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  1. It was later changed to a waterlogged pitch.
  2. Originally Posted By: Gordon T I feel we should be beating teams like fgr, lewes, histon, altrincham. Whilst I agree we should be beating these sides, 2 of these are good enough to have reached the 3rd round of the FA Cup and beat League sides on the way (mind you, its a little unfair to put Histon in the same bracket as Lewes anyway)
  3. I would suggest that, IF, Liam goes elsewere, there may be a readily available person within the club - Paul McCarthy is struggling more with injury this year, and has done well with the PASE Team - putting Macca in charge with Ian Docker alongside him if the situation arose wouldnt be such a bad move in my view.
  4. Couldnt believe it was the same team as Saturday, bar Hawkins for Charles. There was no midfield creation, and no fight in the team as a whole. The only time we vaguely looked like we could get the goal back was the opening 10 minutes of the second half, but their keeper didnt have one save to make the whole game. I would have given Lance MOM - 3 or 4 excellent stops again - even when he made the mistake in the first half, he recovered it well. Also thought Pooley was solid enough at the back. I didnt think Hawkins was that bad - ok , his defensive header led to the goal, but 9 times out of 10 that would have flown into row Z of the stand (& thats not saying it wasnt a great strike & one that deserved to win the game).
  5. For anyone who is interested, I see that Lewes lost 2-1 at home to Hull last night - almost as many fans there as for their 1st team, as well - 529!
  6. As its been mild(ish) overnight with no frost , there will obviously be no problem tonight now.
  7. Is there any possibility the game could be frozen off tomorrow night? The forecast looks okay - remaining above freezing tonight (+3) and tomorrow (+4), but I'm not sure how much frost is in the ground? (particularly given that the Astroturf at the Rugby Club is currently frozen according to the Supporters Training thread).
  8. Wonderful - just what the doctor ordered (not!)- really wanted a home draw, and its away against probably the strongest other southern team left in the competition (and that applies even if we play Chelmsford). I'd fancy it being Telford and Wrexham through from the North and Woking from the South - ours could go either way.
  9. Defensively, generally, we have settled down again, after a really bad period - we have actually only conceded 1 goal in each of the last 4 away games as well (giving 2 wins and 2x 1-0 defeats) Incidentally, where was Murray today?
  10. I just wish he had a right foot though - its far easier for defenders when they know he's going to use his left foot all the time.
  11. Another game full of action today and another solid Fleet performance lacking only in goals, and the only postings up to now refer to the poor treatment of Chris McPhee. The boys played really well again today, although we were fortunate at 1-0 when they had 3 on 1 against Lance and the guy simply side footed straight at Lance. Lance also made a great reaction save in the second half and there were a couple of other close shaves late on, but by then we should have had 4 or 5 goals. Overall an entertaining game and the right result in the end even if it was closer than it should have been. Thats now 6 games in all competitions (3 league, Setanta Shield, KSC and FA Cup) since we last conceded a goal at home (against Torquay on 18 October). Lets make it 7 on Tuesday against Forest Green.
  12. To vote for Luke's goal at Crawley, go to Blue Square website (when they update it from the October list that is!!)
  13. Just testing, Stu!! Dont know why I put Salisbury, though!
  14. Originally Posted By: Hannah We have scored 7 goals against Stevenage at home this season. That's pretty good going! Maybe Stevenage are scared of us. I think Stevenage only had 1 shot on target earlier this season, and 1 again tonight - they will certainly be glad that they dont have to play us again this season at our ground (unless we draw them in the Trophy, of course!)
  15. Agreed, HG - 1st goal - a Stevenage attack breaks down - swift break out(think we actually had 6 against 3 at one point)- ball played through to Long, who slips a pass inside the right back for Purcell to run onto and finish 1st time into the far corner. 2nd one saw the ball bouncing around on the top of the Stevenage box - eventually collected by Long, who put his effort just in the bottom corner (although the keeper should probably have saved it) 3rd was a good one two between Long & Moore, with Long's 1st time effort from the top of the box again just inside the keepers right hand post. Long deserved his MOM, but as usual Darius wasnt far behind. Attendance was only 9 more than the KSC last week at 286. Its now 5 games in all competitions since the opposition scored at Stonebridge Road - now all we need to do is score regularly at the other end and we'll be set!
  16. Originally Posted By: Jimmy Probably lining up something like: Cronin Murray Pooley Charles Opinel Moore Slatter Hand Long Purcell Ibe Almost, Jimmy - except Slatter played right back & Murray right midfield.
  17. Where were you tonight, Cameraman? You missed some decent football and 3 good goals.
  18. Already through in Southern Section - Forest Green and Salisbury. Final Team from South is either Crawley or Chelmsford whose game is on 16 December. Northern half has Kettering and AFC Telford through (Telford beat Burton 3-0 tonight), with the other 2 places to be filled by Barrow/York (Postponed tonight due to frozen pitch) and Wrexham/ Southport (9/12). As Our Team says, we have a decent chance of winning this - ok, its not great for prestige purposes, but the prize money would come in very handy!
  19. 3 good goals tonight. 1st half was decent - neat football played (even by Stevenage)- 2nd half more scrappy until we got the 3rd although it was always comfortable - Lance only had 2 things to do all night - a cross to push away after about 75 mins and Stevenage's only effort on goal all night on 88 mins.
  20. And Stevenage's other message board suggests that Boylan is also out.
  21. Also out tonight, by the sounds of it :- "Top striker Steve Morison is almost certain to miss tomorrow night's Setanta Shield cup tie at Ebbsfleet after damaging ankle ligaments on Friday morning." Taken from the Stevenage message board.
  22. I suspect it would have been "put to bed" a long time ago if it hadnt involved a MyFC member. I wasnt there so cant comment as such, but based on what I read, it is clear to me that far worse happens in love and war (and even at a football match!). Being a Leeds fan (far more a Fleet one, of course), I well remember those awful days of violence on the Terraces, of stadiums being destroyed and police being attacked - the incident with DD obviously shouldnt have happened, but its trivial by comparison & should now be forgotten once and for all.
  23. Think we should have at least one PASE lad on the bench - West and/or Callender who were on the bench against Dover could use the opportunity well.
  24. Originally Posted By: mikefleet Most teams have taken them down this season Taking them down would certainly bring a few extra female fans to our games !
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