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  1. Ian_W

    30-March 11 - Happy Birthday Ding :)

  2. Ian_W

    30-March 10 - Happy Birthday Ding :)

  3. First Home League match of season I'll miss. Read the programme, and according to BBC team is 01 Cronin 07 Slatter 02 Hawkins 12 Pooley 03 Opinel 08 Long 14 Barrett 23 Hand 17 Purcell 09 Gash 18 Moore Substitutes 30 French, 11 Stone, 15 Ricketts, 20 Ibe, 26 Murray Hawkins for Charles and Murray for Shakes
  4. Conceeded one goal, a penalty but had little else to do yesterday http://croydonathletic.net/web/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=396&Itemid=113
  5. Steve Evans not a happy bunny, but to quote Barry Davies "Frankly who cares" Loved the way Liam just shook his head
  6. Dario Gradi back in charge at Crewe http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/crewe_alexandra/7736343.stm
  7. A few pictures here http://www.dingspages.me.uk/crewe.html
  8. We was robbed! We played some of the best football I've seen for a while. From on board one of the supporters coaches.
  9. Postman delivered my copy 15 minutes ago. Looks good
  10. John Akinde plays 30+ minutes in Bristol City's 4-1 defeat at home to Reading
  11. Originally Posted By: Special K Any idea if it was deserved or if it was yet another reffing f**k up? Liam didn't seem too impressed with the decision when interviewed by Lord Chas. He said words to the effect of he's not sure it was even a yellow. He also wasn't impressed that straight after the Ref blew for full time. Sounds like we started playing better too late in the second half. Be interesting to hear what those who went thought.
  12. Rob Haworth scores for Dartford as AFC Hornchurch throw away a 0-3 half time lead, to draw 3-3
  13. Originally Posted By: Digitalis What did people think of the food by the way? Feedback would be appreciated in case we need to change things. Not much Cheese on cheeseburger was a meager sprinkling of grated cheese and not a cheese slice. Had to wait for more chips to come out of fryer, but by time I'd walked back to Harry for 50/50 ticket and then to seat in Plough end, Chips were stone cold! Probably just my luck, but a box with a lid might have helped. Also lid for coffee would have been nice.
  14. Originally Posted By: jc Lee Gledhill now at Folkestone. Not anymore he's returned to Met Police, Craig Wilkins gone to Ashford Town & Charlie Mitten believed to be talking to Thamesmead Town http://www.folkestoneinvicta.co.uk/news_261008.htm
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