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  1. behind-the-goal

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    OK. So I THINK, based on the teams eligible to enter, that The Middlesex Cup is bigger than the Velocity Trophy. So in the hierachy of cups that we can enter for am I right in thinking that it goes like this: 1) FA Cup (obviously) 2) FA Trophy (obviously) 3) Middlesex Cup 4) Velocity Trophy ?
  2. behind-the-goal

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Genuine question: where does this cup rank in the big scheme of things? I assume most people at the start of the season will want: 1) Promotion 2) A good run in the FA Cup 3) A good run in the FA Trophy After that, I'm not totally sure: is The Middlesex Cup 'better' than the Velocity Trophy or not?
  3. behind-the-goal

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Genuine question: where does this cup rank in the big scheme of things? I assume most people at the start of the season will want: 1) Promotion 2) A good run in the FA Cup 3) A good run in the FA Trophy After that, I'm not totally sure: is The Middlesex Cup 'better' than the Velocity Trophy or not?
  4. Brilliant result today, Really well done to the team. Liam left. He's our all-time top goal scorer. This is the headline on our web site: "Liam departs for second time". What's the suggestion there? That he decided to leave? Not the case. Wouldn't it have been nice if the powers that be had sanctioned a rather special 'goodbye'? What happened when Mark left? Nothing. Most people were left wondering if he was still on loan or not. No official notification of the status of one of our greatest ever players. Many of my messages are supposed to be taken tongue in cheek (hello Andy!), but not this one. Really annoyed that the powers that be don't acknowledge the players who have meant the most to us behind the goal.
  5. behind-the-goal

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    Only if it's decent stuff!
  6. behind-the-goal

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    You paying? Don't mind if I do.
  7. behind-the-goal

    Town v Corinthian Casuals

    Amid all the doom 'n gloom - and at the risk of giving the game away - Andy's clearly lulling the rest of the teams in the league into a false sense of security, allowing them to think he's not very tactucally astute. If you recall, his target at the start of the season was to average 2 points per game. All is going nicely according to plan: we have 17 games left and all we have to do to reach the target of 84 points is win 15 and draw 1 of those 17. Simples!
  8. behind-the-goal

    Terrible News.

    F#*king s#"t b&#@ocks! Mo has been the best we've seen at Donkey Lane since Crook in terms of unpredictable brilliance.
  9. behind-the-goal

    No change, same old, same old.

    Hey Theo! Found myself agreeing with you last season and it looks like I will again. I felt really positive (like most, if not all, of us several games into the season). I even went into statistics mode to 'prove' how much better Andy was doing compared to Brad. Stef stepped in with a post poo-pooing my stats (and I retreated tail between legs!). I'd promised myself I wasn't going to add to the negative posts after the last few games, but...."Circumstances, dear boy. Circumstances!" I didn't start the Kingstonian game in the best of moods. Nick's passing was a great sadness and I was hoping the team would honour his memory appropriately. The first few minutes suggested they would. But then....(as has been noted in other posts elsewhere) we saw Billy on the right wing!!!!!!! (With no-one to cross to!). Harry Kane taking corners under Hodgson sprang to mind. Where was Mickey at this point? Playing at right back, not wing back. There seemed to be a general feeling of WTF! Any thoughts of singing gradually gave way to moaning or worse, apathy. Several people I know who would normally be extremely vocal behind the goal found other, more interesting things to talk about (and even do!). Results are poor, the atmosphere is becoming poor, and good players are looking poor (I would exempt Ryan from that claim: he was easily our MOTM, not Billy).
  10. behind-the-goal

    Congrats Kirbs

    Seconded 4WF! Nothing to add to your comments other than that I have always been very disappointed that the powers that be at our club did not even deem it necessary to make an announcement that Mark had officially left the club after being on loan to Haringey. At the very least a 'Thank you' to him would have been nice. After all, he wasn't any old player - he was/is part of our history.
  11. behind-the-goal

    ETFC V Haringay

    Funny! First thing that's made me laugh on this forum for ages! Liam Hope, Hope, Hope!
  12. behind-the-goal

    Hall of Fame

    And how about a probably controversial, left- field nomination for Scott McGleish? Wasn't here long but saved up from relegation. (Who knows where we'd be now if we'd gone done that year?)
  13. behind-the-goal

    Hall of Fame

    Good calls from Lovely Stuff and Barney. Would definitely put in a shout for both Liam and Kirbs.
  14. behind-the-goal


    Theo, I think you may well have misread others' feelings towards Brad and well done to you for admitting that. Personally, I was very upset with what happened after Brad left, but I certainly wouldn't say that I detest him. I can understand what he did and why he did it. (What the players did can't be blamed on Brad: they had freedom of choice). I take no pleasure at all in seeing that he has lost his job. But...having said that I wouldn't want him back (and certainly not at the expense of Andy). I have to hold my hands up and say that I got caught up in the, dare I say 'hysterical', call for Andy to be sacked last year. I was wrong. I just took a look at how the two managers started their first two full seasons in charge in terms of their first 9 games: Brad: 2015-16) W1 D2 L6 F3 A13 Agg-10 Pts5 Position 21st 2016-17 W2 D3 L4 F13 A 10 Agg+3 Pts9 Position 18th Andy: 2017-18) W3 D3 L3 F15 A14 Agg+1 Pts12 Position 15th 2018-19 W4 D5 L0 F23 A11 Agg+12 Pts 17 Position 4th In summary, Andy has started the first nine games of his two seasons in charge MASSIVELY better than Brad's first two seasons in charge. This is despite the fact that Andy was starting from scratch in 2017-18 and also despite the fact that Brad had all bar the first six games of the 2014-15 season (when George was manager) to get ready for the 2015-16 season.
  15. behind-the-goal

    Enfield Town v Bedford Town

    This was a staggeringly inept performance. It was SO bad that I decided to look back at our history of home matches since we got promoted to the Premier league. How often had we lost by three goals (or more) at home? Well, this is our seventh season in this league and it's the seventh time we've lost by three goals or more at home. In 2012-13 we lost 3-0 to Margate in the league under Steve Newing. In 2013-14 we lost 3-0 to Wingate and Finchley in the league also under Steve. In 2014-15 we lost 5-2 to Kingstonian under George Borg. and 4-0 to Maidstone under Bradley Quinton. In 2015-16 no such defeats. In 2016-17 we lost 4-1 to Hornchurch in the League Cup and 4-1 to Havant & Waterlooville in the league, both times under Bradley. In 2017-18 no such defeats. And now in 2018-19 we lost 3-0 to Bedford. While no defeats of this nature are pleasant, one can at least look at the quality of our opponents in those games (or the fact that the League Cup wasn't a priority), sigh and just accept that they were better than us. But today, we were totally out-played at home by a team one league below us. 3-0 did not flatter them: it could have been more: Joe made a really great save within the first minute of the game! I'd begun to think we had moved on from the long ball game (and the hopeful punt up-field from Joe) but that's what we did throughout this game. Why? Any fule could see that their 6 was going to win anything in the air. I know we're 3rd= in the league at the moment, but it's worth bearing in mind that we've failed to win our last three games at home (including today) and have won only one of our last four and two of our last six games home and away.