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  1. I couldn’t agree more, most of my football these days are C/C and I enjoy it very much, done most of the less important jobs at my ex C/C club. Nice to see Redhill pushing for promotion.
  2. Spelthorne Sports v Southall KO19:45
  3. As most of my spectating is from the C/ C I can only say with so many new teams from different leagues that have never been seen by me. From the teams I’ve seen Hanworth, Jersey and BadshotLea will be in the mix One thing I do know is that the best team will win. Would be nice at the end of the season the two league winners have a championship decider. Two legged!
  4. Plenty of new C/C grounds to visit. Your guess is as good as any others I’ve seen, but it is the F A who has the final say. So, watch this space
  5. This should help, it was taken off the internet
  6. Like to see At least 6 victories for Combined Counties clubs.
  7. Player tests positive for Covid-19. Read statement
  8. Well done to all involved, I will endeavour to make another visit when things get started again
  9. My philosophy is man with deep pockets will win. If that man is tied up with a football club it might be less costly now. Teams have always bought promotion in the past and will do so in future.
  10. All proposed areas available in the document.
  11. Photo images of the proposed Combined Counties area. Taken from the F A document.
  12. 1/SPELTHORNE SPORTS 2 /ASCOT UNITED to be promoted via the playoffs
  13. Sorry Ascot, I’m sure they are up for the Abbey game. I saw Southall beat Ascot a couple of weeks ago, both good teams
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