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  1. It wasn't just fringe players looking at the team sheet all 9 had over 15 appearances for the first team and 6 have started over 10 games for them. But you are correct, it is poor from the league and with the dev side struggling to get a team together most weeks by the looks of it, of course they will play first team players if they have no fixture. I don't even think County Leagues let this happen. I guess the issue is when the other team has something to play for like Eynesbury United clearly do, a game like this can potentially affect that significantly through no fault of their own, there is over 40 places between the teams.
  2. Only looks like 9 players from the first team squad featured for the development team. Only 42 league positions between them, what are they complaining about?
  3. No it is a different person, Gavin has played at a good level but not the ex pro. Both would be excellent additions to any side in the SSML!
  4. It is crazy how some of these teams have ended up in the FA cup, it seems to be more about who's secretary's were on the ball during lock-down and made the necessary applications.
  5. As we edge towards normality and we hope to sometime soon hear of a potential season start date, what is everyone's opinions of what clubs should and shouldn't be doing at the moment? Some clubs are well into their training and announcing players commitments (for what they are worth) whilst others are holding fire until we have an idea on when we will be starting. With players these days having their heads turned so easily, are clubs missing a trick by holding off their pre-season plans?
  6. The money flying around at this stage of the season is ridiculous, never known it like this. Potton seem to be offering money to every player in Bedfordshire good or bad. Baldock could be one to watch with some of the signings they have already made, as well as London Colney! Div 1 is always hard to say as every year one or two teams get a budget and blow the other teams away, Winslow will be up there again but it is always pretty tight in and around the top 6. Stotfold could be good with the new ground and Luke Gregson in charge from Baldock last season, knows some good players. Could be another good season.
  7. They won the game and should keep the points, some administrative error should be dealt with by means of a fine, not punishment to the lads competing in a league. There are far too many rules and regulations for this level of football. The whole transfer nonsense is another joke, all the can's and cant's just stop or hold up individuals playing football, isn't that what it's all about? "Jobs worth's" and "high horses" springs to mind.
  8. Is a bit of a joke really but can't be helped when a team pulls out at this stage. Be interesting to see how St Neots Res do in Div 1 it could be quite a challenge for them as they didn't do too well in Div 2 last season. But they have amazing facilities so sure they can attract some decent players, if they haven't already signed elsewhere at this stage of pre-season!
  9. Prem fixtures are out.....let the moaning and whinging begin!! Karen, as you seem to be ahead of schedule, will Div 1 be today or still tomorrow?
  10. The problem with Biggleswade is they rely on their coaching ability and don't bring in experienced players which personally I think you need to do well in the Prem. Also they require players to train 2-3 times a week which is a lot for more experienced players, especially when they are not picking up any money and other clubs are paying it out!
  11. If they were relegated due to ground grading, do we know what has been changed to now make them eligible to play in Div 1?
  12. It would seem that way! I bet it fills the current players with confidence knowing the club is introducing trials after just 2-3 games of the season. Maybe it is clever move as some players by now would know whether they are first choice or not at their current clubs?! I may be wrong but do proven players at this level go for trials?
  13. So back to predictions....Prem - Hertford, WGC or Biggleswade United (although they lack a goal scorer as he is now at Biggs FC). Div 1 - Codicote having some great pre-season results, Baldock will be strong again but expect Biggs FC to challenge. Always some surprises in both divisions too!
  14. Always love the way clubs who are afraid of getting tonked put down it is an XI they are putting out. What is that all about? Can understand a Luton Town XI or Stevenage FC XI coming down for a friendly as they will be a mix of first/reserves/under 21's or whatever, but clubs in the SSML?? Isn't a team full of players good enough and not good enough every clubs line up pre-season?? Or should they put it is an XI so no one actually knows whether it is a good result or a bad result? We all know pre-season results should never be taken too seriously but personally if a team named an XI against the club I was involved with in a similar league, I would find it a bit insulting!
  15. Do we know when the first game of the season will be for those not in the FA Cup? I know those in the FA Cup it is 6th August. Assume the first game for those not will be the following Saturday?
  16. Unfortunately it is the way of the world now and the prem is becoming one of them leagues you struggle to win without a reasonable budget. People can exaggerate the amount they have been offered but there must be something worthwhile on the table if clubs are signing all these players this early. I wonder if the clubs can sustain these wage bills come the winter months when people prefer to sit in on a Saturday afternoon watching the box, it wouldn't be the first time clubs offer and pay wages to get players over then a couple of months into the season they dry up!
  17. Lots of early signings taking place. Players are either very committed to their clubs to sign before a pre-season football has been kicked or there is lots of ££ and promise flying about!? I'm sure lots of teams will be "going for promotion" this season but is that enough to sign on the dotted line this early??
  18. Between end of Nov and mid March (all comps) they played 18, won 11, drew 6 and lost 1. That isn't a bad run! The start of the season it was out with old, in with the new I think.
  19. With players following managers around it is almost impossible to predict and at this level and a decent striker can keep a side mid table so it doesn't take a lot to transform a side. Stotfold will be fine if they can keep Ben L'honore. All sounds positive for Hertford but I think Biggleswade United could be a team to watch, complete transformation down there following the introduction of their Director of Football. Their form was pretty impressive second half of the season with a long unbeaten run!
  20. Can someone explain how a reprieve would take place in this instance if clubs in the division below have sufficient facilities to move up a league? I was under the impression clubs who have done well in the division below would be rewarded over those who have finished in relegation positions? Not sure I can agree that a club finishing in a relegation position should have a reprieve because at one stage were very successful, teams should be rewarded based on their current success and in division 1 there are 2/3 teams who deserve promotion (of course subject to ground grading etc). This goes throughout the football pyramid.
  21. Langford played Meady for 45 minutes who then decided not to sign due to other commitments, everyone else has signed who played in pre-season friendlies. How does a manager tell good players they can't play in a pre-season friendly unless they sign first? Of course payers will play and end up going elsewhere it will happen at most clubs. Unfortunately despite having a very good squad, as common when putting a completely new team together they are struggling to find a decent shape/system to play. Last night they came across a very good Bedford side who will certainly be up there and all credit to them. Very early days and a poor start but it is a long season!
  22. He was the only player who played in that game who has not signed for the club. Regarding the local connections, I don't know the answer to what has gone wrong in recent seasons. Every manager has players they can call upon and Phil Childs must have done something right in his previous roles as many have followed. Once a few commit it often mothballs too.
  23. He did feature in a friendly for 45 minutes but is very unlikely to sign. I hope you are right RH, Langford is an excellent club and should be in the prem, but they will certainly not be getting there through paying wages. You might see the odd jug of fosters though, does that count??
  24. As much as Langford would love to have a budget, I can assure you that is 100% incorrect. They have no players who were in Dunstable's league winning team. They will have a very strong side this season and are likely to be challenging for the title, but it is purely through good local connections. With sides like Crawley, Bedford and Baldock etc there will be no one "walking" that division!
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