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  1. Benjrider10

    35 years of Enfield football

    Well this post got me thinking. My first game at Southbury Road was the 1977-78 season, a two-nil win over Tooting & Mitcham (I think). I remember Bruce the dog! How time passes ..... now Greg Heald's son is on the ETFC subs bench 🙂. Fingers crossed he breaks into the first team (cue mass reminiscing )
  2. Benjrider10

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Great news to wake up to! Can't wait for the final - I'll be there!!
  3. Benjrider10

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    Great to see a green box on the website!! (too many red boxes lately) ..... I'm still comfortable that we have a good squad (good = challenging for play-offs). Didn't get the results over the last few games but our form was going to turn around at some point and I'm delighted it was last night. The players should regain confidence from that result, let's hope it's the start of a winning run.
  4. Benjrider10

    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    Completely agree. I've questioned for some time whether the views on this forum are representative of the supporter base and don't think they are. Like TJF says, too quick to criticise, too slow to praise. I don't get to many games but saw 2 last time I was home. The first was the drab 0-0 against Brightlingsea which certainly didn't set the world alight (though we should have nicked a win right at the end). The second was the away win at Tonbridge which was one of the best games I have seen for a long time. We played extremely well and looked every inch a play-off contender, if not better. That was only a month ago and now the knives are out!!!! Give me a break. It's essentially the same team!! Us supporters are a fickle lot. I agree with people saying we are not playing to Bricknell's strengths when he is up front on his own. I prefer to see 2 up front (home and away). But it looks to me like the manager has tried 2 up front the last 2 games and we still lost. And he still gets criticised!! 😅 I think it's simpler. We had the run of the ball in the first couple of months. First game of the season we could easily have lost. The 2-2 draw at Lewes which kept momentum going and confidence high - could easily have lost that one too. Haringey at home - Kirby hit the bar for them in the last minute so could have lost that one as well. The Hayes & Yeading defeat didn't disappoint me - we put out a young team. But since the Trophy loss at Basingstoke, we've not had the run of the ball. 9 times out of 10 Johnson's back pass would have gone to our right back. It didn't, their forward took his chance and we've been like a deflated balloon ever since. Confidence has evaporated. But the playing squad is pretty much unchanged. Brandon Adams going to Ware is disappointing but don't blame the manager. The club received a 7 day approach and the player decided to go to get regular playing time. Why is that the manager's fault? The player chose to drop a league. The manager didn't show him the door. Quite the opposite, I suspect, but it was the player's choice. I enjoy reading the posts. Quite often I completely disagree with people's opinions but's that's the whole point of a forum. Air your opinion. We have a good squad, they just need a win to get some self-belief back. We've got a tough looking December but the players need to look at how they played at Tonbridge to remind themselves they are good. We'll get out of this slump.
  5. Benjrider10

    Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town

    What a fantastic advertisement for non league football! First away match I have been to on the supporters (and players) coach for many a year - brought back happy memories of journeys all over the country watching the old EFC. Hadn't been to Tonbridge's ground before - very impressive. First class playing surface that allowed both teams to play skilful, probing, attacking football. Town starting line-up was strong. We have an excellent midfield and I thought giving Sam Youngs license to push forward to support Bricknell worked well. Not easy being the lone forward away from home but Bricknell worked hard off the ball, often tying up 2 Tonbridge centre-backs and creating space for late arriving midfielders like Youngs, Blackman and Johnson. He (Bricknell) makes clever runs and when Youngs and Blackman in particular start seeing those runs earlier, he's going to get on the end of plenty of chances away from home. Our back 4 looked very solid and defended so well as a unit. First half both sides were well matched with not too many clear cut chances. Both keepers making good saves when called upon. The build up to Blackman's goal was one of several excellent spells of possession for the Town, and the goal was struck beautifully. I was standing at the side so only realised we had scored when the net bulged. The travelling ETFC fans standing behind the goal must have had a great view of the half volley flying into the net! Terrific support by the way - completely out sang the home crowd from start to finish and must have been a great fillip for the players. Second half I thought we played even better. Managed the game extremely well after Taofiq's bullet of a header and should have made the game completely safe by taking at least 1 of the clear cut chances we created, especially in the last few minutes after Tonbridge scored. If we can transfer the quality of that performance to our home games, we are definitely play off contenders if not up there challenging for the title. Due to work commitments I won't get to another game until March but hope we are right up there when I'm next back.
  6. Does anybody know if Back of the Net is still being produced? I haven't seen anything for a few weeks. Shame if they have stopped - I always looked forward to seeing the highlights and hearing the views of the pundits. I'm sure there's a market for a non league Match of the Day.
  7. Benjrider10

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    With Greene, Bricknell and Blackman not even in the squad for last night's game (presumably injured or unavailable), I can't recall such strength in depth. We seem to be spoilt for choice going forward, but do we have that squad depth in defence and midfield, when injuries and suspensions come into play? The right mix of youth and experience to get us 3 points away from home in those mid-week matches in December/January on ploughed fields that sort the wheat from the chaff? Very promising start to the season - looking forward to reading what people think.
  8. Benjrider10

    Folkestone away

    Fantastic start to the season!! The sign of a strong squad is the strength on the bench and that was an impressive looking bench. Won’t be back in country for over a week but just can’t wait to be able to get to a game and watch this team play. Looks full of goals to me.
  9. Benjrider10

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    I think it's key we get Sam Youngs to sign. With his signature, we have a very good squad. Fingers crossed he stays with us.
  10. Benjrider10

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    Proven goal scorer - delighted that he has joined the Town!! A statement of intent. We have a good squad. Wondering what the “goals scored to tattoos” ratio is?! 10 to 1?! I also like the manager’s footwear - he looks like he’s lost some weight ahead of pre-season training - good for him!!
  11. Benjrider10

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    Squad shaping up very nicely. Hope Sam Youngs, Dernell Wynter and Tyler also decide to stay, plus Ryan Blake who I am convinced will score regularly if he gets enough playing time. I like the balance and the average age. Genuine pace too.
  12. Benjrider10

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    I’m on a plane tomorrow. Hope to read some good news by the time I get home!!
  13. Benjrider10

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    Taofiq choosing to sign for us is an extremely encouraging start. Good player who could have gone elsewhere. Let's see who signs on again from last season's squad. I have a good feeling about the coming season. The manager knows what areas he needs to improve, is already doing it and has the full support of the board. I sense momentum in this squad. Hope the good news keeps coming!!
  14. Benjrider10

    New staff?

    Noto was an intelligent player with vision and I am sure he will be a good coach with fresh ideas, wanting to help players improve. I didn't know he already has coaching experience/qualifications. Perfect start to the next stage of his career and a sensible appointment. I only saw Sreve Wales play one game and I think it was when he picked up an injury making a goal-saving tackle. Even in that solitary game I saw him play, I remember being impressed by his commitment. Again, to my mind another sensible appointment which brings fresh blood and purpose to the management team. Looking ahead to next season already, but need to keep reminding myself to be patient! The trouble with life these days is that, with social media, we all expect instant news/updates. I'm already wondering who is going to sign, re-sign, any new players etc? Then I kick myself - this season's only just finished! The officials, management and players are all part time and have normal lives to lead. Come end July I'm hoping to see some news on what next season's squad is shaping up to be. I know who I'd like to stay but will keep that to myself. Players come and go at this level but I do hope we don't have the level of change as 2017-2018 pre-season.
  15. Benjrider10

    Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town

    As I monitor from afar, what strikes me is that for the last 8 weeks or so, whatever starting eleven I see either on the website Twitter feed or on this forum, I think to myself "that's not a bad side". Same goes for the bench. Our midfield has been strong most of the season. Blackman, Youngs and now Matt Johnson are a good combination. I hope we can keep Noto too - he's a good player. We've got a good choice of forwards who have different games. Wynter, Blake, Greene and Tyler Campbell are all fast and tricky. Wadkins and Thomas make a nuisance of themselves in the air and provide a different kind of threat. Hope can nick a goal against a tiring defence and has a great footballing brain. No matter the combination, it just took them all (maybe except Wynter) too long to find, then keep wearing, their scoring boots. The defence could be strengthened. I like Bihmoutine and Parcell on the left and right respectively, but we concede too many in the middle. Can Kirby get himself match fit and challenge regularly for a starting position? Purse must be close to hanging up his boots and concentrating full time on coaching/managing. We'll see what happens. I just hope we have a relatively calm off season. It can't be as tumultuous as last season (surely!), not unless the manager decides he wants something different. He tends to stay at one club for a number of years and that, as far as I am concerned, is a good thing. We need continuity and stability, especially as the squad seems to have gelled. And our contribution, as supporters, is vital. We are a supporters-owned club and have to help as much as we can, financially or otherwise. Who knows - maybe that extra tenner a month will make all the difference!