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  1. It does not really matter what their wage bill is. They have lost the income from Southall this season
  2. Southall are ground sharing with Burnham this season and not Hayes & Yeading. Having agreed costs with Hayes & Yeading Southall had to help, chase, and cajole them to get a safety certificate for their ground as they did not appear to be doing anything. As soon as this was obtained Hayes & Yeading promptly asked for a big increase per match. Advice to other teams who wish to ground share. If you are already ground sharing do not tell your existing landlords that you will be leaving until an agreement has been signed with a club who already has a safety certificate. If a club has been trying for nine months or so to get a safety certificate do not start negotiations with them until they do obtain one. Do not trust Hayes & Yeading. They could not even be bothered to sort out an alcohol licence!
  3. It does appear that an agreement has been reached with Amersham as Hayes & Yeading do still not have a safety certificate Would like to know what the minor problem is that H&Y have not sorted out after nine months.
  4. Re Southall (provisional). Is this anything to do with Hayes & Yeading apparently still not having a safety certificate?
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