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  1. i did the same thing yesturday was hoping to get at least 1 league club
  2. But its still confrence south football near his home, my only worry was that he didnt feel we could get to the confrence south
  3. Gutted about rusty i just hope it doesnt start a trend with the better players leaving the same way
  4. Is Glenn staying as manager surely new and existing players will want to know i would of thought we would of known by now what was going on
  5. 28-February 11 - Happy Birthday richard sparkes :)

  6. defaintly chris ive been really tied up with work lately with compulsery saturday working but thats coming to an end so sure
  7. Have you been drinking Rich?!! not yet but ill always stand by my players
  8. i dont want Bertie im happy with mr Dover
  9. According to Braintrees website leon antoine is in there squad for todays game
  10. we are going up say we are going up,yesssssssssssssss well done to everyone.in my opinion our best ever promotion and great scenes at the end of the gameim stil buzzing
  11. i was right opposite u guys when they scored the 2nd goal and there was only about 20 people in that stand celebrated
  12. what a great night and lovely way to end the game with luckys goal
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