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  1. See you at BEDFONT, that will be my game that week. Let’s hop we have two all C / C fixtures. Shame I can’t see both.
  2. Tel

    F A CUP

    The draw for C / C teams
  3. Rob, your team sheet(plus) as I call it for the AFC HAYES was more than adequate. All teams that do e- Programmes could produce this. i know it was given away Even charge 50p no one would mind. Although there are some grumpy old sods out there. Cover costs WELL DONE
  4. Your club is lucky to have you to take the task in hand, well done. Must cut costs, even make a profit on the programme.
  5. Last night our teams from the C / C progressed to the next round. Let’s hope for a few more today.
  6. I took it as being a hard copy, sorry I suggested it was a real programme. Not an e-programme.
  7. Nice littler earner for some clubs, a few getting another chance in their replays. Well done to those who won £2000+
  8. BA v COVE for me. Programme OAP entrance fee plus a couple of pints £10. Discounted drinks for members, BEDFONT & FELTHAM membership £20 per year, one payment for life for OAP’s.
  9. From my understanding most Jersey players will be fed from the teams in the Jersey leagues that’s junior / Intermediate level at best. Winning the league I think not. I will have a better judgement after I’ve seen the Deportivo Galicia v Jersey Bulls fixture on the 14/8 at BEDFONT Sports.
  10. Premier Division My choice Top four in alphabetical order Abbey Rangers, Camberley Town, Molesey and Southall surprise team Egham Town Division One same again Bedfont & Feltham, Epsom & Ewell, Farnham and Walton & Hersham but keep an eye on British Airways I think Jersey will need a season to bed in
  11. I take it the Hellenic will be incorporated into the C / C calling it PREM NORTH / SOUTH?
  12. Not a C / C competition but with so many teams from our league in it I thought it was worth a post
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