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  1. Great to listen to the commentary (which is getting better match by match)! Sounds like a goal that deserved to win a scrappy match ….. also interested to see a clip of the foul the Hastings GK committed on Hercules because it sounds pretty horrific 😡
  2. Listened to the commentary first half and it was clear how flat the performance was. We’re missing the drive and enthusiasm that players like Percy K brought last season. Conceding so many goals so regularly - something needs to change on the playing side. The manager has his critics (plenty of them) but deserves credit for fronting up in post-match interviews - plenty wouldn’t. Supporters aren’t known for their patience but that’s what is needed now.
  3. Another good result, momentum building nicely! And a decent crowd for a mid-week match which is good to see. Just listened to the Manager’s thoughts on the game on Twitter. Being able to attend only a few games a season, I find these interviews a really helpful way of keeping in touch with what is going on. I’ve heard similar updates from other club managers and consider that Andy Leese comes across very well compared to his peers. His thoughts are always clear and concise and I am sure this is replicated in the dressing room and on the training ground. Keep up the good work!!
  4. Cracking result!! Seems to me that the manager knew we were light up front (especially with Cass carrying a knock) so he has strengthened. Can’t argue with 5 goals away from home, more of the same please!! Was home for 2 weeks but timing proved to be poor as both Saturday matches I wanted to attend were off, and a prior commitment meant I missed the Canvey match too (sounds like I didn’t miss much). So no live football for me until Xmas. Hopefully we will have consolidated our play-off position by then.
  5. My sons went to the Bowers match yesterday. Feedback I received is that it was a comfortable win, defence was solid, Bowers pretty poor, and we should have scored more than the 2 goals. I'm glad the manager started Bilal Sayoud yesterday, I think he is a very skilful player who offers something different going forward. Also has a really good shot from distance. The Potters Bar match away tomorrow will be a good test. 2 games in 3 days is tough so I expect to see some changes in the starting line-up. I'll finally get to a game myself on 10 Sep, looking forward to seeing the various new players, in particular Wylie.
  6. Can’t comment on the game as I am abroad but I think this is going to be a point gained rather than 2 lost. Decent looking starting line-up, looking forward to seeing feedback from those who could get to the game. Hornchurch lost away so Tuesday night is going to be a good gauge. I think Folkestone and Hornchurch will finish top 6 so if we can get a result on Tuesday, that’s a decent start to the season.
  7. It was Cheshunt’s responsibility to verify that whatever the player told them was correct. A 30-second internet search for “Ben Frempah” would have found ETFC’s post announcing his signing. The Cheshunt secretary is in an awkward position. Interesting that CC says there is evidence the Cheshunt manager has been poking fun on-line. I can’t be bothered to look but if this is so, he’s a fool. Can’t respect a manager who posts just a couple of weeks ago that he has released 2 of Cheshunt’s squad from last year because they weren’t committed to the club, only to have no problem poaching a player registered with a different club and completely ignoring the rules. Our (ex) PM has found to his cost that people who say one thing but do another, eventually get caught out.
  8. The whole affair reflects poorly on the player (and on Cheshunt). Frempah is (was) an experienced professional and must be familiar with registration formalities. He knew that he had signed registration forms with ETFC only a few days ago. Incredibly naive if he thought he could play a trial/friendly for another club mere days later and NOT cause a stink. I agree with LS. No way Frempah can be allowed back into the ETFC dressing room now. Andy signed him because he thought he would fit well with the team and set a good example. Sadly, the player’s actions speak for themselves. Cheshunt’s conduct is equally unbecoming. Somebody at Cheshunt FC approached Frempah to play. The question is whether that “somebody” knew that Frempah was registered with ETFC. I await with interest the result of the FA’s investigation. But to some extent that investigation is irrelevant. The player’s conduct demonstrates an utter lack of commitment or loyalty and Craig Edwards has already made his feelings on that plain: https://cheshuntfc.com/2022/07/05/news-from-manager-craig-edwards/ I’d be pretty disappointed if I was a Cheshunt fan, to see Frempah in their team going forward. He’s done it to us, who’s to say he won’t do it to them? I quite enjoy Albury Walker’s banter on this forum, it’s exactly what a local club rivalry should be. But this isn’t oneupmanship, this is conduct unbecoming. I hope Cheshunt do the right thing, send Frempah packing and clear the air with our manager and board. Their post about ETFC’s non-participation in this weekend’s Community Cup tournament was pretty ill-considered too.
  9. Also sounds like there is an outside chance that Mo Faal will still be around. Surprising that nobody from the Conference (or Conference South) has come in for him (yet). Good luck to him, he will be a fantastic addition for whoever he decides to play for (selfishly, I hope it is us) …..
  10. If Cass, Della-Verde and Sayoud do sign on the dotted line (and Andy Leese indicated at the ETFCSS meeting last night that all 3 would), I think the squad is shaping up nicely. Tough start to the season though (Folkestone home, Hornchurch away) and drawing Kingstonian away in the FA Cup preliminary qualifying round will be a stern test. Roll on the season!!
  11. With such a bumper crowd for the play-off semi vs. Hornchurch (call it 2,000), the club must have made a decent amount of money from gate receipts, bar take, club shop sales, food etc. What I hadn't realised until I checked on the Isthmian League website Meeting Your Responsibilities.pdfis that the play-offs are treated as cup games, not league games. This makes a big difference. For league games, the home team keeps the gate receipts (minus all matchday expenses). For cup games, the gate receipts are split 37.5% home team, 37.5% away team and 25% to the league. So my guess of, say, GBP 15k gate receipts would mean ETFC and Hornchurch both getting GBP 5,625 and the league getting GBP 3,750. ETFC would keep all profits from the bar, club shop, food etc. so say another GBP 2k. So ETFC coffers boosted by (my guess) GBP 7k to 8k. Still good, but not as much as I thought. 25% for the league looks high to me, and I think the home team should be rewarded for its performance over the season by getting a higher split than the away team. Thoughts on the split?
  12. Ahead of the semi-final playoff against Hornchurch, I spotted these on the ETFC Facebook page. All three well worth a listen.
  13. Good luck to all involved with ETFC for the play-off semi-final against Hornchurch tonight!! Really hope we make it through to the final …..
  14. Good Sam Youngs got Supporters’ POTY, he’s had a terrific season ????
  15. Can someone post re end of season awards please …..
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