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  1. 04-March 11 - Happy Birthday EUFC superb :)

  2. 04-March 10 - Happy Birthday EUFC superb :)

  3. Well I tried logging in, and it said my password was incorrect, so I clicked the link to get a new password, and I now haven't recieved that e-mail :-S perhaps it's my e-mail adress that is the problem?
  4. I registered for the New forum about a week ago, and expected to get a confirmation e-mail. I haven't recieved this e-mail, tried to re-register, and apparantly my email adress is already registered, what should I do?
  5. Just a suggestion here, but is there any chance of offering soup on cold days like Sunday?
  6. Originally Posted By: Bernard I felt the barracking of the ref was somewhat ridiculous. From my point of view he got almost everything spot on today (especially our penalty appeal: their defender clearly won the ball). Though it could be argued he had a huge part to play in the goal, missing the blatant foul on Gash in the build up.
  7. We did actually have a corner cleared directly off the line as well, if my memory serves me correctly.
  8. Anyone know if there's any way I can still get Snow Patrol tickets for the O2 on the 14th of March? (I came home from school, tried to buy them, and they were sold out!)
  9. The IndigO2 (the small club inside the O2 arena) is also a quality, intimate venue!
  10. Originally Posted By: Stu M Originally Posted By: ME1Gill perhaps One day we`ll notice you. Nice of you take the time tonight to notice us. How is it back at your true level? The previous five years were something of an aberration, eh? Their still searching for their level Stu, whilst trying not to get nosebleeds at their dizzy heights in the league...
  11. On the plus side, Stacy, although not back to his best, still looked a little sharper than he has in previous weeks.
  12. I think Long should be on the bench at least, he's still giving 100%, but it's just not coming off for him.
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