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  1. the leatherhead lip

    Dual registeration

    How can it be an unfair advantage when all teams are allowed to do it.?
  2. the leatherhead lip

    F.A. Vase 1st Round Proper

    I watched the Broadfields utd v Banstead game yesterday, Wow what a difference from the earlier meeting in the FA cup, ( Broadfields winning 3-0), In my humble opinion the Broadfield keeper alone stopped Banstead hitting double figures, I believe the Banstead 9 got at least 4 goals but i was most impressed by their no 10 he seemed to be involved in everything, canny player.
  3. the leatherhead lip

    Saturday 22nd September

    Another good convincing win for Harefield Utd yesterday, Along with tenants Broadfield Utd playing some good stuff Preston park is a good place to be at the moment [ both undefeated]. As an aside one of the Brimsdown substitutes was not allowed to come on yesterday as a ring he was wearing [ taped up] would not come off, what is the ruling on this, as surely if it is against the rules both the player and club should know it would not be allowed.
  4. the leatherhead lip


    In the Prem, is it a shock to see the current table toppers? No suprise to me to see Chertsey leading the pack. Dave Anderson the perfect fit for them.
  5. the leatherhead lip

    Tuesday 7th August

    Bit of a bummer for Harefield last night conceding a last minute equalizer, Still can`t be to disappointed with a point away to Broadfield especially after the long and tiring journey to get there. . onwards and upwards.
  6. the leatherhead lip

    Saturday 4th August

    Hoping for big things this season from Harefield Utd, Promising start yesterday against Winslow. nice mix of experience and youngsters ,long may it continue time they were back in the prem.
  7. the leatherhead lip


    After watching Hillingdon boro play St neots ressies saturday my conclusion is Codicote would have to be absolutely awful to finish below those two.
  8. the leatherhead lip

    Farnborough given second FA Trophy chance

    The game that was never played was a replay after they drew 3-3 in the first game, so they will now be replaying the replay.
  9. the leatherhead lip

    Another League Farce - Enfield Boro

    Do you think the earliest opportunity will be any time soon?.
  10. the leatherhead lip


    He came on for the second half at Harefield today and completly turned the game around for Baldock, scored seconds into the restart to make it 1-1 added another soon after and had a hand in Baldocks third. good busy player.
  11. the leatherhead lip

    Sun Sports Football Club

    Shouldn`t be a problem, I think Southall are on their 4th " home" venue this season. Hayes & Yeading, Amersham, Hillingdon Boro, and Burnham.
  12. the leatherhead lip

    London Tigers admission price.???????

  13. According to the Northwood fc website London Tigers who groundshare with them are charging senior citizens £6 entry for SSML games this season, This seems rather excessive , Especially when Northwood are charging £4 entry for s/c to watch games at a higher level.I for one will not be watching any SSML football at chestnut avenue this coming season.
  14. London Tigers will be playing their home games at Northwood fc this coming season.
  15. the leatherhead lip

    Division one predictions

    1 Harefield United, 2 Baldock Town, 3 Southall. .