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  1. As we edge towards normality and we hope to sometime soon hear of a potential season start date, what is everyone's opinions of what clubs should and shouldn't be doing at the moment? Some clubs are well into their training and announcing players commitments (for what they are worth) whilst others are holding fire until we have an idea on when we will be starting. With players these days having their heads turned so easily, are clubs missing a trick by holding off their pre-season plans?
  2. Does anyone know how long it takes for the table to be updated reflecting the withdrawal of Wodson Park? Some clubs have 6 points from them already so it will have a significant impact on the table in terms of points and games played. A shame they have folded and I wonder whether any clubs will take up the pitch and facilities?
  3. The money flying around at this stage of the season is ridiculous, never known it like this. Potton seem to be offering money to every player in Bedfordshire good or bad. Baldock could be one to watch with some of the signings they have already made, as well as London Colney! Div 1 is always hard to say as every year one or two teams get a budget and blow the other teams away, Winslow will be up there again but it is always pretty tight in and around the top 6. Stotfold could be good with the new ground and Luke Gregson in charge from Baldock last season, knows some good players. Could be another good season.
  4. They won the game and should keep the points, some administrative error should be dealt with by means of a fine, not punishment to the lads competing in a league. There are far too many rules and regulations for this level of football. The whole transfer nonsense is another joke, all the can's and cant's just stop or hold up individuals playing football, isn't that what it's all about? "Jobs worth's" and "high horses" springs to mind.
  5. Think they were the only team to win 5 out of 5 in Div 1 during August! Don't think they will win it in September though. It's looking like a strong division again.
  6. https://youtu.be/piRlqlhHbnM Wasn't there but the highlights from this game certainly didn't reflect the number of cautions and sending offs?
  7. This is an absolute joke and makes a complete mockery of all the clubs doing their best to get their grounds up to scratch so promotion is an option. Just jump around from ground to ground, whatever is available. More fixture adjustments too which I am sure will be welcomed by the clubs involved!!
  8. Interesting to see who has popped up on the Codicote team sheet, especially considering they denied all knowledge on social media recently! Didn't seem to help them Saturday. Expected him to re-appear at some stage, just not for Codicote!
  9. People sometimes under estimate the strength of Div 1 I think, last season Biggleswade FC were exceptional and just 7/8 points away from spending another year in the league! There will be a lot of strong sides this season but pretty sure London Lions won't be walking it! They were playing County League last season, it is a fair step! That said, the fixtures have been fairly kind to them early on!
  10. Is a bit of a joke really but can't be helped when a team pulls out at this stage. Be interesting to see how St Neots Res do in Div 1 it could be quite a challenge for them as they didn't do too well in Div 2 last season. But they have amazing facilities so sure they can attract some decent players, if they haven't already signed elsewhere at this stage of pre-season!
  11. Prem fixtures are out.....let the moaning and whinging begin!! Karen, as you seem to be ahead of schedule, will Div 1 be today or still tomorrow?
  12. The problem with Biggleswade is they rely on their coaching ability and don't bring in experienced players which personally I think you need to do well in the Prem. Also they require players to train 2-3 times a week which is a lot for more experienced players, especially when they are not picking up any money and other clubs are paying it out!
  13. If they were relegated due to ground grading, do we know what has been changed to now make them eligible to play in Div 1?
  14. With the Stotfold manager from last season going to Langford, that should/could be a team to watch! Baldock will build again this season on a better pitch so can't see past them, but at this level a few good players can make all the difference so you just never know.
  15. It would seem that way! I bet it fills the current players with confidence knowing the club is introducing trials after just 2-3 games of the season. Maybe it is clever move as some players by now would know whether they are first choice or not at their current clubs?! I may be wrong but do proven players at this level go for trials?
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