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  1. Worst standard this league has been for many a season.....
  2. That is a shame.Enjoyed the bar - and the results! - the couple of times i visited there.
  3. New signing for Ramsgate
  4. Lets Rock on......its all about the Bass
  5. I think thats a red Herring.....he will stay and fall on his swordfish
  6. If he gets caught again would they make him a Ward of the State?
  7. I admit, it does sound fishy.
  8. Why have a dig? The bloke might be a knob on the football scene, but like everyone else he is just trying to make a living whilst wrapped in red tape.
  9. Now you have gone and upset him.....the bloke thrives on worrying
  10. God help you if they are worse than the lot that played Saturday................
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