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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in Combined Counties teams that produce a paper programme   
    I took it as being a hard copy, sorry I suggested it was a real programme. Not an
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    Rob Healy reacted to Tel in 9th & 10th August Fixtures   
    BA v COVE for me. Programme OAP entrance fee plus a couple of pints £10. 
    Discounted drinks for members, BEDFONT & FELTHAM membership £20 per year, one payment for life for OAP’s. 
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Fixtures 10th-12th August   
    Good luck to all CCL clubs in the FA Cup this weekend.
    Friday 10th August
    F.A. Cup - Extra Preliminary Round
    Ascot United v Camberley Town
    Saturday 11th August
    F.A. Cup - Extra Preliminary Round
    Abbey Rangers v Newhaven
    AFC Hayes v Lydney Town
    Arundel v Chertsey Town
    Beckenham Town v Colliers Wood United
    Broadfields United v Banstead Athletic
    Chatham Town v Walton & Hersham
    Cobham v Sheppey United
    Crowborough Athletic v Hanworth Villa
    East Preston v Balham
    Fareham Town v Frimley Green
    Farnham Town v Binfield
    Guildford City v Petersfield Town
    Horndean v Godalming Town
    Knaphill v Sholing
    Melksham Town v Badshot Lea
    Raynes Park Vale v Lingfield
    Redhill v Horley Town
    Sandhurst Town v Lymington Town
    Spelthorne Sports v Erith Town
    CCL Division 1
    British Airways v Bagshot
    Chessington & Hook Utd v Ash United
    Dorking Wanderes Res v Bedfont & Feltham
    FC Deportivo Galicia v Tooting Bec
    Fleet Spurs v Sheerwater
    Kensington Borough v Cove
    Sunday 12th August
    F.A. Cup - Extra Preliminary Round
    Langney Wanderers v Epsom & Ewell
    Southall v Leverstock Green
    Sutton Common Rovers v CB Hounslow United
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Fixtures 10th-12th August   
    This rain must be a blessing for groundsmen.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Step 7 Jim in Fixtures - Saturday 4th August   
    I’m still not sure if yesterday’s result is real. Bedfont and Feltham 11 (eleven) Bagshot 0. It was a bit flattering, although it could have been worse, had it not been for the woodwork and some good saves by the Bagshot keeper. It was a record score for Bedfont, and a welcome result especially after the last 2 poor seasons.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Step 7 Feeder Leagues 2018/19   
    Not sure about that yet, Rob, though I can find out for you.
    I believe Marc White still has the use of the Westhumble ground.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Footy Mad in Step 7 Feeder Leagues 2018/19   
    Some of those teams wouldn't look out of place in the CCL ..... oh hang on a minute
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    Rob Healy reacted to Rugg1 in Sheerwater FC   
    Sorry to keep on, but this Saturday sees the last ever match to be played at Sheerwaters home of the Recreation Ground. We will be hosting Cove FC for a 3pm kick off, If you wish to make the journey for the last ever visit at Sheerwater then come down, the bar will be open from 12.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in 13th/14th April   
    .... and the weather bodes well for matches this afternoon.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in 12th April   
    Thursday Results
    Premier Division
    Balham 3-0 Farnham Town (10 men) FT
    Banstead Athletic (Penfold 2) 2-0 North Greenford United LKO
    Redhill (Mendy-Mendy HAT TRICK, Kedze) 4-1 AFC Hayes (Jarraz) FT
    Westfield (Watson, OG, Blackmore 2 10 men) 4-1 Knaphill (Taylor) FT
    (Westfield are champions and 100 points)

    Middx FA Charity Cup QF
    Hanworth Villa (Atiase) 1-0 Rayners Lane FT
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    Rob Healy reacted to Rugg1 in Sheerwater FC   
    As Farleigh have a pretty big fixture pile up, we cant seem to fit in playing Farleigh at Sheerwater between now and the end of the season and of course we have no floodlights. So we have managed to get a 'home' match at Woking FC to be able to play Falriegh under the lights. As Woking will be our temporary home for the next 2 seasons, we thought we would ask if they would allow us to play a 'home' match there this season due to the above reasons, which they have allowed us to do. Its been confirmed by the league and everyone involved, that this match will now be played in the below details:
    @ Woking FC
    Monday 30th April
    Sheerwater v Farleigh 7:45pm
    CCL div 1
    So if youre at a loss Monday 30th April, come down and have a look.
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    Rob Healy got a reaction from Rugg1 in Sheerwater FC   
    That’s good to hear. It would be a shame to lose such a club due to impending changes.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Burger! in Where Would Clubs Be Without Volunteers?   
    Hats off to those who volunteer to help their local clubs, from the essential jobs on match days to important maintenance work that get done during the week but perhaps go under the radar by the clubs fans. Volunteers are what keep our clubs running so its important to "do a bit" if you can, even if its just an hour on match days or enquire about becoming part of the group of volunteers that are the life blood of your club. Its not all hard work, at Kiln Brow we have a Thursday and Saturday maintenance clubs when the lads come down to do their bit but also have a chat and a bit of banter washed done by Tea and cakes. If you don't have the time you can join in in other ways but still make a big effort for your club, perhaps put a can of fuel in your clubs mower, it all helps!
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Step 7 Promotion Applications   
    Definite groundshare changes for 2018/19 – 
    Kingstonian relocating to Corinthian-Casuals 
    British Airways relocating to Bedfont and Feltham 
    Southall relocating to Ashford Town (Middlesex)  !!!!!
    Rumoured new groundshares for 2018/19 – 
    Penn & Tylers Green possibly sharing with Flackwell Heath 
    Kensington Borough possibly sharing with (that well known West London suburb) Leatherhead !!!!!
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    Rob Healy reacted to Krooner in Saturday 24th March   
    Decent Game at Leg O Mutton where Cobham edged out a Bedfont and Feltham team who deserved more on the day.
    A good competitive game of football with a surprisingly large amount of away fans who were worth the entrance fee alone.  And I haven't even got to the away keeper
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Meadowbank, Dorking: 2018.   
    Update as of around mid-day today.
    So now the M.V.D.C. are blaming the contractors.  I seem to remember asking yonks ago if the Council had put a penalty clause on the contractors.  OBVIOUSLY NOT.
    I also heard this week that the over-spend has now increased yet further.
    You couldn't make it up, could you ??
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Meadowbank, Dorking: 2018.   
    I don't think I'd better comment too far, other than just to say this has now become a comedy of errors ! 
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Wednesday 16th game   
    Sorry. We aint Kiln Brow and hardly anyone turns up. But we take enough on what we offer.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Sat 12th August Results   
    NGU 1-1 Wood - always a decent visit. Shaded 1st half, outplayed mostly 2nd half. Report tomorrow.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in Sat 12th August Results   
    AFC Hayes               2-0     Horley Town
                    Balham                  1-3     Spelthorne Sports
                    Banstead Athletic       2-3     Abbey Rangers
                    Bedfont Sports          2-2     Knaphill
                    CB Hounslow             4-2     Epsom & Ewell
                    Chertsey Town           0-1     Guildford City
                    North Greenford United  1-1     Colliers Wood Utd
                    Redhill                 1-2     Godalming Town
                    Sutton Common Rovers    1-3     Camberley Town
                    Walton & Hersham        1-1     Hanworth Villa
                    Westfield               5-0     Farnham Town
                    Division 1
                    AC London               3-2     Frimley Green
                    Badshot Lea             5-2     Ash United
                    Cobham                  3-3     Cove
                    Eversley & California   3-2     FC Deportivo Galicia
                    Farleigh Rovers         3-1     Staines Lammas
                    Fleet Spurs             3-2     Raynes Park Vale
                    Kensington Borough      0-3     Bagshot
                    Sheerwater              2-5     Worcester Park
                    South Park Res          0-5     Chessington & Hook Utd
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in Match officials lists?   
    If you get the weekly league bulletins, the officials and changes are listed there.
    As I no longer have any direct connection with the CoCo, I have cancelled receipt of bulletins.
    Lazaraus would be the man to contact, Burgs.
    However, cup games are a little more awkward.
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    Rob Healy reacted to AlexPeters in Farleigh Rovers FC vs Crystal Palace FC   
    Farleigh Rovers FC proudly host Premeir League Club Crystal Palace FC this Saturday (29th July) at Parsonage Field.
    We would love all supporters of non and league football to come and get behind us (or Palace) and make it a great day!
    3pm kick off
    £5 on the door
    CR6 9EX
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    Rob Healy reacted to Chris Clapham in The CCL pre - season friendlies list.   
    Fleet Spurs were looking last night?
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    Rob Healy reacted to Burger! in 2017/18 Fixtures   
    Sorry, no time for high fives and whooping, have been busy listing our home games and advising the Printers when we are needing Programmes.
    Carry on.
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    Rob Healy reacted to Big J R in when its quiet, Dorking to the rescue!   
    I suppose the title of this thread is the best place to post this, for those of you who don't surf all the forums on here....
    Surprise, surprise.
    I wonder if the delay in the laying of the artificial surface has anything to do with an underground stream ??
    Answers on a surveyors report to........
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