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  1. 08-April 11 - Happy Birthday Maldini66 :)

  2. 08-April 10 - Happy Birthday Maldini66 :)

  3. Originally Posted By: Rhodes Potentially I'm likening Lee Scott to all of them put together, he has it all and has the best first touch I've ever seen, it's like he puts a tube of super glue on the front of his boots before a game ha ha nice one Rhodes Velcro boots pmsl Div 1 FM This has to be in contention for QOTM
  4. Originally Posted By: paulb We defended like complete kents. To be fair to E & E they took the chances we gave them well and front 2 looked lively. Thought we would get back into it after clawing back to 4-3 then centre back goes and gets sent off!!!! Fuming would be an understatement, not just with the sending off, performance but the whole night. Feck what a result that is Pb get the kents in for some extra running and beast the feckers
  5. Originally Posted By: Rhodes Originally Posted By: Maldini66 Rhodes, Perhaps that's where Kentish are going wrong, No one should be guaranteed a starting place, It's called keeping player's on there toes Maldini - Do you include the likes of Rooney, Henry, Maradonna, Cruyff and Pele in that, there is always a player that is automatically on the team sheet and the rest of the team are then picked accordingly, Lee is one of those players! Rubbish, You have to earn the right to be picked, They are all great players I agree but no one including those should just be picked on reputatio
  6. Originally Posted By: WAREwolf vote for WAREwolf! il be the first to admit anyone could have got MOM in Ware's game.. but they chose me please vote for ellers Not until you beg, fecking strikers get all the glory
  7. WW Didn't think you could kick it that far PS Well done Saturday you were Mustard
  8. Originally Posted By: Rhodes Wader - I have become quite close to Tony of late and he is really starting to flourish although he is still by no means a regular in the first team as competition for places at the Club is literally cut throat at present and only Lee Scott is guaranteed a place. Rhodes, Perhaps that's where Kentish are going wrong, No one should be guaranteed a starting place, It's called keeping player's on there toes.
  9. Originally Posted By: Rhodes I see 'we' have today appointed a new Manager, er Allan who! The Club is delighted to announce that Allan Fenn has been appointed Manager with immediate effect. Allan's record as a player at many levels of the game is well known as is his successful Managerial career with both Ilford and Redbridge. Upon learning of Allan's return from abroad and his desire to get back into a managerial role the Directors quickly made contact and agreement was reached so swiftly that Allan was even able to attend the Club's Tuesday night training session where his appointment
  10. Originally Posted By: Mr Happy They don't seen to have their own forum anywhere so this seems as good a place as any to congratulate Ware on getting to the first round proper of the FA Cup. Good luck against Kidderminster. Try this one Mr Happy They were worthy winners on Saturday
  11. Originally Posted By: Rhodes Originally Posted By: Wader All great stuff for Ware in their FA Cup exploits. 816 attendance today and an impressive 3-1 defeat of Tonbridge Angels. Kidderminster Harriers wasn't the kindest draw in 1st Rd Proper, but it's at home and Kiddy won't fancy that trip one little bit Wader - Someone from the Tony Kempter Forum went to the game and has given a good summary: FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round Admission £8, programme £1.50 The day starts with 2 GBG pubs in Ware for my co-travellers after we'd collected our programmes at 2pm. Plenty of parking in and
  12. Originally Posted By: Teflon Will keep an eye out for you, may well change up and warm our keeper up too Only if you can drag yourself away from the burger bar
  13. Originally Posted By: Rhodes I actually didn't think that much of the County Hall Rangers write up, maybe I have a different sense of humour to everyone else No Sh1te Your complete lack of a sense of humour you mean That was the funniest report i have seen in ages
  14. Originally Posted By: Greg_Dyke Maldini66 gets my vote Thanks Greg
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