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  1. Well done tonite Towners. .. Keeps it interesting at the top. As a reward, you can boost your goal difference against Grays on Saturday, assuming they can get a side out !!!!
  2. Grays not necessarily out of the equation Andy. ... If the old bill made the statement alone, and you eventually got deducted 3 points, Grays would then also be ahead of you. ... If they were a dodgy bunch, they could appeal saying "the old bill might have waived any appeal but we didn't, and should have taken part in the play offs as the next highest placed club".
  3. You know this whole situation could be resolved quite simply by two of your fellow Ryman League clubs, namely Met Police and Grays getting together. They could jointly issue a statement today along the lines of "We consider that Enfield deserve to be taking part in the play offs. We are prepared to stand aside and for the play offs to take place based on current league standings, We will not consider making any subsequent appeal should any points adjustment be made". That would be the decent thing to do IMHO, but can't really see it happening.
  4. Looking at your predicament from the outside, and bearing in mind that precedent says the game will not be replayed, or the points awarded to Hendon and you get deducted three points, may I humbly suggest the following.... Firstly, get behind the team and make sure you win today. Then see what happens in the play offs... If you don't win and qualify for the Conference South, the loss of three points won't be particularly crucial. If you should win the play offs, then it becomes worth fighting the decision all the way to the high court. I did hope that when Purf..sorry Thurrock had a similar problem a couple of years back, the FA would have sorted their system out by now. All the best.
  5. There were a number of Rocks supporters at the game on Saturday who heard some of the spiteful comments made towards Lewis, which fell well outside the boundaries of acceptability. Whilst banter is part of what makes non-league football so enjoyable, those personal and vitrious remarks could in no way be described as banter. It is hardly surprising that Lewis has responded. The difference is that offensive shouts from behind the safety of a pitch surround barrier cannot be copied and pasted, whereas comments on social media can, and be recorded for posteritory. Whatever happened when Lewis left the Urchins, I am sure you will all agree that he contributed greatly to the entertainment value during his time at Bridge Avenue. He is most certainly a "one off" player as far as the non-league scene is concerned, and is really enjoying his football with us. Our two clubs have always enjoyed a close relationship. Long may it continue. May I humbly suggest that we draw a line through this, and look forward to an enjoyable game tonight. (And we've still got two more meetings to look forward to before the end of the year)
  6. Sorry to see George go, whatever the circumstances, (and there's plenty of gossip flying about). As an East Thurrock supporter, and a long time follower of non league football, may I wish him well on behalf of all at Rookery Hill. George's record in non league football speaks for itself, and he certainly lifted ETFC out of the mire last season, you must all agree. Just don't hold a moments indiscression against him. All the best George.
  7. ProgEd, you are a knowledgeable chap. ... Why would the league keep setting deadlines for themselves which they seem unable to meet ?
  8. I feel sorry for the loyal hardcore of Margate fans who will be turning up to watch a bunch of mercenarys who have no loyalty to the town, club or supporters whatsoever, while all this dosh could (probably should) be spent on getting the ground into shape first. Training in South London, what's that all about ???? ... Don't look like there's going to be much scope for any younger players coming through your youth set up (assuming you have one). .. Great encouragement for local talent eh ??? No you're welcome to walk away with the league title, while the rest of us battle it out for the also ran places. .. Please don't talk about jealousy. .. I don't think you will find many supporters of Ryman Premier sides who would want to be in your shoes. .. Thought Margate FC would have learnt their lesson after what has happened in the past, but no... Another period of boom and bust on the horizon methinks. Enjoy it while it lasts boys,
  9. New Lodger. To name just six teenagers who have been involved in the Rocks first team to a greater or lesser extent this season, and will go on to become established senior players .... David Hughes, Tom Anderson, Connor Witherspoon, Mitch Gilbey, Joe Paxman and Jason Ngando. Cheers mate.
  10. Well done on staying up Enfield Town, good club and a great bunch of fans. Look forward to meeting you all again next season. Just as well yourselves and my Rocks both won on Saturday to ensure our premier survival. Over at Wingate, Billericay Town were doing their best to spoil our party, just going through the motions with only two subs on the bench (one of them was injured and could not have played anyway) Heres to 2014-15. Enjoy your Hols !!!
  11. Sorry, but I think you are missing a serious point here. As a follower of local Non-League football, and East Thurrock United in particular, I consider the "blase" attitute with which Billericay Town approached the Leyton Wingate game on Saturday borders on being insulting towards the Ryman League, and particularly the clubs involved in the relegation battle, which went down to the wire. For a club with such a solid youth section to go into any Ryman League game with only two substitutes is inexcuseable. How must those youngsters be feeling at being "cold shouldered" in such a way ? Not just that, but the general "so what, it's the last game of the season" attitude from many of your players left a bad taste in the mouth. Despite already being relegated, Cray Wanderers fielded their strongest side against Enfield Town, and battled all the way before going down 2-1, while Bognor Regis were fully committed in their game at Rookery Hill despite having played a Sussex Senior Cup semi final on Thursday evening. Fortunately, Billericay Towns attitude and performance at Wingate did not affect the relegation position at the end of the day, but I imagine this might have had much more serious implications if Saturdays display had resulted in Wingate staying up. Before you all go into one, just take a step back and imagine how you would have felt if it had been your club involved in the relegation scrap.
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