.
  9. Quite frankly, this the post of the day! Top man! If I'm being totally honest I should say I'm more of a WD40 man, but always willing to give WXEn8 a go. What exactly do you use it for?
  10. Audrey sweetie! We've missed you! You've always had a way with words, haven't you? You little comedic genius, you! But really darling, haven't you overstepped the mark this time? Why on earth would you want to knock The Real Thing over? What did they ever do to you? We used to love them. And Auds, never forget that as far as I'm concerned you to me are everything. A flame still burns. Behind-the-goal
  11. Dearest Audrey How very sweet of you to get all so hot and bothered. You're just the daintiest little snowflake we know and we just love you for hanging in there after must must have been quite a traumatic irony bypass operation. We savour your posts, you little hot-head you, and note with equainimity your references to Andy's back. But here, if I might be so bold, I would suggest reining in your predelictions a tad. It's a rare day - I might go so far as to say that such a day has never occured - that I envisaged someone on Andy's back. However, should you ever feel the need to approach our manager Jim Morrison-style, do so freely in the knowledge that we are an all-inclusive club and welcome all kind of managerial entrances (you little tinker, you!). Heartiest regards Behind- the- Goal
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