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  1. It was a fiver in a taxi from purfleet last time I went. Usually there isn't any taxies there but there is a number on the wall
  2. To quote another ex manager from the park (another good one we let get away) re: Castles appointment when Cook went "It was very hard to do that job when somebody is stabbing you in the back all the time"
  3. Alex Bolt went ages ago as well never heard of number 9 or 13
  4. Wasn't the rumour he wanted o bring in his own people meaning the demise of...... you've guessed it Castle!!! Basically any manager just needs to say that Castle will stay and he'd get the job
  5. He said 10% of the supporters were quite unpleastant to deal with.... So that's about 20 people, lets list the ones he means. Me Costello Fenton Only 17 to go..... That John bloke who questioned Castle last time 16...
  6. I can't see how we can't be the TV game for the next round Only surviving Conf South club v the league leaders....
  7. How dull It may be a local derby but Burton, the home team, are a divison above
  8. The full 4th round draw Northern Section: Stafford Rangers v York City Histon v Halifax Town Cambridge United v Rushden & Diamonds Nuneaton Borough v Altrincham Hinckley United v Kidderminster Harriers Droylsden v Farsley Celtic Barrow v Northwich Victoria Burton Albion v Tamworth Southern Section: Welling United v Grays Athletic Woking v Stevenage Borough Aldershot v Oxford United Salisbury City v Weymouth Hampton & Richmond Borough v Forest Green Rovers Eastbourne Borough v Crawley Town St Albans City or Thurrock v Torquay United Exeter City v Ebbsfleet United Ties to be played 22/23 December
  9. Addlestones would be better, Kopperberg is quite weak and is more pear based. This season requires drinks with higher alcohol content Laz would like some aftershocks
  10. Enfield 1893 being the original Enfield with all that history etc rather than Brimsdown Rovers Tenants, yes?
  11. Originally Posted By: Webbo MFI So.. Have Carlsberg, Export, Ansells Bitter, Tetley, Guinness and maybe Holsten on draught. ! Woooooooh wait a minute webbo] As myself, Laz, Roland and now Zeal due to Vickys arrival are some of your best customers then you must keep the strongbow on tap or better still get in a cloudy cider instead / as well I'd better not find just crap like Magners
  12. Originally Posted By: Rich.m there is a 107 places between the mighty blues and swansea. i hope we are on the box would be very good for us as a club, i always think that stains and kidderminster have a good shout for tv seein as stains are in the same league as us, or even ware becouse they are in the league below us, but if they go for a giant killing then im sure we will get the nod They wouldn't show Staines as they are away or Kiddy as it's two non-league teams
  13. Pains me to say it but your game should be on the box and it'll be a travisty if it isn't
  14. I presume this is the fellow we had last season Left back and a very good one at that
  15. Quite surprised about that, I thought Iron webbo and Borg were almost joined at the hip....
  16. I remember when Windsor & Eton were half decent Probably one of the best teams we played at home in 92/93 just scraping through 2-1 The away game that we won 3-0 was just after the castle fire and I remember the chant "windsor castles buring down poor old windsor"
  17. Awful Good job we didn't have ambition because he wouldn't be helping us get to our desired targets
  18. I suppose Beard has found his level now in the pub league
  19. We regret him joining the club as well Pile of toss he was
  20. I'm afraid had he had stayed because of the 'bad luck' involved in the sendings off then it would merely have just papered over the cracks for another couple of weeks. At this stage in his career he is no Conf South manager, one day he may be and I wish him the best in acheiving that
  21. I hadn't realised you were doing so badly I've been too occupied with us to mock you lot...
  22. Originally Posted By: Duke of York Originally Posted By: Laz There were some suggestions from the terraces last night that our current manager should reconsider his position. It wasn't just the Manager who was being asked to consider his position was it? I clearly heard others from the club being singled out! Yeah.... GIBSON OUT!!!!
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