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  1. I thought they were, just didn’t know if they had extended the deal for next season.
  2. It should be interesting. Just depends on where they’ll be playing their home games. Always good to have new teams to play.
  3. I was at the Aston Clinton v Pitstone and Ivinghoe game, and Pitstone were the better side overall. Any idea what’s happening with the Old Bradwell Utd v Sarratt game? Chatting with someone from Old Bradwell, it’s the 3rd postponement.
  4. I nearly went to this game, but ended up watching Langley v Winslow Utd, which was a belter. A game of two halves; wit Langley going 2-0 up in the first half. Winslow came out after the break, almost a different side, and went 3-2 up until the last 5 minutes when Langley equalised. Langley won the penalty shootout 8-7, with both keepers making a couple of saves from the spot. The referee was pretty good, and allowed the game to flow as much as possible.
  5. I met the bloke last Friday (3rd September) at Burnham FC, while watching Britwell v Frontline in the East Berkshire League Premier Division. He’s one of the nicest blokes you’d ever meet. He’s not big headed, and up for a chat about non league football. He wasn’t filming that game, shame it was a cracking game.
  6. I’m going to watch the Flackwell Heath v Weston Super Mare Game tomorrow night. That’s twice in 7 days, in Cup replays. Well worth a visit, as they still do printed programmes, not a bad effort either, and decent burgers, too.
  7. This is the game I’m off to today. It should be a good game, as both sides play good football. Risborough Rangers is a great club, and I have always seen a good game there.
  8. It wasn’t a bad game up to around the last few minutes, someone said something, and it all kicked off, with handbags being thrown about, and some very unhelpful things being shouted from the crowd, and a referee who didn’t seem to know what to do. I hope this is a very rare incident, as it doesn’t show either side in a good light, especially as there were some young kids there. Sorry, I forgot to say that I was at the Flackwell Heath v Ardley Utd game last night.
  9. The pitch is looking really good, and they have a sprinkler system installed. The clubhouse is essentially the same, but tarted up a bit, and the boardroom is now a new build room on the veranda.
  10. First half I wanted a length of rope and a ladder up one of the lighting pylons; but 2nd half it livened up and Kensington won 2-1, the winner came in the last minute. No programme, £6 to get in. Hanwell’s pitch looked very good, even after their game against Wycombe Wanderers on Friday night.
  11. Today, 7 games kick off the 2021/22 season. I’ve decided to watch one of the new teams to join division 1, Chalvey Sports, who are away at Kensington and Ealing Borough, which is being played at Hanwell Town FC’s Powerday stadium.
  12. First game in Premier North is Reading City v Southall, on Saturday 31st July.
  13. A few games will involve a bit further to travel, such as AFC Aldermaston at Thatcham Town in division 1, and Tadley Calleva in Premier North, but they are easy enough to get to. It’s just a shame that Aldermaston won’t be playing at the Atomic Weapons Establishment in the upcoming season; cracking clubhouse.
  14. IF that’s the league setup for next season, I’d be more than happy.
  15. I’ll be back on gate duty for the upcoming season, along with a good few for British Airways.
  16. In the club statement, it was partly to do with the some of the committee members stepping down, and the club going through a transition period.
  17. Bedfont and Feltham have recently posted on Twitter, that Adam Bessent has stepped down as manager of Bedfont and Feltham, after 6 years at the club. Assistant manager Jake Bessent and physio Andy Nolan have also left the club. On a personal note, I really hope he does well, as he’s a really good person.
  18. Another topic that’s not SSML related, but, just to let others know that Bedfont and Feltham FC chairman, Brian Barry, is stepping down as chairman in February, due to personal reasons. Those of you who’ve met him know what a character he is.
  19. I’ve just read a tweet from Bedfont and Feltham, announcing that Brian Barry, the clubs chairman, is stepping down in February due to personal reasons. Those who’ve met him know he’s a larger than life character. He’s done so much for the club, and local football.
  20. I realise this is isn’t directly SSML related, but, I received a text 10 minutes ago, that Dave Reader, Bedfont Sports chairman has passed away.
  21. Within the last 10 minutes I received a text saying that Dave Reader, the Chairman of Bedfont Sports has passed away. He will leave a huge void in local football.
  22. I can’t see any ban at Step 7 games being enforceable, as most play on park pitches. If another lockdown is put in force, it could decimate clubs at Steps 5 & 6, who are already struggling.
  23. A well regarded person on Twitter (I won’t say who it is, even though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind), is saying that the FA will be meeting with step 5 and 6 representatives on 19th June, to discuss scenarios for next season (2020/21). It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of this meeting.
  24. With the sad news that Marlow United have resigned from the Hellenic League, due to the lockdown, meaning no bums on seats, hence no revenue; how many more clubs will will have to bite the bullet? I’d like to think the fa would help out somehow, but I’m not holding my breath!
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