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  1. No problem Rother. It was a decent game in all fairness!!!
  2. Rother- I totally agree and was one of those that thought the ref got it wrong. The way he explained it to me was that it was still a red if there was no attempt to do anything other than stop the player scoring, such as handling on the line. He deemed that to be the case on Saturday. Not sure he was right, but at least it cleared it up for me.
  3. Spoke to him afterwards (one of his strong points being approachability) and he said there are lots of exceptions to that law.
  4. I was critical of the referee the other night for playing the game on an unplayable pitch. Today the referee and two linesmen at the Farnham Town v Windsor game were excellent. Hope to see them again.
  5. Noticed a couple of Ryman games are having inspections in the morning (one is Guernsey away in all fairness). Didn't think it had been that bad last couple of days. Are there any planned in the CCL?
  6. Interesting that a lot of people are going for Chessington in division one. Prem- 1- Hartley Wintney 2- Epsom and Ewell 3- Knaphill Div one- 1-Ash 2- Worcester Park 3- Redhill.
  7. Can't beat Bedfont Sports in my opinion. Everything from the playing and spectating point of view. Haven't tried the burgers though!
  8. Are being a community club and being successful/ambitious mutually exclusive then?
  9. Camberley Town are the best team I have seen this season. Went long when they needed to, passed us to death at times. Got all the angles covered, and covered well as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Good luck to Camberley Town today. I think you have a decent chance!
  11. Agree Weeble. Just because we did it then, doesn't make it right.
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