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  1. behind-the-goal

    Hall of Fame

    And how about a probably controversial, left- field nomination for Scott McGleish? Wasn't here long but saved up from relegation. (Who knows where we'd be now if we'd gone done that year?)
  2. behind-the-goal

    Hall of Fame

    Good calls from Lovely Stuff and Barney. Would definitely put in a shout for both Liam and Kirbs.
  3. behind-the-goal


    Theo, I think you may well have misread others' feelings towards Brad and well done to you for admitting that. Personally, I was very upset with what happened after Brad left, but I certainly wouldn't say that I detest him. I can understand what he did and why he did it. (What the players did can't be blamed on Brad: they had freedom of choice). I take no pleasure at all in seeing that he has lost his job. But...having said that I wouldn't want him back (and certainly not at the expense of Andy). I have to hold my hands up and say that I got caught up in the, dare I say 'hysterical', call for Andy to be sacked last year. I was wrong. I just took a look at how the two managers started their first two full seasons in charge in terms of their first 9 games: Brad: 2015-16) W1 D2 L6 F3 A13 Agg-10 Pts5 Position 21st 2016-17 W2 D3 L4 F13 A 10 Agg+3 Pts9 Position 18th Andy: 2017-18) W3 D3 L3 F15 A14 Agg+1 Pts12 Position 15th 2018-19 W4 D5 L0 F23 A11 Agg+12 Pts 17 Position 4th In summary, Andy has started the first nine games of his two seasons in charge MASSIVELY better than Brad's first two seasons in charge. This is despite the fact that Andy was starting from scratch in 2017-18 and also despite the fact that Brad had all bar the first six games of the 2014-15 season (when George was manager) to get ready for the 2015-16 season.
  4. behind-the-goal

    Enfield Town v Bedford Town

    This was a staggeringly inept performance. It was SO bad that I decided to look back at our history of home matches since we got promoted to the Premier league. How often had we lost by three goals (or more) at home? Well, this is our seventh season in this league and it's the seventh time we've lost by three goals or more at home. In 2012-13 we lost 3-0 to Margate in the league under Steve Newing. In 2013-14 we lost 3-0 to Wingate and Finchley in the league also under Steve. In 2014-15 we lost 5-2 to Kingstonian under George Borg. and 4-0 to Maidstone under Bradley Quinton. In 2015-16 no such defeats. In 2016-17 we lost 4-1 to Hornchurch in the League Cup and 4-1 to Havant & Waterlooville in the league, both times under Bradley. In 2017-18 no such defeats. And now in 2018-19 we lost 3-0 to Bedford. While no defeats of this nature are pleasant, one can at least look at the quality of our opponents in those games (or the fact that the League Cup wasn't a priority), sigh and just accept that they were better than us. But today, we were totally out-played at home by a team one league below us. 3-0 did not flatter them: it could have been more: Joe made a really great save within the first minute of the game! I'd begun to think we had moved on from the long ball game (and the hopeful punt up-field from Joe) but that's what we did throughout this game. Why? Any fule could see that their 6 was going to win anything in the air. I know we're 3rd= in the league at the moment, but it's worth bearing in mind that we've failed to win our last three games at home (including today) and have won only one of our last four and two of our last six games home and away.
  5. behind-the-goal

    Enfield Town v AFC Hornchurch

    Funny old game. When I left (and even during the game itself) I felt oddly conflicted. On the one hand, it was clear that we were playing better football than last season. On the other, I never felt totally comfortable, and almost expected a goal (or two - groan) from Hornchurch. It is clear that we are moving in the right direction. It is equally clear that we are still a work in progress (but, hey!, we've stll got important players to come back). Like everyone, I though Sam was great, but let's also hear it once again for Liam. Great movement, clinical goal and took out at least a couple of their defenders for our first goal. On balance, despite the frustration of two points lost, I feel positive about the performance. A couple of times during the game we were top of the table!!!!!
  6. behind-the-goal

    AGM ?

    Gentlemen, If you look back, you'll see that I predicted we would need 80.375 points in order to get into the play-offs (i.e. 80-81). After rounding down 80 was slightly more likely than 81. Now, look at the final table: both Leiston (in 5th) and Leatherhead (in 6th) got 79 points. It was only goal difference that separated them. If Enfield had got 80 points, we would have been in the play-offs. So, do you still think stats are 'lies'???
  7. behind-the-goal

    Darren Purse leaves town

    Ho hum! Sarcasm should definitely be a no-no here, shouldn't it, 53S. Heaven forbid that someone should have a sense of humour on social media nowadays. Let's all make sure that we conform to what is 'expected' of of us and say what we are supposed to say. After all, we might end up offending someone, and we're not allowed to do that anymore, are we? That's what free speech means, doesn't it? Making sure that we don't say anything out of turn and making sure we say what we're supposed to say. (Orwell RIP). Anyway, let the stats speak: We played 17 league games with Darren starting: Points per game: 1.5 Goals scored per game: 1.7 Goals conceded per game: 1.6 We played 29 games without him starting: Points per game: 1.0 Goals scored per game: 1.5 Goals conceded per game: 1.8 So, we were definitely a better team with Darren starting, but the stats concerning the games when he didn't start raise another question in my mind: exactly how good was he at getting his message across to players on the training ground/pitch side? Not very, by the looks of it. And by the way 53S, we would not have got anywhere near the play-offs if Darren had been in the side all season long and we had continued to gain points at the same rate as we did in those 17 matches in which he did play. We would have ended up with 70 points, which would have left us in 9th place, 9 or 10 points off the play-offs (taking goal difference into account).
  8. behind-the-goal

    Home to Burgess Town

    Bravo to MTH & 72WF. Agree with both of your posts. Well said.
  9. behind-the-goal

    Home to Burgess Town

    Sorry! Didn't mean to double-send my previous post. Blame my laggy phone!
  10. behind-the-goal

    Home to Burgess Town

    I've come to agree with you on pretty much everything Theo, but I think we'll have to agree to disagree as far as Liam's concerned!
  11. behind-the-goal

    Home to Burgess Town

    I've come to agree with you on pretty much everything Theo, but I think we'll have to agree to disagree as far as Liam's concerned!
  12. behind-the-goal

    Home to Burgess Town

    Agree with everything you say Theo apart from Liam was 'again no threat'. True that he didn't have his best game last night (to say the least), but I have to say I will argue with the word 'again', but then again I am am a great fan of Liam. Wouldn't it be boroinh if we agreed on everything!!!
  13. behind-the-goal

    Home to Burgess Town

    Theo:thanks for the overview. Also, glad your bet came in as well! In the current climate, big smile!
  14. behind-the-goal

    CONIFA World Football Cup 2018

    PocketRocket writes that “football/sport should be an avenue where politics, past history and personal opinions should be put aside” and on the surface that sounds laudable, but as Theo notes “sport has been used as a political football for as long as I can remember”. If we take our little club and look at decisions taken since the beginning of the season, I can think of at least three political (with a small ‘p’) decisions. The first was the decision not to continue with the services of Montel Moore. He was accused of an extremely serious crime. The phrase ‘accused of’ is particularly important here. As far as I am aware, he has not been found guilty. The justice system in the country finds people innocent until proven guilty. However, that didn’t seem to apply in Montel’s case. The current socio-political climate seemingly would not allow Montel to continue playing for us. There was no governmental or legal pressure to stop him playing, and not all clubs, and certainly not all countries, would have come to the same decision. So why did we? Perhaps he was simply seen as a bit of an embarrassment; someone who might tarnish the image of a ‘family’, ‘all-inclusive’ club. Whatever the precise reasons, a political decision was taken not to have him around anymore. At the same time, the club could be seen to be taking the moral (if not legal) high ground by Making A Stand. The second political decision revolved around the bookies’ prize-money. That has been, as is currently being, debated on another thread, so there’s no need to go into detail here. Suffice to say that, once again, there was no higher pressure to take the decision. It was simply ‘the right thing to do’ to Make A Stand. The third decision was that to participate in the ‘Sugar Smart’ initiative. This is a campaign explicitly designed to change people’s behaviour and lifestyle. Again, it is regarded as ‘the right thing to do’; something which the club can Make A Stand to support. I’m not making any judgements on the decisions taken in relation to the above issues, but simply pointing out that the club can and does make decisions based on ‘the right thing to do’ according to the on-going socio-political climate. However, these decisions were all rather easy ones. It’s much more difficult to come to a decision when more serious issues are concerned, such as, for example, ‘ethnic cleaning’. It’s much easier to do as PocketRocket suggests and not “allow politics to ruin the normal mans/woman’s freedom to enjoy what is meant to be a footballing festival”.
  15. behind-the-goal

    Declining money from bookies

    Two different things Steph. The FA made their decision based on breaches of betting rules. Our club made its decision based on (to borrow Theo's phrase) 'moral posturing'.