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  1. To answer Littlehampton's question (are we the whole package?), I'd say yes - for as long as we keep these clean sheets going .....
  2. I’m with Barney on this one. Everybody is entitled to their views but there is a notable difference on here after a poor performance. Quick to criticise, slow to praise. We’ve had our best start to a season for a long time and we have a strong looking squad who, as Father Jack has pointed out, are showing real grit and determination when our backs are against the wall. All positive. Look at our bench the other night!! I think the manager has done well considering what he’s had to handle. First the Quinton mass exodus, most recently a global pandemic - bet they weren’t on his CV before joi
  3. I'll be surprised if Bricknell is fit in time for Tuesday night's replay. I would have thought he needs a least a couple more weeks. Though when he is fit, he will in my opinion make a better partner up front for Mo Faal than Cunnington. Picking a starting 2 from those 3 is a nice problem to have .....
  4. Completely agree 4WF, watching those highlights is about as good a pickmeup as you can ask for!! Superb game , wish I could have been there. Very impressed with the quality of the video production, well done to whoever is doing them (Ram’s son, I think?)
  5. For those who missed the game, there is a comprehensive match report on the ETFC website: Report Late Drama in Thrilling Derby Win A late Lewis Taaffe goal against a strong Haringey side saw Town claim victory in a thrilling North London derby writes Charlie Baker. With both sides looking to bounce back from defeat at the weekend, there was a cracking atmosphere from both sets of fans which was quickly translated onto the pitch. The visitors started the brighter, with full backs David Olufemi and former Towner Bobson Bawling causing some early problems for our defence. Our
  6. Great result to wake up to! 4 wins, a draw and a loss from our first 6 games, 5 of those 6 teams in the top half of the league, and another clean sheet! We'd all have happily settled for that at the start of the season! Roll on the the next round of the Cup 😀 Can somebody who saw last night's match give those of us who couldn't attend a rundown please?!
  7. I wasn't at the Carshalton or Lewes games but looking purely at the highlights on YouTube, it seems to me that 3 of the 4 goals we scored against Carshalton were down to their sloppy defending, and 3 of the 4 goals we conceded against Lewes were down to our sloppy defending (the free kick Lewes scored you just have to stand back and applaud, it was a terrific goal). Just goes to show that it is all about the defence. The meanest defence in the league usually wins that league. We defended well against both Brightlingsea and Cheshunt (games I did get to see) and I hope we do the same agains
  8. I doubt it would have been a record crowd. Enfield (1893) FC don't play in Enfield, so I'm not sure how many fans they have (or would have brought). No complaints with being drawn at home to a Step 5 team though, long may that continue. Good luck to the Towners against Hadley!
  9. I echo nearly all of the points in Raingod’s post. All I add is I thought big Jerry had an outstanding game at the back - he was my man of the match. He won pretty much everything in the air and I can recall only 1 dicey moment with the ball at his feet during the first half, which he recovered from well. His positioning was excellent all game. Pace isn’t his strength but the rest of the defence do have pace so if they play as a unit, which is exactly what they did against Cheshunt, we will continue to be difficult to score against. The central pairing of Gyebi and Bray look a good combination
  10. Decent game yesterday. I tried to put names to the 4 or so new players but struggled (I miss having the team sheet pinned on the wall by what used to be the club shop). I thought our new left back looked useful both defending and going forward. Percy deservedly man of the match, he had a fine game. Mo looked threatening each time he attacked the goal and will be disappointed that he didn’t get on the score sheet. He had 3 good chances in the second half and would have expected to put at least one of them away. The Brightlingsea keeper will be disappointed to have let Percy’s shot squeeze in ju
  11. I remember the Chairman talking during the forum last month about a potential new sponsor - didn't expect it to be the WWE!!!! The extra sponsorship income will certainly help and the publicity it will generate should really lift the club's profile. Well done to all involved for getting this over the line 👏👏
  12. What a start to the season! Not often we take anything away from Carshalton …..
  13. So current squad is (per website): Goalkeeper Adi Connolly, defenders Ryan Kirwan and Josh Urquhart and forwards Larry Asare and Ebrima Sawaneh have also signed on the dotted line. These are in addition to Nathan McDonald, Rian Bray, Lee Chappell, Jerry Gyebi, Harold Joseph, Manny Maja, Sam Youngs, Percy Kiangebeni, Scott Thomas, Lewis Taffe, Adam Cunnington and Neville Nzembela. On paper, looks heavy on forwards (especially if Bricknell does make himself available) and light on midfielders.
  14. Mo Faal!! Great if he can commit for the season and get his confidence back, good move for both him and the club. Let’s hope it works out!
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