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  1. The FA have just announced the constitution for Steps 5 & 6 in what has been the biggest shake-up in years. The Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Football League has gained a second Step 5 division and a number of clubs have moved leagues. More details Here mainly about Div 1 but with the full constitution.
  2. The club has lost a lot of people and with Scott Savoy leaving in May, I’ll be the ‘last man standing’ from the old Feltham FC committee and due to work commitments, alongside having lived in Dagenham for nearly 10 years, my physical assistance is minimal. I had to give up the match programmes a few months ago but I keep the website and Twitter up to date, as and when I receive information. As I put at the end of my article, Will the last one out please turn off the lights? It’s certainly getting bad 🙄
  3. The draws for the opening two rounds of the Premier Challenge Cup and the 1st Round of the Esoteric Recordings Cup have been made CHERRY RED RECORDS PREMIER CHALLENGE CUP 2020-2021 1ST Round (8 matches) 1. Redhill v Bagshot 2. Sandhurst Town v British Airways 3. Banstead Athletic v Badshot Lea 4. Godalming Town v CB Hounslow United 5. Tooting Bec v Ascot United 6. Abbey Rangers v Cove 7. Frimley Green v Sheerwater 8. Colliers Wood United v Egham 2nd Round (16 matches) 1. Sandhurst Town or British Airways v Raynes Park Vale 2. Westside v Redhill or Bagshot 3. Ash United v Kensington & Ealing Borough 4. Sutton Common Rovers v Spelthorne Sports 5. Farnham Town v Banstead Athletic or Badshot Lea 6. Molesey v Cobham 7. Eversley & California v Hanworth Villa 8. Guildford City v Bedfont & Feltham 9. Fleet Spurs v Jersey Bulls* (Jersey Bulls FC participation in competition is subject to ongoing review) 10. Camberley Town v Abbey Rangers or Cove 11. Walton & Hersham v Southall 12. Epsom & Ewell v AFC Hayes 13. Godalming Town or CB Hounslow United v FC Deportivo Galicia 14. Knaphill v Dorking Wanderers Res 15. Colliers Wood United or Egham Town v Frimley Green or Sheerwater 16. Tooting Bec or Ascot United v Chessington & Hook United ESOTERIC RECORDINGS CHALLENGE CUP 2020-2021 Notes: U23 sides whose 1st Team are not involved in this cup competition were invited to enter this year’s competition Jersey Bulls requested and have been given approval not to play in the competition this season 1ST Round (10 matches) 1. Walton & Hersham v Bagshot 2. Knaphill U23 v Eversley & California 3. Tooting Bec v Farnham Town 4. Molesey U23 v Merstham U23 5. Bedfont & Feltham v AFC Hayes 6. Ash United v Kensington & Ealing Borough 7. Epsom & Ewell v Redhill U23 8. Fleet Spurs v Dorking Wanderers Res 9. Cove v Sutton Common Rovers U23 10. Westside v Sandhurst Town Byes: British Airways, Chessington & Hook United, FC Deportivo Galicia, Godalming Town, Guildford City U23, Lingfield U23
  4. Bedfont & Feltham FC learned today that former Tudor Park FC player Ron Cobb sadly passed away last week. He had been suffering from ill health for quite a while. Ron played for Tudor Park back in the early days alongside names such as Mick Segger, John Benn and Ron Humprhies. We'd like to send our condolences to Ron's family, including his daugher Debbie, with whom I'd been in touch whilst working on the history and 70th anniversary of the formation of Tudor Park FC. More information about Tudor Park FC can be found here.
  5. The FA has further-announced tonight that all grassroots football is “suspended until further notice.” Click here
  6. At the last (Bedfont & Feltham) club Committee meeting, I asked if it would be acceptable to publish an online-only match programme for midweek matches, and the Committee agreed that this would be ok. The reason for this is mainly due to the tight deadline for the programme printing. I have to email the content over for printing by Sunday night / Monday morning and due to work and family commitments, this is getting more and more difficult. I will, of course follow league rules and publish the online programme on a Monday evening for a Tuesday match. There would be no change to Saturday programmes. The Combined Counties Football League has confirmed that this doesn’t breach their rules. I’d like to apologise to programme collectors but I hope you understand my reasoning.
  7. Thanks very much, I hate out of date information! if we had more available people, we might be able to consider taking the printing in-house. I did that 30 years ago when I was the editor at Feltham! As it stands, one of our sponsors office managers prints the pages and they are closed over bank holidays and Christmas. I have lived in Dagenham for the past 10 years and work shifts so make it harder still. It’s just as well we have computers these days!
  8. For completeness, I also produced a small handout for the actual match, with details of the online programme... BFFC v AFC Hayes.pdf
  9. For the record, I’ve had to produce an online-only programme for Bedfont & Feltham for today’s match v AFC Hayes. This is due to bank holiday print deadlines and rather than having a programme printed last Friday without the weekend’s results and latest league table, I have a very up-to-date programme. Click here If we’d been at home on Saturday, I might have done a double issue to cover both matches, but that would have still been out of date by today.
  10. That looks like the copy I printed and sent to my friend in Manchester. I printed it because it contains ‘SideburnBob’ . Chessington & Hook are online only this season 🙂
  11. When Feltham changed their name to Bedfont & Feltham in May 2012, it was too late for season 2012-13 as they’d already entered the FA Vase as Feltham FC so they has to play under that name for one more season. Surely this will be the case for Kensington Borough as all FA competition entries for next season would have already been submitted.
  12. We can't really play a team in our own division but thanks.
  13. Bedfont & Feltham looking for home friendly on Sat 29th. Officials booked, visitors cover fees. Ring Scott on 07539 219924
    1. Tel


      That's my fix for Saturday, a nice local derby in the F A Cup and only ten minuets from home

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