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  1. Web Ed - is the fixture list on the website correct for this game? You have it as Mon 6th October? Histon still have it as Tuesday 7th? I did think it may be that it has been moved for live coverage on Setanta, but its not on the Setanta site and they have Stevenage v Mansfield live the following day?
  2. I was at the U21 game as well - certainly was wet - I moved my kids and me further up the stand for the 2nd half though. Portugal looked good for 40 minutes, but England edged into it in the last 5 minutes of the 1st half and the result wasnt really in doubt after we scored. God luck to the boys this afternoon.
  3. Funnily enough, Dave, the mention of Bruce Sewell made me seek out his website again. The link is shown below. Good to hear that he's still fighting on and that he had another child last year. http://www.road2hope.com/
  4. As Keegan has not been sacked apparently, its even more unlikely ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/newcastle_united/7593683.stm
  5. The only other cards that were deserved were Sacha's (a slightly late challenge) and their centre half for pulling back Ibe. I suppose you could argue the dissent cards were deserved as well, but boy was he quick off the mark with Long's - I suspect Stacy said simply "Oh for F's sake!" or something similar which was not specifically aimed at the ref, which doesnt warrant a card in my view. If the ref had applied the same logic to every bit of physical contact in the game, the only players left unbooked at the end of the game would have been the 2 keepers ! The only thing he did
  6. I would say we need a back up defender rather than a midfielder - at present, if Sacha were out for some reason, or potentially could be dropped, we dont really have an option for left back, other than playing Hawkins there.
  7. Bria, I think the trouble is, that people are getting frightened by the piecemeal info that is being provided on this board - it is difficult to know what the real truth is - it is certainly difficult to accept the suggestion that our losses have increased from last years originally stated
  8. I hope Liam has recorded the item on Match of the Day 2 tonight about Darren Bents flick ons not being followed up - they could have been talking about Gash , Purcell & Moore!
  9. Looks like the league will be a close fought affair this year, although its still early days.The points dropped today and against Mansfield could be costly come the end of the season (Indeed, we'd be top of the table tonight if we'd won both those games)
  10. Sometimes it feels like we are only playing 1 up when Moore partners Gash - Luke is doing sterling work this year, but he still often plays more like a midfielder than a forward - hence there's no-one there to feed off Gash's knockdowns.
  11. I'd venture to suggest 1400 minimum for Tuesday - if our support drops back to 1100, 300 come from Cambridge - giving 1400.
  12. Chris McPhee was booked and scored Weymouth's first goal in their 10 man comeback from 2-0 down to Cambridge.
  13. How many away fans today? I couldnt quite hear the announcement - was it 349?
  14. Thought it was a Red Card - challenge looked to be made studs up & could easily have broken Stone's leg.
  15. 2 points thrown away again - against 10 men as well. very disappointing. Stacy, in particular, was culpable up front. Thought Jamie Hand looked good - always did the simple things and did them well. We only really made 2 mistakes at the back - Darius's error in the first half, and the goal. Dont recall Lance having a save to make. Need to get the 3 points on Tuesday now - at least other results meant we are still only 4 points off the leaders.
  16. The only thing John should consider, if hes given the opportunity, is whether he'll simply be benchwarming at best, or playing regularly. I think back to 2 other players who've left us in the past 30 years to go to higher clubs. Lee Smelt (goalkeeper) made the mistake of going to Euro Champions , Nottingham Forest, in the 80's rather than opting for a slightly lower level club - he barely got a look in there, and gradually slipped down the leagues. Jimmy Bullard is the only other that comes to mind - when he left us, he went to West Ham and didnt get a game until he was released, dropped
  17. According to the FA Website, the Redhill game is scheduled for Wednesday 10 September with kick off of 730 pm.
  18. You were lucky you were at work, Bernard. A generally lack lustre performance today - I think their keeper only had 1save to make and that wasfrom a looping Gash header. Lance didnt have much to do either - most of their efforts were comfortable long range efforts or crosses, although we were fortunate with the one that hit the bar. We left our best efforts to the last 5 or10 minutes, when we had acouple of good penalty shouts - in all honesty, though, we didnt really deserve to come home with morethan 1 point. Our best players today were probably Darius who was very solid at t
  19. Has this been scrapped again this year? Not seen any mention of it anywhere.
  20. The worst Stevenage side for many a season. They looked disjointed and dispirited from our first attack in the first minute & there seemed no understanding at the back at all. We mixed and matched our style of play well - the occasional long ball forward (usually from Lance or Sacha) along side some neat passing moves. We will have tougher games, but I too am feeling very positive about this season - with a solid back line through a decent midfield (which is developing well) and several forward options available, if we can play consistently to the standards we have been setting o
  21. According to todays match programme (another excellent read incidentally), we had a game for the squad players last Wednesday against Daggers (which we won 4-2) and Slatts managed to last 60 minutes, so should definitely be pushing for a first team place shortly.
  22. See the Cameraman's posting previously - he said the video clearly shows it was Luke's goal.
  23. The only question I would ask is how a ticket can be "Non Transferrable" if two are sent out as a prize to 1 individual? Unless they are sent for a specific named person, then I would guess they could be given to anyone to use? Or did you have to confirm the name & address detyails for the people to use the season tickets? I assume that the main issue in this case would actually be the "personal gain" bit as presumably the club would be paid by the competition organisers for the tickets? And even if they aren't, they are providing season tickets for 2 people so they should be availabl
  24. Just felt it was a shame that the chances weren't created a few minutes earlier - if they had, it would have probably been Moore on the end of those 3 opportunities and I would have taken him to put at least 1 away. I thought Moore worked ultra hard - to suggest as KShep does that he "wasnt winning anything in the air" is just plain daft - thats not his role and never will be. The biggest surprise though is that we should be surprised at our failure to win our 1st game - we've only won our 1st game twice in the last 10 seasons (including this season), I believe - of those 10 games, 7
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