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  1. Highlights of the Hinton v Sun Sports match https://youtu.be/B1jTXwRGUEA
  2. Sun Sports v Stevenage Borough Community https://youtu.be/JxWKqN65UTE
  3. Derby Day!! Sun Sports v Oxhey Jets Reserves https://youtu.be/Aedncak1I1o Edited highlights https://youtu.be/k3hDOYrtZZY
  4. Bengeo Trinity FC v Sun Sports FC https://youtu.be/MgOPARSvUDo Edited highlights https://youtu.be/PHorg4UGQno
  5. Sun Sports v Kinja SFC https://youtu.be/mbcwZXYvqR4 Edited highlights https://youtu.be/vNQlwyH030g
  6. Herts County League Div One Kinja v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/5N0f0Kjv3_Q
  7. History for all the wrong reasons Leverstock Green v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/nj7NFZNr1Dc If anyone has any legal knowledge and would like to help Sun Sports FC return to where they belong please contact me. We will continue to fight to get back to where we belong and although it will be messy, we will never give up. Maybe next August I will be back on here to show the Sun vids from SSML Division Two!! All at Sun Sports FC thank you for your support in the past few weeks, and we wish you all the very best for the rest of the season.
  8. Hadley v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/_0T0loopUTw edited highlights https://youtu.be/9xNP3yNujKQ
  9. Yep!! I admit I made a mistake with that!! It's the second round we're in, not the quarter finals....wishful thinking!!!!
  10. Biggleswade United v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/VKAwt-vvVGI Edited highlights https://youtu.be/fq6I1QJxlA4 Donde est BUFC committee members???!!! I felt very lonely in there on my own at the end!! And had to pay for my drink...it felt like being at a "home" match!!! Not that we have a home of course, just being "political"!!!!
  11. Good luck to all of the SSML clubs in the FA Cup...wish we were there with you!!!
  12. No one's got rid of us yet!!! London Colney v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/BcM-IF697rc Edited highlights https://youtu.be/2m0rlYACumg Bring the Sun back home
  13. Many thanks RH Nice to be appreciated, but even greater to be still involved in a top club!!
  14. New statement from the Sun http://www.sunsportsfc.co.uk/first-team-match-reports/the-sun-has-risen/
  15. http://www.sunsportsfc.co.uk/first-team-match-reports/sun-sports-fc-statement/
  16. Cockfosters v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/tQLD3j3TZ3s Edited highlights https://youtu.be/mRWTHUkfjZM
  17. Tring Athletic v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/MAuWfSZMxVs Edited highlights https://youtu.be/3thA5l0BY2A Gary Wallace injury https://youtu.be/MrN_pfioul4
  18. Sun Sports v Crawley Green https://youtu.be/6nS7MksSYUQ Edited highlights https://youtu.be/ZR_qyQKyObE
  19. Stotfold v Sun Sports https://youtu.be/zKVdyFLkqYg Edited highlights https://youtu.be/IzPgMSm1gnQ
  20. Berkhamsted v Cockfosters (Home Win) Biggleswade United v Holmer Green (Home Win) Colney Heath v Hoddesdon Town (Draw) Crawley Green v Oxhey Jets (Home Win) Edgware Town v St Margaretsbury (Draw) Hadley v Harpenden Town (Away Win) London Colney v Leverstock Green (Home Win) London Tigers v Leighton Town (Away Win) Stotfold v Sun Sports (Away Win) Not being biased at all!!!! Tring Athletic v Welwyn Garden City (Draw) Wembley v Biggleswade FC (Home Win)
  21. Louis Bircham has joined Sun Sports as well as Dan Webb. Both played last night against Holmer Green.
  22. We at Sun Sports wish Berkhamsted, Hertford Town, FC Broxbourne Boro, Edgware Town and AFC Dunstable all the very best for your FA Vase fixture this weekend. Hope that you all make it through to the next round!!
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