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  1. That's a bit of a silly comment Rhodes, I'm certain Jason Shaw knows more about Richard's injury issues than yourself, First on the team sheet when fully fit.
  2. Put that ground with Church road Hayes fc, Western road Southall fc, and Hounslows old ground Denbigh road ? And you have 4 classic non league grounds lost for ever. Shameful.
  3. Liam Bird has been the manager of Broadfields Utd since the start of last season.
  4. Where will London Tigers be playing home games this coming season TIA.
  5. I have been on this forum roughly five years, Now living in Harefield a 5 minute walk from Preston park home to last seasons invincibles Harefield United.
  6. Fair play Savagebee at least you've got people commenting on this forum again.
  7. What a job Jason Shaw and his team are doing at Harefield Utd, With Sholing losing in the Wessex league yesterday the Hares are the only team unbeaten in steps 1_ 6.
  8. How can it be an unfair advantage when all teams are allowed to do it.?
  9. I watched the Broadfields utd v Banstead game yesterday, Wow what a difference from the earlier meeting in the FA cup, ( Broadfields winning 3-0), In my humble opinion the Broadfield keeper alone stopped Banstead hitting double figures, I believe the Banstead 9 got at least 4 goals but i was most impressed by their no 10 he seemed to be involved in everything, canny player.
  10. Another good convincing win for Harefield Utd yesterday, Along with tenants Broadfield Utd playing some good stuff Preston park is a good place to be at the moment [ both undefeated]. As an aside one of the Brimsdown substitutes was not allowed to come on yesterday as a ring he was wearing [ taped up] would not come off, what is the ruling on this, as surely if it is against the rules both the player and club should know it would not be allowed.
  11. In the Prem, is it a shock to see the current table toppers? No suprise to me to see Chertsey leading the pack. Dave Anderson the perfect fit for them.
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