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  1. I would prefer Isthmian South, to be honest. Due to slightly less travelling, except Guernsey of course.
  2. What does that prove? Nothing. Staines Lammas were playing on a Friday evening against local rivals Bedfont Sports, Ashford played on the Saturday against Berkhamsted, how do you compare the two? I've done a comparison for two league matches below. Sat 2 Aug, Ashford v Cove, 135 @ £8 = £1080 Sat 9 Aug, Staines Lammas v Farleigh Rovers, 18 @ £5 = £90 See how figures can be interpreted anyway you want to? I am more than willing to pay £8 for entrance for me and my son. We want to support the team and the club and if it costs £8, then so be it.
  3. Ashford Town are playing Berkhamsted, not Beckenham Town!
  4. Not forgetting Paul Germain, Richard Mcdonald, Simon Edwards, Ian Miles, Martin Selley, Mark Silbery even players like Nathan Wharfe & Micky Walters. Anyone who scored a hat trick, Jim Richardson used to buy a jug of lager, now there's a players bonus.
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