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  1. I see what has gone on here. We will have to have words with your maths tutor in the coming weeks....
  2. As mentioned at various points above, this crest needs to be well ridden! I may no longer be a local but what I've seen this season has me wanting more, a new membership and season ticket is the start. Lets bring in those new fans and get back some of the older ones like myself to give the club the boost it needs. Direct Debit, PayPal or whatever, I'm just waiting........ As long as it's not done over the phone as I still have no voice whatsoever!! Who knows what 2021/22 could bring? Look what happens when you dream big.
  3. I still don’t have the words, but never mind we have plenty of eloquent wordsmiths on here regardless.. this day will literally be remembered forever. all I can say is simply thank you for every single person who even made this a possibility.... dreamland.
  4. 1) decent. You? 2) you will, I will, yes we will, at multiple venues. 3) is it too chilly to go commando? 4) will a boy ever be born who can swim? 5) drink it all in baby! 6) is there another game on then? 7) I guess you had to be there? ??☹️?? ? get you, checking out the chicks... 9) the swimming pool owner is the big winner here, this would be a huge draw.... 10) if you said I had a beautiful body, I’d take you to specsavers x
  5. Yes please. Happy to pay up front if it assists in any way?
  6. Great shout Treeboy. I know many of us are unable to make the home games and just a few away games each season given our current locations, but a return to bridge avenue for the biggest party the club has ever seen would be a must!!! Up the urchins!!!
  7. I’m ready and waiting to place my order ?
  8. A massive well done you urchins past present, far and wide. we have followed where we can and today was unbelievably emotional. this squad really have some kind of special spirit that somehow personifies the club I know. I just hope I’m lucky enough to get that ticket to Wembley to just be part of the joy of being there. up the urchins!!!! this ones for Tina xxxxxxx
  9. How are the negotiations going on this? Those last few streams were brilliant, here's to many more!!
  10. It looks like they have been given another week after 'encouraging' news! We will have to wait until next monday to find out.......
  11. Lots of rooms already booked. It'd be nice to know what's going in with this....
  12. Just to confirm, is there no badge with this season's membership then? If not, will there be any badges??
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