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  1. Other results tonight in the KSC :- Chatham 0 Folkestone 6 Maidstone 2 Margate 1 Whitstable 1 Tonbridge 1 (aet - Whitstable won 5-4 on pens) Earlier results :- Thamesmead 3 Ashford 1 Welling 3 Sittingbourne 2 Cray 1 Ramsgate 2 The Bromley v Dartford game is due to be played 9/12. As the Kent FA seem to do the draw the Friday after the last game of the round is played, I would guess at the draw being done on the Friday evening sport show on 12/12.
  2. Not a great game - 1st 15 minutes was quite lively, but Dover then had the majority of the 1st half after that, without creating any real chances other than 1 effort blazed over the bar from 8 yards out. We only had the one real effort from Shakes in the 1st half. Second half began just as scrappily for us then the ball broke kindly for us and Hand (I think) played the ball to Purcell on the top left corner of the box and he drilledhome low into thefar corner. We then looked better for the next 15 minutes or so, with a decent effort from Ibe from 25 yards out, a Delicate looping head
  3. Dover used to have a Radio Facility on their website - dont know if its still being used or if it will be working tonight though. http://www.doverathletic.com/index.php
  4. http://www.bognor.co.uk/bognor-sport/Rocks-will-host-holders-in.4724582.jp http://bognorfc.proboards42.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=864 Gary Mac has just been released according to the first article.
  5. If he started the season with Eastleigh, the only game he actually played for them was a Hants Senior Cup win over the mighty Fleet Spurs on 1 October and that was only as a sub! He also made just 7 appearances in their second team including 2 as sub. I guess we have never been involved and its Eastleigh who have allowed the dual registration - especially as they are cost cutting.
  6. Anyone know what coverage of the Trophy is being planned by Setanta this year? Their deal to take on this tournament said (I believe) it would be improved coverage (not that it takes much to improve on final coverage only).
  7. BBC Stats are interesting - Possession 51% Crawley 49% us On Target Shots - 11 -6 to us Off Target Shots - 9 - 5 to us Corners 6 - 1 to us They may not tell the whole story (there are lies, damned lies & statistics, after all!), but they do suggest we deserved a win. Good to see we can do it without players such as Murray (not even in the squad tonight despite the very solid performance on Saturday) and Hand. Delicate looked a bit lightweight tonight & didnt really get involved - but I'm not going to condemn him immediately to the scrap heap - after all, the sta
  8. Evans says he had a clear penalty second half - didnt think it was as Ricko got the ball although you could potentially have argued he deliberately raised his leg to trip the attacker after playing the ball (why, though, as Lance was going to clear?). And if that was a penalty it only evened out the handball against Giles in the first half. Good to see Setanta make the right decision on MOM aswell - Darius was imperious for the most part, especially second half.
  9. Fletcher beat Charlesin the air but it was Sacha who missed his kick. Should have had a penalty, I thought - the fact that Giles had arms outstretched when it hit him, should have meant it was given in my book.
  10. Playing some decent stuff on the ground, but no cutting edge/ decisive final ball, and another defensive lapse from Sacha.
  11. Originally Posted By: Hannah Do you think Ross recommended us? Good ol' Ross. Almost certainly that was the case.
  12. Only used 3 subs out of possible 6 and one of those was the change of keeper.
  13. Lewes beat Croydon Athletic 3-0 tonight to secure a home 3rd round tie against Hull - good luck to them - based on their performance against us, they will certainly give Hull a decent fight.
  14. Where would we fit Ross in, though? We already have James Smith, Darius Charles and Paul McCarthy in Central Defence which would be Ross's preferred position.
  15. And ITV are showing the Histon v Leeds game the day of our Kettering game - the police have clearly requested an early kick off though as its a 1215 start, which is good news for us as the game will be finished by 2 o'clock or just after - normally the ITV Sunday game is a 1pm kick off which wouldnt have finished until almost 3 pm and would have deterred more people from coming to our game.
  16. One of the issues we had previously was a small group of home "yobs" who were causing trouble at some games. Segregation can,therefore, also act as away of protecting away fans. I wonder if this also had something to do with the police view - although I didnt see any yobs hovering yesterday amongst our supporters.
  17. liam "the beast" Hatch scored Darlington's 1st and Charlie Mac got Brentford's 3rd yesterday.Adam Miller & Garry Richards both scored for Gills.
  18. In fact that would have been extended to 7 straight home games, if we were still in the competition - Lewes have a nice home tie against Hull in round 3 if they can beat Croydon. Not a glamour Premiership tie, but one I would think they will feel gives them a chance of an upset (provided they do get past Croydon, of course).
  19. Could work to our benefit, though, as there wont be many other games that day & Gills and Charlton fans may come along, particularly as Kettering are sitting near the top of the table.
  20. You certainly put the mockers on us, didnt you, "our Team"?
  21. Not football related I know, but I loved this song about the new US President by Hardy Drew & the Nancy Boys. You Tube song about the new "Irish" US President (Sorry, but you'll probably now be singing that for the rest of the day!)
  22. A decent report on the Crewe site crewe site report
  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conference_League_Cup_2008-09 Look at the wonderful attendance figures !! Mind you - the prize money would be useful - as much as
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