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  1. I should also add, enjoy the ride!!!
  2. Hi guys, I highly doubt Maidstone fans are jealous, playing in that beautiful new stadium, 1800 people watching them and a pretty good team to go with it. Meanwhile you guys have one of the worst grounds to watch a game in and 250 people turning up, but now the difference is, you have a brilliant team. Sorry guys, but this will crash and burn, whether it takes two years or 10, it will not be sustained. I'm a Wealdstone fan by the way, so I'm certainly not jealous
  3. As none of you seem interested, thought you'd like to know you've just signed Bognor's best player Kane Wills, Kingston's best player Ryan Moss and Brett Johnson from Woking who not very long ago was playing in the football league!!
  4. As a Wealdstone fan, every time I've seen Stefan play this season, he's one of very few players that I'd want from this league in the Wealdstone side, but after hearing this, and remembering in the 2-0 win at our place and him firing miles over the crossbar and muttering 'I ain't [****!!****]ing passing to any of you lot' to the rest of his team, has certainly given me second thoughts about him...
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