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  1. As I have already said the constitution was used to relegate Ash. Why would a vote have taken place if Ash had been relegated by right. Time to let it go E&E. A 20/18 split is what would have occurred if both Hanworth and Chertsey were in fact relegated. The rule is already there in place to be able to go to 20 teams. To set it in stone that it would happen next season it could mean that 5 teams get relegated from the prem if three teams get promoted from the first. The only natural way is (without the interference of the FA) if only one team is promoted from the first and three relegated from the prem. The likely thing to happen then is as this season 2 teams would again be reprieved.
  2. So how does a ruling that is part of the constitution become irrelevant after it has been used to relegate a team. Without it Ash would have had another reprieve as they would have been the 22nd team in a division of 22. In previous years it would have a fore gone conclusion that both Hanworth and Chertsey would have got a reprieve to make up 22 teams. Without the CCL committee or a member proposing to run with 22 teams next season it would be a 20/18 split. A no vote at the AGM should mean that it goes 20/18. Yes it might mean it would be tough on both Hanworth and Chertsey but lets not forget that they both finished in a relegation position. The 20 team league should be done naturally like it could be now. Saying you would do it next season after going to 22 teams could raise the possibility of 5 teams being relegated. Making it 16 teams in division 1 makes it weaker in that 25% of the teams cannot gain promotion. Making it 18 teams and having this as the max number of teams would mean that any future teams moving up into division 1 would replace those teams.
  3. Ash finished in bottom 3 and were relegated because the top 3 teams in division 1 had the ground grading to get promotion. At AGM vote taken and passed that prem division can run with 20 to 22 teams (previously run with 22 teams). Eversley were then tound out that they did not have a ground with the proper grading and get relegated after a vote at a meeting. At the same meeting a vote was taken that kept Ash relegated. This was because of the new rule that the prem could run with 20 to 22 teams. That's why I think it wss harsh but as I said before they had finished in a relegation position. I think teams are very lucky if they are reprieved from relegation as Ash were the previous season . This was because two teams were promoted and Ash were kept up so that the league would run with 22 teams. I can see a vote happening every year until both divisions reach their full quota.
  4. Why would it be harsh now to drop to 20 teams now. This rule was in place before the start of the season and the teams knew about it because they voted for it. The rule has been used already to drop Ash into division 1 when it didn't even exist during the season. I would say that was harsh but they had finished in a relegation place. I personally think that if you finish in a relegation place then you should be relegated. I'm for a 20/18 split which would make the first division a stronger league and hope that it will in future years not have the need for reserve sides to play in it. Now is the time to change to twenty because we have a situation where it can be done (subject to a vote of course). If it does go to 20/18 split there is nothing increasing the numbers back up to 22 in the prem by teams dropping down from above or from new teams moving into division 1
  5. ost="1980962" timestamp="1430065088"] Can I change my mind? I thought Redhill had secured a reprieve but they haven't, yet. If we get them into the CCL as well as AFC Hayes then that could send Chertsey down. All ifs and buts of course..... If 2 go up from 1st and 3 drop down from prem, that will leave 20 in prem and 18 (+ Abbey Rangers). This leaves the CCL with two strong divisions. If one team goes up from 1st and two drop from prem same result. All changes if FA moves teams into or out of CCL.
  6. ost="1975573" timestamp="1425397030"] The lottery springs to mind Rich,if you do not buy the Ticket,you cannot win.Raynes Park,South Park,Bedfont Sports bought a ticket and were Winners.Did the rest apply? Some clubs were too young to buy a ticket because they had less than 10 years left on their lease.
  7. Agree that it was not a good and teams looked pretty even except Camberley kicked the ball higher. Poor performance by both teams although I thought it was a gutsy performance by Frimley to hold out for so long but their fitness did them in the end. I take it Farcical that you must be a Camberley supporter as you must of listened to the game through 'rose tinted ears'. One of the main reasons it was a poor game was that both sets of players were constantly at the referee. Not saying that the two Frimley players did not deserve their yellow cards but surprised that no Camberley players got a yellow especially the Camberley no.3 with his very colourful language (everything started with f--k off). I've seen players sent off for saying a lot less than that.
  8. You cannot knock an Army man over his fitness as they are trained for war and their survival not football (and rightly so). The limiting factors are football ability and speed. If they not have this to CCL level to start with then it is goi ng to take time and chances are that not all the players are going to be at the same level at Battalion/Regiment level just like a youth team when it moves up to mens level. Army teams always seem to use the same one tactic as well. If all players had to play with an army back pack on they would be world beaters. Note to Ash Secretary get this rule in for next season. Chances are you will get 2 or 3 to CCL level but not the whole team. If they were any good at football they would have been spotted already and playing higher up the pyramid.
  9. They do seem to be struggling at the moment. I believe the new manager is linked to the Army. He is new to the CCL so he hasn't developed the kick and run style yet and he needs to shout at his players more. These last 3 results have all been away and they tend to play much better at home because the pitch resembles a patch of no mans land. They have one thing going for them in that they have fulfilled all their fixtures so far. Things can only get better.
  10. Which club were you helping to get their game on today Smudge?
  11. As a generalisation a club can stop the warm up training (with out ball) on the pitch as this is the part that usually causes more damage. A club cannot stop any ball training on the pitch. Of course common sense comes into it as well as off pitch warm up areas should be big enough and poorer areas of the pitch should be limited in use.
  12. Thanks for the apology as I did find your post in bad taste. I did think you deserved the 3 points today because you wanted it more. To qualify to be 'big time charlies' is on the say so of the Ash Massive Good luck to Grumpy for the rest of the season.
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