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  1. 11-September 10 - Happy Birthday Megaphone_Matt :)

  2. Right you can F*** O** those who reckon the supporters did not get behind the players. Mullins can have no bloody complaints about the suport for the first 75 mins, the first half we matched if not outsung the ramsgate fans IMO, as we had the biggest choir we've had all season. It was in good voice and the derby atmosphere was fantastic. However the second half had the smaller loyal lot that sing every week, one of whom I am, and I dont care how much abuse we give to the team as a whole, no players were picked on indvidually. The song your not fit to wear the shirts, has a big f**king s on the end, so no it was not aimed at Mullins, who easily could have done something about the second goal, it took ages to go in ad he walked back toward it instead of going for it, like may I add the rams players would have, who seemed alive to the derby atmosphere and were throwing themselves into every ball and challenge. Margate were extremely poor yesterday but it was not untill Mullins turned on one fan who perhaps gave him some personal abuse and did the w*nker sign to all of us. That takes the michael, we had been watching cr*p football in a game I had personally been up for for a week or more, and we lost it. Like he lost it we lost it and a few harsh chants were directed his way. Even so, the margate support was quality for the first 75mins if not longer, so no slagging us off. If you want to moan on a forum which lets face it was made to have the occassional slagging match, then feel free to do so, I know a lot of us want to get a few things off our chest about the performance. So feel free, if the players wish to read this site, they must take some of the comments with a pinch of salt, as we are all loyal fans who have witnessed so much [****!!****] over recent years with the club and so are entitled to go crazy on here when we've payed to see an abysmal turnout end of
  3. Right I'm sorry but this is ridiculous my opinion aside, because if you have an opinion on here you get slated if it doesnt match everyone elses. But everyone seems excited about yorath's contacts, sorry to point it out but he was Director of Football and as far as I'm aware this is the director who searches, contacts and signs players. He obviously hasnt had much luck trying to attract players to club which is goin bust and really is, let's face it a SMALL club, which none of his contacts are going to want to play for. We're the non-league newcastle. I'm finding it hard to watch this club, on and off the pitch.
  4. I do not know whether to be saddend by the outcome or not. I beleive Trott has made some fatal errors and can see where the board has got its evidence from on him not being able to deliver a team for next year, i mean he's taken all season to NOT sign a defender. I feel that the board may have made the right decision and agree with margateshot we do not need to train managers but have a manager who can take us forward. However at the same time I do believe we may be being a little ambitious. We have not done badly this season and yet we are sacking our manager, just outside the play-offs is not a bad finish (however because this is a weird league we are only just safe from a relegation battle). However a manager cannot stay when he has half of the fans (in a small club) on his back. He has made some fatal misjudgements in the press and despite his great work on bringing up the reserves and youth team he has accidentally slated them in the press. However I do ask that we do not turn into newcastle and continue to slate managers and believe we are better than we are. I agree that I want the club back up into the Blue Square leagues, but we have to be realistic. The new manager probably wont achieve promotion in his first year, so DONT get on his back. We need to give time for him to build the squad. Ramsgate did with Jim Ward and Man U did with ferguson. Lets be sensible with whoever we get, and be releastic and supportive. However in the mean time and slightly hypocritical, i am fully against Mckimm managing the club!!!!!!
  5. smithy for me becuase he was soo much improved. He has matured somewaht recently. He made afew good touches a few poor ones, but mostly i didnt know he was on the pitch and that is what you want from a defender. No big errors and a few good touches, well done!
  6. well at least robbins will have to pay his continual fines and not us!
  7. brilliant pictures and reminder of a fantastic celebration, to a fantastic goal and fantastic result
  8. im sory but idont beleive standen could have a team built around him. hes not that type of player, useful but not that good and far from the quality needed to change a team's style of play or tactics, espcially as he'll only play every five weeks because hed be suspended
  9. no uve got to h8 rocky baptiste, as a swans supporter!!!!!
  10. in fact i've heard that the penalty if a foul was on the edge of the box. Trott inside and the player and ball outside the area. So more controversy
  11. we lost on saturday becuase of a lack of defence and poor tactics. We played well in attack with martin, peters, jay, haworth and pinnock (finally improving on this seasons performances), but then as soon as the ball hit our half we were uncomfortable. When we went 3-1 up we went defensive, bad idea! Trotty cannot dare to moan at our fans, there were a large amount of us and the choir, despite our size sang for about 70 mins of the game in total. Its nt our fault if others dont sing and its not our fault if people do not want to come to watch diabolical football which is starting to be sould destroying as we seem to have a game and then throw it away.
  12. Originally Posted By: Broadstairs Dave Many thanks for the updates everyone. Lets have that 1000 gate for Ashford now. wouldnt that be nice
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