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  1. I agree with you JR bit it won't have the fans flocking in their droves. It was up there with watching horse racing on tv while the course is shrouded in fog. And another thing, we have an excellent playing surface so why persist in lumping the ball 50 feet in the air? As Cloghie once said, if football was meant to be played in the clouds he would have planted grass in the sky.
  2. Quite frankly, the worst game I have seen in the CCL or anywhere else for that matter. As Rother put it, a game devoid of quality. Windsor's goals came from defensive howlers and Knaphill's goal was a decent strike. As good as the game was at Knaphill earlier in the season, this one was garbage.
  3. You old softie Kroons! I just wish the referee had an abhorration with his watch and finished the first half at 40 minutes. It was bad enough conceding one before half time but the second gave me the sort of feeling that the second half was going to be a nightmare for us. From my totally biased position, I thought that it was one of the most enjoyable games of football I have seen for a very long time. Two teams going at it from the off and doing their best to play on what was not the best surface for free flowing football. Camberley are very well organised and I was impressed with the
  4. Potty mouthed Windsor fans? Get a grip! We gifted 2 early penalties and could be considered extremely fortunate to still have 11 on the pitch, especially after the first one. How a team could stuff the Hellenic League leaders so comprehensively perform so listlessly in their next game is a mystery. Throw in woeful finishing by Windsor and an outstanding performance by the Farnham keeper, it was clear that we were not going to get anything from the game. Farnham were a constant threat on the break and their left winger was a handful all day long. Can't blame the referee either who was excel
  5. An opportunity for County FAs to make some money and for the match officials to charge over the odds. Ask anyone who was at the Berks & Bucks last season and they will all say the official attendance was way lower than the actual number who turned up.
  6. Do you expect everyone going to a CCL game today to phone every club? I have already been in touch with Horley Town via Twitter and had a reply. If the game is called off at least I have a chance of taking in an alternative fixture in order that I don't have a wasted journey. Meanwhile, Smudge will be tucked up in his warden controlled retirement complex thinking of more bollox to spout while still forgetting to concede that he accused me incorrectly about the set up at Croydon.
  7. News of planned pitch inspections would be welcome. I don't fancy trekking around the M25 just to turn round and come back home.
  8. Wall to wall football is already available if you have an internet connection. I enjoy my Saturday afternoons watching Windsor play so I see no reason why I would want to sit in a pub and watch a game between say Stoke and Aston Villa which would bore me to tears. And I refuse to give Sky any money whatsoever while Murdoch has anything to do with them.
  9. Isn't there a race meeting at Ascot this Saturday? Oh, and good luck to everyone at CWUFC.
  10. Is VPCTFC looking to turn Camberley into Millwall? He'll be singing "Let 'em Come" next.
  11. Any manager who fails to find the best style suited for the squad at his disposal will not last long. That Camberley have found a style that suits, and gets results is to be acknowledged. As for playing the so called top 5, they did beat Windsor 2-1 at ours not so long ago.
  12. Probably explains the rumours abound that United are going to bid for Gareth Bale
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