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    Rob Healy reacted to MoleseyMan in 2020/21 Season   
    Is there any point non-league football starting without spectators allowed?
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in 2020/21 Season   
    Firstly the FA produced a series of slides for their presentation which they have said will be emailed out later today. The meeting obviously went into more details than the slides and each league was able to ask a question. Summarising the main points:
    THIS SUMMER Even if a league at a higher step has a vacancy caused by a club folding or requesting voluntary relegation, NO Promotion will occur and that league will run short. The FA will look at applications to enter the pyramid to fill a vacancy (AFC Bury and Isle of Mann were only ones mentioned). FUNDING The FA National Game have had a 38% cut in funding. This will impact all NLS leagues who will no longer receive FA Development funding, but they will still receive Administration grants at current level. FA Vase prize money will be reduced by approx 6% COMPETITIONS It is the FA’s ambition still to run the FA Cup & FA Vase in full, BUT that may not be possible and certainly with the FA Cup they are contractually bound to have the FA Cup 3rd Rd on the opening weekend of January, so the dates and numbers of earlier rounds may be affected by that. The non-league final day at Wembley is subject to the FA calendar given that Euro 2020 matches now have to fit into 2021.
    Consideration is being given to do away with Replays in both Cup & Vase to aid fitting in league fixtures. If the season does not start in August then League and County Cups cannot be run in the traditional formats during the league playing season, but possible that new ways could be found to run Cups.
    RESTARTING NLS FOOTBALL The FA stated that NLS will only re-start when the Dept of Media, Culture & Sport (DCMS) gives approval AND subject to any conditions that the DCMS makes. Games cannot re-start at Steps 1 to 7 of the NLS without spectators, AND ALL STEPS ARE TIED TOGETHER on a restart date (eg Step 6 cannot start whilst Step 3 is not allowed and vice versa) Football BELOW Step 7 where no admission is taken may start on a different date and is subject to specific “grass-roots” Govt guidance. The FA are working on various scenarios as to when and how it affects the programme of games, this was explained as: August – A normal season September/October – Full League seasons to be priority with NO League or County Cups November/January – Not possible for a full league season to be played and in this situation either half seasons (play each other once) or splitting divisions in half (probably on geographics) so that in our case we have 4 divisions of 10 rather than 2 of 20 Later than January – Worse case scenario with re-structure and leagues maybe held over again until 2021/22 season.
    Whilst NOT a commitment or guarantee by any means, the FA said the most likely current scenario would be September.
    Pre-Season – The FA stated a pre-season would occur before commencement of matches, but they were not prepared to say what duration in weeks that timeframe would be. End of season – Flexibility to go into May rather than the last weekend of April, but again this would really depend on the starting date of the season. Possible agreement prior to restarting so that if a 2nd spike forced another curtailment of next season, that the leagues could be awarded based on the percentage of games actually played at that time – details to follow.
    CLUBS The FA will require ALL CLUBS to produce and publish a Risk assessment and/or action plans to ensure they are Covid secure. This is specifically for clubs that are neither “elite” nor “grassroots” and will cover such things as: Return to full training / matches Use of facilities including clubhouses, dressing rooms etc Travel The volunteer workforce at each club The FA are currently writing a guidance paper on this and it will follow to clubs in the near future. Ground Grading: The FA have built into the temporary changes to regulations some flexibility regarding ground grading dates, whilst no specific date or rule has been changed, the FA stated that it is “Not the intention to relegate any clubs for work that Covid has meant they have been unable to do.”
    Next FA Leagues meeting on July 14th .
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    Rob Healy reacted to Savagebee in Ron Cobb - Tudor Park (Feltham) FC   
    The father of my fiancee used to play for Tudar Park FC and went to school with Rob Cobb.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in BUDGETS 2020-21 Season   
    I seriously think when a new season is announced, you may see the disappearance of some old and established clubs.
    Everything in amateur non-league football is money orientated these days.  Sad but true !!
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Redhill football club 125th anniversary golf day   
    Subject to COVID19 subsiding ??
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    Rob Healy reacted to Burger! in Fingers crossed for Saturday !   
    With a combination of waterlogged pitches or no game scheduled for Redhill hopefully Lobster fans will get to see the lads play away at Camberley Town this Saturday. Our last game was back on 7th December when we visited Badshot Lea's new facilities and the traveling fans saw a well deserved 4 goals from Mo Diakite in a solid away 1-4 win so lets hope the good form continues into the new year. It was not just the goals that were worth remembering, but the welcome in the boardroom and the very tasty Sausage pasta that went down well! Have been trying to take in games at other clubs but none of my plans worked out as work or jobs at the club got in the way.. then I spotted that Tonbridge Angles were away today to Maidstone united but it was listed as advance ticket sales only....one thing that makes me grind my teeth for non-league games.......so I give up on that only to find out this morning its now cash on the gate,  well I've made other plans for today,  were Maidstone thinking they would get a sell out crowd? who knows.
    Anyhow back CCL, I hope everyones pitches are recovering well and I will be looking to do some pitch slitting and spiking soon as it gets a little firmer to get the machines out. Grass is still just about growing and the turfed goal areas we did in the closed season has worked well and should require just minimal remedial work for next season.  We invested in having the pitch drained a few years ago so exploring what we can do to better cope when we have multiple days of rain, its amazing to see the amount of water the drains remove if you lift the cover!  From the advice I have seen  from drainage firms online is to add sand banding/slitting to link the lateral drains that run across the width of the pitch, anyone had this done by contractors or did the work themselfs?
    Still printing our programmes but its a right pain in the bum when games get called off and I don't like serving up out of date info using the postponed programme, so I have stared to rearrange pages so that date related stuff is in multiples of pages in the centre of the programme so minimal reprinting is done, also I don't do the staples until I know game is on! I would like to expand programme gate sales to inclued an on-line issue as well, we are lucky to have "Senior Lobster" our club historian who for each issue submits a couple of articles plus an excellent quiz as l think his work deserves a wider audience.
    Happy new year to everyone, what ever club you follow lets hope 2020 brings what you hope for. To all the committee members, the folk who man the turnstyles, who flip the bugers, serve in the bar, the ground staff, who edit the programme, the people who turn up mid week you don't get to see who get the jobs done behind the scenes a HUGE thank you for all the hard work you do for your clubs.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in FA Vase 2nd Round Draw (CCL Clubs)   
    I had two bites of the (cherry) FA VASE Saturday saw Bedfont / Feltham beat Colliers Wood and Sunday saw Southall with 10 men go 3-4 down in the 90th only to equalise in the 97th. 4-4 AET
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Two games at the Orchard BEDFONT 12 October   
    .......and a possible skip and jump ?????
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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in Two games at the Orchard BEDFONT 12 October   
    If the Deportivo v Cove fixture next door at BEDFONT Sports could be moved to 17:00 three games in one day
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Two games at the Orchard BEDFONT 12 October   
    A mini hop
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in FA Vase 1st Round Draw (CCL Clubs)   
    Southall v Knaphill or Tunbridge Wells 
    Egham Town v Binfield
    Raynes Park Vale v Horndean 
    Westside v Deal Town
    Bedfont & Feltham v Colliers Wood United
    Sporting Club Thamesmead v Ascot United
    Fisher v Molesey or Greenwich Borough 
    Mile Oak v Redhill 
    Sutton Common Rovers v Snodland Town 
    Westbury United v Badshot Lea
    AFC Hayes v FC Broxbourne Borough
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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in Combined Counties teams that produce a paper programme   
    Rob, your team sheet(plus) as I call it for the AFC HAYES was more than adequate.
    All teams that do e- Programmes could produce this.
    i know it was given away
    Even charge 50p no one would mind. Although there are some grumpy old sods out there.              Cover costs

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    Rob Healy reacted to Burger! in Combined Counties teams that produce a paper programme   
    Redhill print programmes in-house, its very cost effective, the front cover is full glossy  card 180gsm we get for £8 per 100 sheets delivered, 2500 sheets of Canon red label cost £20, 4 sets of cartriges for Epson workforce printer is £12 on ebay.  Its difficlult to cost the ink per 50 copy run but its not two full sets.  We have a folder machine but I prefer to do it myself, it gets crisper folds and I can do the lot and staple in 45 minutes.
    In house means I can update at the last minute on a friday night, so no holiday closures to worry about.
    We have match reporters for 3 teams.  "Senior Lobster" provides an excelent quiz and  two articles that are an entertaining read.
    Biggest isues I have is not recieving info from visiting clubs before our cut off point for printing,  Club History, squad list, management etc, so time is taken hunting on club websites and even then stuffs missing or out of date,  l wish the CCL would make it a requirement for all clubs to have a document on the CCL website for programme editors to use, perhaps there is but I've not seen it!
    Tuesday Night games are a pain finding the time but thankfully this season we don't have many.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Footy Mad in Combined Counties teams that produce a paper programme   
    Good effort ... well done!
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    Rob Healy reacted to Burger! in Combined Counties teams that produce a paper programme   
    This Saturdays FAC programme cover Redhill v Balham.
    All work done in house including glossy cover, minimum of 28 pages, articles and quizes suplied by "Senior Lobster" who always comes up with a wealth of information, we now have PhotoDan on board so never short of action pictures. we have been getting some good reviews from ground hopper blogs and its only a quid.
    ...and new shirts with our new sponsor Belfry Shopping Centre Redhill.

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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in Combined Counties teams that produce a paper programme   
    I took it as being a hard copy, sorry I suggested it was a real programme. Not an
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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in 9th & 10th August Fixtures   
    BA v COVE for me. Programme OAP entrance fee plus a couple of pints £10. 
    Discounted drinks for members, BEDFONT & FELTHAM membership £20 per year, one payment for life for OAP’s. 
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Fixtures 10th-12th August   
    Good luck to all CCL clubs in the FA Cup this weekend.
    Friday 10th August
    F.A. Cup - Extra Preliminary Round
    Ascot United v Camberley Town
    Saturday 11th August
    F.A. Cup - Extra Preliminary Round
    Abbey Rangers v Newhaven
    AFC Hayes v Lydney Town
    Arundel v Chertsey Town
    Beckenham Town v Colliers Wood United
    Broadfields United v Banstead Athletic
    Chatham Town v Walton & Hersham
    Cobham v Sheppey United
    Crowborough Athletic v Hanworth Villa
    East Preston v Balham
    Fareham Town v Frimley Green
    Farnham Town v Binfield
    Guildford City v Petersfield Town
    Horndean v Godalming Town
    Knaphill v Sholing
    Melksham Town v Badshot Lea
    Raynes Park Vale v Lingfield
    Redhill v Horley Town
    Sandhurst Town v Lymington Town
    Spelthorne Sports v Erith Town
    CCL Division 1
    British Airways v Bagshot
    Chessington & Hook Utd v Ash United
    Dorking Wanderes Res v Bedfont & Feltham
    FC Deportivo Galicia v Tooting Bec
    Fleet Spurs v Sheerwater
    Kensington Borough v Cove
    Sunday 12th August
    F.A. Cup - Extra Preliminary Round
    Langney Wanderers v Epsom & Ewell
    Southall v Leverstock Green
    Sutton Common Rovers v CB Hounslow United
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Fixtures 10th-12th August   
    This rain must be a blessing for groundsmen.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Step 7 Jim in Fixtures - Saturday 4th August   
    I’m still not sure if yesterday’s result is real. Bedfont and Feltham 11 (eleven) Bagshot 0. It was a bit flattering, although it could have been worse, had it not been for the woodwork and some good saves by the Bagshot keeper. It was a record score for Bedfont, and a welcome result especially after the last 2 poor seasons.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Step 7 Feeder Leagues 2018/19   
    Not sure about that yet, Rob, though I can find out for you.
    I believe Marc White still has the use of the Westhumble ground.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Footy Mad in Step 7 Feeder Leagues 2018/19   
    Some of those teams wouldn't look out of place in the CCL ..... oh hang on a minute
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    Rob Healy reacted to Rugg1 in Sheerwater FC   
    Sorry to keep on, but this Saturday sees the last ever match to be played at Sheerwaters home of the Recreation Ground. We will be hosting Cove FC for a 3pm kick off, If you wish to make the journey for the last ever visit at Sheerwater then come down, the bar will be open from 12.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in 13th/14th April   
    .... and the weather bodes well for matches this afternoon.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in 12th April   
    Thursday Results
    Premier Division
    Balham 3-0 Farnham Town (10 men) FT
    Banstead Athletic (Penfold 2) 2-0 North Greenford United LKO
    Redhill (Mendy-Mendy HAT TRICK, Kedze) 4-1 AFC Hayes (Jarraz) FT
    Westfield (Watson, OG, Blackmore 2 10 men) 4-1 Knaphill (Taylor) FT
    (Westfield are champions and 100 points)

    Middx FA Charity Cup QF
    Hanworth Villa (Atiase) 1-0 Rayners Lane FT
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