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  1. The Leas was the first ground I ever went to, back in 1977 (I lived 15 minute walk from the ground). Biggest game I saw was an FA Cup game against Watford, and it was packed!
  2. I can’t see any ban at Step 7 games being enforceable, as most play on park pitches. If another lockdown is put in force, it could decimate clubs at Steps 5 & 6, who are already struggling.
  3. I’ve been going to Rayners Lane on and off for around 30 years, and it’s always been a good setup, but now with the new clubhouse and playing surface, it’s a must visit club!
  4. A well regarded person on Twitter (I won’t say who it is, even though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind), is saying that the FA will be meeting with step 5 and 6 representatives on 19th June, to discuss scenarios for next season (2020/21). It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of this meeting.
  5. With the sad news that Marlow United have resigned from the Hellenic League, due to the lockdown, meaning no bums on seats, hence no revenue; how many more clubs will will have to bite the bullet? I’d like to think the fa would help out somehow, but I’m not holding my breath!
  6. Once again non league has been shafted nuts deep, with no lube! Nothing about the professional league games being called null and void! Those imbecilic clowns at the fa are too scared to say EVERYTHING is called to a halt. Toothless and full of incompetent arses. Rant over!
  7. It’ll probably start in September, and any cup games will be finished on the day (with no replays). It’ll be a logistical nightmare, which the fa will go running around like a headless chicken, when it comes to the lower non league, as usual.
  8. Just read on Twitter, that the season has been called off for all step 5 and 6 leagues. I’ve a feeling this could be contested by some clubs (MY opinion). I can understand the the reason for this, as the fixture congestion, the start of next season, no one knows when this virus will come to an end, etc., is going to be a nightmare. What the next step is, who knows?!?
  9. Are any games being called off in the CCL due this virus thing? I know the Spartan South Midland League have suspended all games for the foreseeable future, as have the Hellenic League. Nothing on social media to let clubs or supporters know what’s going on.
  10. The games at Rayners Lane and St. Panteleimon should be ok, due to them playing on 3G pitches (St. Panteleimon playing at Rectory Park). Although the wind could play a factor. One of these are my option, if the Bedfont & Feltham game is off (I do the gate there).
  11. Thing is, Bagshot are back at The Orchard this Saturday, as they’re playing British Airways who groundshare with Bedfont and Feltham.
  12. I’m still not sure if yesterday’s result is real. Bedfont and Feltham 11 (eleven) Bagshot 0. It was a bit flattering, although it could have been worse, had it not been for the woodwork and some good saves by the Bagshot keeper. It was a record score for Bedfont, and a welcome result especially after the last 2 poor seasons.
  13. I’m doing the gate at Bedfont and Feltham v Bagshot.
  14. Southall will be sharing with Ashford Town (Middlesex), 2018 - 2019 season
  15. Should be a good game, seen both sides win away in the last week - BA beating CB Hounslow reserves Tuesday and Brentham beating Stonewall yesterday. BA could very well be ground sharing at Bedfont and Feltham next season, as Southall are meant to be ground sharing at Ashford Town next season.
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