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  1. It looks like they have been given another week after 'encouraging' news! We will have to wait until next monday to find out.......
  2. Lots of rooms already booked. It'd be nice to know what's going in with this....
  3. Just to confirm, is there no badge with this season's membership then? If not, will there be any badges??
  4. One above the relegation spots will do!!
  5. I think the Urchins will win by a clear 15 goal margin and the crowd of 167 will (mostly) go wild as Tomlinson bags his ninth goal....
  6. I'm more than a little confused by this thread. Are loyalties really being questioned for those (like me) that don't attend every game? I've been (what I'd call) regularly attanding Hornchurch games for 10 years and I'd say there are very few of those faces still around. Things change for everyone. Personally I'd not question the ones that have been lost as they will always have an affiliation with the club, I'd be more inclined to side with those who suggest the club could be doing more to get the fresh faces through the gate... that is all!
  7. 4-0 (Tambo hattrick) att 986 Seeing as you are all talking such bollo.....
  8. A bit of a surprise not to see him (at least) on the bench last night considering the shift the lads put in on saturday. Any news on him?
  9. Are they laying sheets over the centre circle & boxes? It'd make it so much easier to clear..... just drag away!
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