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  1. 06-December 10 - Happy Birthday NorwayBTFC :)

  2. Me and my oldest daughter, Sunniva, hope to see as many as you as possible at Sudbury. Leaving for London tonight, and hoping for a good win on saturday, things have to turn around someday! Pers
  3. This is an email I got through the norwegian supporter's site: A Norwegian ex-footballer is cycling from Oslo to South Africa. Yes, you read it correctly. Bjorn Heidenstrom (Norwegian; Bj
  4. Sorry, I've been in hospital the last two weeks, and never had a chance to turn up today. Scarfs will be made, and I will turn up at New Lodge as soon as I'm better again. I came home on friday, and will start working with the norwegian website to get it up and running as soon as possible.
  5. The norwegian supporters clubs pin badge last season was a huge success, and for this season we're planning another exclusive offer! This time we're planning to make a very limited edition of the BTFCSON's knitted club scarf! As for now, we're planning to make it in only 20 or 30 pieces. It will be inn the club's colors, with a slogan on one side and the norwegian supporters club's logo on the other side together with the clubs logo (if we get permission from the club). After expenses are paid, the BTFCSON will keep 25% of the surplus, and 75% will be donated to the BTSA (if that's OK for them!) Since it will be made very few of these scarfs, they will be quite expensive, probably around
  6. Originally Posted By: updaBTFC How about having an online version of the matchday programmes that can be downloaded via the website and in order to download the programme, fans who wish to do so have to pay what they'd be expected to pay for one at the ground on matchdays. This gives more options to the fans some may like it on the computer because they can zoom in on articles etc that they would struggle to read in its normal size or font. This is exspanding our target market because some may just not have time to get one at a match each week and will think that this is a good way of meeting there needs and they could earn just the extra smidgen of money for the club. well thats a rough idea of what we could do. That's actually a extremely good idea!!! For us abroad fans this would be a dream! I expect that the programme is made in pdf or something? So it would be no hazzle to put it up for download, and I would be more than willing to subscribe to a online programme!!! Per-Helge
  7. Flying in from Norway I was quite pleased with the effort put into the match by our players, and with 10 men I can't really be disappointed with a draw! And the performance was at least much better than the last match I saw, the 5-1 trashing at Ashford... Looking forward to my next match, but it will probably not be until next season. I even think I got both our goals on video, but I'm not sure when I can get them online as my PC have crashed totally, so I'm using the old, slooooow one...
  8. Probably have to buy it then! It's been a while since Ilve played it, think CM4 is the last version I have! I remember that I made a hack for CM in 1999, where I put Billericay into the Conference league, with players like Leon Gutzmore, David Adekola and Billy Goldstone on the team sheet. A lot of people downloaded the hack from my website... :-)
  9. Originally Posted By: The Town Crier Tactics were poor because the players, and not for the first time this season, adopted there own shape and pattern of play. Does that mean that our managers doesn't have enough respect among the players? Are there too many players on the team who thinks they know better and when on the pitch decides to to what they think is best and not follow the instructions from the managers? If so, those primadonnas has to be told and dealt with! To have respect from the players and be able to motivate the players has to be one of the most important qualities for a manager! Just look at the norwegian national team, they didn't win a single game in 2008, and then our old hero, Drillo, does a surprise return, and in 14 days turns the performance around and we beat Germany 1-0 on away ground! Why? Because he has a lot of respect among the players, and because he's probably one of the best motivators in the football world! I don't have the possibility to watch each game (Jason: Put up a web cam for me, will you? :-) ), but if the problems is that the players doesn't do what they are told, something has to happen to get them to do it!
  10. Well, to cheer you up, here's what I have to pay for 0,5 back in Norway... 0,5L ordinary draft lager between
  11. Originally Posted By: Cherry Blue 4 more of those programmes were sold on ebay the other night for
  12. I have some newspaper copies from 1964 and 1965 and at that time Billericay Town was playing in the Mid-Essex League. They hade five teams, one in the premier, one in first and one in the second division, and two teams competing in the Chelmsford & District League. The club amalgamed with Billericay Rangers before this season, so maybe it was during this they changed the name back to Billericay Town Football Club? I also think that capt Ballard mentioned on the team sheet of the 1960-programme could be Tony Ballard. He still played for the club 1964/65, on the second team, and was the top scorer with 21 goals in april 1965.
  13. One more thing: I have also discovered that some of the info about when playing which league is not 100% correct. That includes both the 30's, 50's and 60's. I've heard about Billericay Sports and thibk I have some information about in somewhere...
  14. I'm getting jealous reading about all these old programmes!!! Any chance to have a photocopy taken of some of these? Send me a PM if so! I would like to put some of the info up at the norwegian website's history pages.
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