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  1. http://www.margate-fc.co.uk/home/fans-are-you-margates-number-1-fan Whos brainchild was this!? Just who,living in Margate,can afford this and why would you want to!? No food or drink in the offer? We're not getting desperate for money already!?
  2. Former Gate player now signs up for Love Island https://www.thesun.co.uk/uncategorized/3801263/love-island-newbie-mike-thalassitis-sex-villa/
  3. Without appearing cynical(comes with age I suppose) how can signing a guy who hasn't played for 3 years going to help the teams' cause in staying up? How match fit will he be? With players seeming to come and go willy nilly, here and there,how can the team keep a settled core,to understand tactics etc?No sooner have they got together,when a new face seems to appear!
  4. Lets not get carried away. As they say,one swallow does not a summer make! With the likes of Dartford,Ebbsfleet and Maidenhead coming up,the team will need to be at their best to avoid defeat against these teams. That leaves,in theory, 6 games left to overturn a ten point gap,which is,in my opinion,a huge ask,in anyones' terms. If its achieved,then the gaffer should get the key to the Isle. If not,then as they say"We go again". Regroup,keep the players for next year,dont go silly on the budget and have a team that will make an assault on the Ryman title. In other words,it would be nice but I'm not holding my breath
  5. Crikey,doesnt make for good reading! Who'll be the next!?
  6. Suggest you read the forums of Dover and Ebbsfleet to see what they think of him! Didn't do very good at Lewes either. Course NB says he likes the idea. He's not going to say otherwise ,is he?
  7. Got to agree with you. Surely all people connected to the club must have realised,that to entice the players that we had,the great majority of which were London based or thereabouts,having played a higher standard before donning the blue and white of Margate, wasn't gonna be cheap! Did the club not learn its lesson from last year!? With the crowds the team gets for home games,you don't need to be a qualified accountant to see that the sums don't add up. Has the club got any scouts? Who looks to see if there is another Scott Heard,Alfie May or whoever who's plying his trade in the Ryman League? To save the budget,you may need to "go local".as far as players go,whether from other sides.or even within the club. Being relegated or going bust. Both leave a bad taste,but the one good thing about being relegated is that you still have a team and can bounce back in time. The other option doesn't bear thinking about. Lets just hope the team can carry on with all these distractions happening.
  8. Unfortunately,when the team serves up performances like it has against Concord and Harrow B. What's there to talk about !? Some good results are needed,as the team doesn't want to be in the same position as it was last year.
  9. Finally,we can put this to bed now! As mentioned on Facebook,RD is back.(which shows you he's returned from somewhere,where some people have said he's never been!) Move on.
  10. Can I just say,that at this moment in time,according to the Borough, he's still their CEO!
  11. Well,if that's the case,either he didn't last there very long(2wks?),or Gosport jumped the gun and put that statement before anything was agreed in writing! To quote"Tonight the club are able to confirm his appointment,which he will take up IMMEDIATELY blah,blah,blah.......etc" would seem to be a little rash on their behalf! Perhaps the man himself could come on here and allay any rumours that seem to be circulating?
  12. This is what I read,but with all the other comments on here,I'm "totally discombobulated of Thanet!"
  13. With all due respect,if you look at the report on Gosports' website,I think it will be hard to see him at both home and away games! It states that he is relocating to the area,will be responsible for the day to day running of the club and is looking forward to help the club progress. I don't think that 1) He's going to get much time to watch the Gate and 2) Gosport would be too happy,if he stated that he's not watching them on the day,but instead is going to see the Gate and lastly 3) think of the cost involved in going all round the country! Good luck to him in his new position.
  14. For your info,if you look at the topic "Pack the Park",you will notice the statement regarding Ryan. If you go to Gosport Boroughs website,you'll read all about him.
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