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  1. Very exciting squad playing some lovely football. Roll on Sat.
  2. Think Nathan played and was booked also subbed after 70 mins for Hornchurch Sat so not sure the canvey move came off.
  3. Taylor Mckenzie played for Cheshunt last night.
  4. Not at all thanks for the advise. I have just cancelled everything with the bank also.
  5. I have just gone into tifosy and cancelled mine in preperation for the new ETFC scheme.
  6. Cant see how to stop my Tifosy subscription any idea's guys.
  7. Very impressed with all our signings to date. Also some very impressive young players being looked at by the managment team from clubs like dagenham and Torquay. All looks very positive.COYT.
  8. I believe kirby and liam are at harringey.
  9. Also not forgetting the left back signed from thurrock a very good player.
  10. Riccy release 9 players including barry brittnel,good player wonder if he is in Andys black book. Joe Elul chasing pound notes again.!!!! Glory hunter
  11. Two very good appointments. Mario has done his coaching badges and has coached at boreham wood. Steve is a top man with loads of knowledge of the game. Onwards and upwards.coyt.
  12. Not a word on players yet but i believe Andy has his targets but whether he gets them who knows. Hope we get info on the new players but only after they have signed though.
  13. Very strange how this is your first posting,shows how much interest you have in our club.
  14. The worthing fan didnt do himself any favours Theo. Grandad was ok albeit shaken with a nasty cut on his elbow,he wasn't assaulted by the worthing fan but fell in the melee. Sad end to the season but the situation was handled well by the stewards and no arrests were made. Have a good summer guys.
  15. Over to you father Jack. I must say though this forum is about our club and football matters and not personal family matters. Well done Andy and the boys for a great win yesterday. Gutted i missed it.
  16. Father jack what are you like. Slap him Mary.?
  17. Sounds as though the boys have clicked. Brilliant. Keep them together and we could be in for something really special next season. Well done Andy and the boys.⚽️⚽️
  18. I agree. Hockney my mom by a country mile,but brad put in a very powerful performance. Obviously Brad appealed to the lovely young lady that sponsored the mom award yesterday.??
  19. Sorry guys i meant Brad not Dan.
  20. Really played with a lot of spirit today against a very good attacking staines side. Lots of positives and Jack is going to be some player for sure. Dan only trained fully thurs and was dead on his feet and aaron is just back from a long term injury hence those substitutions Jack not sure why maybe run himself into the ground. Done in the end by a deflected shot i believe but lots of positives and the players head didnt drop. Not the best penalty in the world from Ryan but thats just one of those things. Ryan is a brilliant captain and gives 110% does the guy ever stop running. Well done guys apart from the result the football is much better.
  21. Well done Andy and Darren. Much better balance in the team today. When Simon went off Aaron liam and Jack changed the way we were playing and the ball started to be played on the deck. Jack and liam linked up very well for our third. Well done guys.
  22. Andy has just found out his father has died suddenly while on holiday. Can as a mark of respect we all stop the andy bashing for a while. I think you will all agree this puts everything into perspective. My thoughts are with Andy and his family at this very sad time.
  23. Its seems that he signed found out the wasn't in the 16 and stormed out. Great attitude.
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