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  1. But was he on a contract? Which is what the rule is.
  2. Did the Yorkshire League do background checks?
  3. Not often you see 4 stone wallers given.....you see stone wallers every week get waved away. Too many of our lot gave up at 4-1. If we had kept going who knows what could have happened on top of the 2 pennos
  4. The view is entirely my own but they are not as well behaved as you would think. I think referees get swayed by this image they portray. Very uncouth at times at our place earlier in the season. Almost taking it in turns to cleverly trip/foul people so the ref almost can't keep track. They committed about 40 fouls at their place last season and no bookings, same at ours this season and that almost ended in a brawl. Lad at the back giving it loads after the game.
  5. Swings and roundabouts for us at Grendon. They beat us 5-4 at home and we will benefit from teams around us losing points. We do however now miss out on a trip to Clarence Park.
  6. Hale Leys didnt look very different at all to last season, different keeper but largely the same. An Ath sub said Hale Leys had been most unlucky and had lots of chances. Kingy was immense for the Ath. (4 goals)
  7. Larry is a decent appointment, he is a hard working guy with a sound footballing knowledge, he has been around the local football scene for a while. I would love him on the management team at Grendon Rangers.
  8. Remember when Padbury had a South Mids team. Those were the days.
  9. You dont have to tell me mate. It would take at least a season or two to get even the pitch right.
  10. Further to this. I've heard that Clean Slate have also discussed with the University of Buckingham about developing the Ford Meadow Ground (Buckingham Town FC) and playing there.
  11. They should have known that by getting rid of Bicknell the rest would go. They came as one and have been one for years.
  12. Yeah its come on an email from SSML. Emergency meeting.
  13. Division 2 is a whole new kettle of fish with 6 new sides.
  14. http://sportsshots.org.uk/?p=13771 Buckingham Athletic announce departure of Damien Wiffin. Also stated they are not searching out side of the club for a replacement.
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