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  1. Great result for HW. Congratulations to all involved.
  2. ...and as I mentioned, the said giant was a proper handful and will need close attention at set pieces. Blocking his runs at set pieces? As he's built like an ox, it will need someone who fancies it to take on that responsibility, if it is planned.
  3. Well, anyone who gets five goals before being substituted in a game, is, by definition, a handful, but Melford Simpson is a solid, muscle-bound but elusive striker, for sure and they worked the percentages on being marginally offside/ level with thedefensive line all afternoon. Maybe they're not the quickest at the back, as they looked a bit suspect to pace, even from a team who obviously didn't give them that much to think about. They looked to get the ball wide and put crosses in early and are a threat in the air... (a hatrick of headers in the first half from two corners and a rebound off the bar from another for the aforementioned Mr Simpson.) Against better opposition ( I am certain of that!) they won't enjoy as much possession as did today, but they like a quick lob over the defensive line for their forwards to chase and like to get the ball in early and fight for the second ball, rather than always picking out the best initial cross. As I said, hard to say too much in a match like this!
  4. I have to say, I watched Shoreham have a warm up for the next round with an 8-0 stroll of their own today. Didn't stop the Shoreham keeper having a blazing rant at his defenders when coming off the pitch at half time 3-0 to the good, though! Lots of pace up front for sure at Horsham and St. Francis kept them honest by never throwing the towel in.
  5. Defected temporarily to the artist formerly known as the Sussex League. The scenery will generally be prettier, although, the jury's out on whether the same can be said for the football!
  6. Blimey! Just popped in to wish all a pleasant summer of speculation and it seems as if some bottom feeder by the name of sh1ts fan is really trying to pick a fight. Doesn't come across as the sharpest tool in the box, so will hopefully sink without trace sharpish. Don't suppose it would be any use to point out that even when disagreements are profound, most manage to deal with them without looking like a complete tool...but it appears I've typed it anyway...
  7. Maybe the radar in their anorak hoods was off beam? Honesty, integrity and consistency from the old farts in the committee room? I have to admire your optimism, sir!
  8. Horley 2 Farnham 4 An enjoyable afternoon of football for me, despite not being one of the potential 'games of the day'. ,Both sides scored a great goal apiece in their tally and it was a proper game for which all who took part should be congratulated. Thanks, gents.
  9. I think I was too knackered after walking from the town that bears its name to Sittingbourne to notice! (They were drowned out by CCL old boys, the jolly Guernsey cows during the game too!)
  10. A far more savoury topic, I agree...and I wouldn't argue for a moment with your preference.
  11. So, you decide when a topic is closed? Slightly arrogant, if at least consistent. If being interesting was an entry requirement, we would have never heard your ill thought out opinion in the first place. The Ashford Neanderthals were swearing at people they'd never met too. I may have never met you, fat, but I think my judgement was a more than fair one, based on your apologetic tone towards idiots. Seen Canvey many times as I worked with a follower of them for many years. Never a problem. Still, an interesting 'tactic' by the Neanderthals' apologist to go from "We're not bad at all" to "Ok, we are shocking, but another team is worse." We'll move on when we're good and ready, thanks, not when you say so.
  12. OK...so someone who attends a game as a neutral makes comments about Ashford's Neanderthals. You, being able to see no wrong in your beloved potty mouths, attempt to defend it and fail. Here's a question which even you shouldn't struggle with, even allowing for evident limitations. " Why would someone make it up if they don't follow either team? " ( You can take as long as you want to come up with an answer, forever would seem fine to me. Night all. Newbies eh, Smudge, Nowt but bother!
  13. Jolly decent of you to repeat the question for him. I am sure he is eager to answer it.
  14. So...I made it all up then? As you also seem to want to defend the indefensible. I will let others who have had the dubious pleasure of the scumbags I encountered make their own mind up. I certainly don't need a patronising tosser to tell me to grow up. You're right about the association between Neanderthals and Ashford being unfair...I apologise to Neanderthals unreservedly.
  15. If you are an apologist for behaviour, you are as guilty as the perpetrators. You are glad your fans "show passion and are noisy" I suspect hurling non- stop abuse is a sign of ignorance to most well adjusted football fans, not passion.
  16. Bring on yoghurt knitters if the alternative is individuals who, apart from being unable to utter more than two words in a row without an expletive also demonstrate loudly how little they know about football and the civilised human race. (Clearly not their fault as they are strangers to both.) I doubt the specimens I saw were applauding the opposition, more likely clapping for their fish. If you don't know the difference between passion and retarded idiocy then clearly you are well suited to the ranks of the Ashford "faithful", based on my experience. Passion and noise have nothing whatsoever to do with retarded abuse. Apologies if you weren't aware of this...you are now.
  17. You're allowed a 'shite story' the day after silverware, it's in the rules! Yes, your lot are no strangers to expressing their opinion, true...but I'd take their company in small doses over this lot any day.At least it took the attention from the Ashford bench, which you will be amazed to here was almost as unruly as the Neanderthals claiming to follow them. You're allowed a shite story the day after silverware....it's in the rules! I'm not even sure the Ashfordites even noticed
  18. Farnham 1 Ashford 0 Decided to take in some evening sun, not caring who prevailed, After ninety minutes of ill informed non-stop abuse from some supposed adults 'supporting' Ashford aimed at players, management and the officials alike, sadly, it was I that was left speechless. Old timers coming to watch their club from Farnham just shook their heads in disbelief, I wasn't far behind them in doing so either. Very satisfying that Ashford lost...purely as the result will have annoyed these Neanderthals.
  19. Not sure there's much logic in your argument, if you take a more general view, rather than using this season only to make a point. For example. One goes up, two teams neck and neck to the death - a good finish. One goes up, one team clear, not so good. If three, four or five teams go up but that number break clear of the rest, that doesn't mean it's exciting, the team in the last promotion spot could still be twelve points clear of the next placed team.
  20. Worcester Park can't AFFORD to have a lapse in form, now you've said that. There are conspiracy theorists lurking under every stone! Top five for consideration seems reasonable... BUT anything increasing the possibility of whipping boys ending up out of their depth is, I suppose the down side of that.
  21. Not exactly as if this being a big game has come out of nowhere though! Mrs Voice To Be and I are moving house, so can't make any of the dates/ times...but for the sake of the competition I hope the game gets the biggest turnout possible and who knows, even generates some good publicity for the league.
  22. That would require some lateral thinking, or indeed thinking, from league officials. Three O'clock Saturday it is then.
  23. Knaphill 4 Guildford 2 Decent and relatively free flowing game, given the circumstances. Three up ten minutes into the second half, the hosts had a brief wobble when Guildford pulled one back, but a cracker made it 4-1 and although the visitors made it 4-2 with plenty of time left, Knaphill got the victory their passing and movement deserved. Nobody spilt their tea, so even the pitch survived too. A good watch for the neutral at least. GCFC choir in persistent form, as ever.
  24. RPV 0 Guildford 1 Reward for some hard work put in by the visitors. A goal up the hill won it for City sending the Tifosi wild. RPV huffed and puffed, but without looking especially threatening to this neutral eye.
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