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  1. For anybody interested, I noticed the following post elsewhere on this forum by a contributor called Rhodes. The two links are very informative and shed some light on the red tape. Important to note that the Football Winter Survival Package (first link) was a loan whereas the Government’s 27 January 2021 announcement (second link) is a grant (not a loan). Now I understand the Chairman’s briefing during last week’s AGM better. Hopefully ETFC meets the various criteria for a grant. START Just to re-iterate from another thread that, as from tomorrow (28 January), £10,500 in fun
  2. I’m not privy to the numbers but suspect that we need both gate money and takings from the clubhouse/bar/club shop to cover our costs. Sponsorship (understandably) has dried up. So until fans are allowed back to watch all teams in our league and use the clubhouse/bar, it makes little difference if a club wants to re-start or not. I’m sure we want to re-start - just can’t afford to.
  3. ETFC is no different to any other club at step 3 and lower. Nobody can blame a player for leaving if he is offered a position at a club at step 2 or above, who is playing. All clubs step 3 and lower will be in re-build mode once we re-start (which I don't see being before July). For us, as a supporters' owned and run club, the equation is very simple. If we lose our supporter base, we lose our club. I am NOT concerned that we will lose our supporter base. I think our supporter base is one of the most loyal at this level and will continue to demonstrate that loyalty through the year.
  4. Disappointing of course but both players deserve to play at a higher level. Ryan Blackman in particular has been a first class player and captain during his time with us - I wish him the best of luck and hope to see him back one day (the non-league roundabout being what it is). Percy and Scott Thomas are more than capable of filling in for Ryan, let’s see who comes in to fill the more attacking role that Della Verde had.
  5. The travellers have moved on and the large (open) car park looked in good condition when I visited this morning. Well done to the Council for getting this sorted - a relief to us all.
  6. I hope as much as anyone that both players return after the 4 weeks but if one, or both, choose to accept a subsequent offer from Welling, don't blame anybody on the board - blame Brad for breaking the amicable arrangement.
  7. The story is correct. I was in the ground last Friday leaf-sweeping/weeding etc. and heard all manner of burnouts from the car park. Wondered what on earth was going on so looked outside and sure enough - two cars doing donuts in the car park and several caravans already parked up. It looked like the height restriction at the entrance near the astroturf pitches had been left open and the travellers made the most of it. Was at the ground again today and the travellers are still there. The car park looks OK at the moment but I am sure the fly-tipping will start soon. I hope the council has serve
  8. It still irritates me that we were not rewarded for developing players who progressed from our club to the professional ranks. Corey Whiteley, Mohammadu Faal and Josh Davison spring to mind. At our level, most clubs can't afford to finance more than 1 or 2 players on "full" contracts, this is a simple fact and is not going to change. I think the FA should make it mandatory that the non-league club from which the player has progressed (or has spent the longest in developing that player) receive a fixed amount - say GBP 25,000 - when the player (she or he) signs a full-time contract. This fee sh
  9. Fair observation but not sure what else we could do. Neither player is on a “full” contract so could leave after a 7 day approach anyway. Best way of staying match fit is by playing. I hope both return .....
  10. Just looked at the league table again and must have got Brightlingsea confused with Cray 🤪 ... I blame Trump, he’s left me even more dazed and confused than normal 😲
  11. Agree Steph, we should have won far more comfortably than we did. But I don’t want to take anything away from the performance - we looked strong once again. Let’s not forget Brightlingsea were higher than us in the league table before the game. Lockdown has come at the wrong time (not that there is a “right” time), I hope we can pick up from where we left off when we resume (hopefully) in early December. Just read the website update about Blackman and Della-Verde. Looks like a sensible move and shows the squad once again that ETFC players are firmly on the radar of various scouts. Fi
  12. Terrific match last night!! I thought the quality of football played by both teams was a credit to the non-league game. I was encouraged straightaway when I saw we had stuck with the same starting 11. Our back 4 just look “proper”. Really good to see skilful players at left back and right back (old school terminology) and each time I see Youngs and Blackman are starting in midfield, I know that part of the spine is secure. I’ve read a lot about Scott Thomas and saw why last night. Very intelligent player, always seems to know where the ball is going to go. Wins more than his fair sha
  13. Last night was a strange match. I thought our line-up and formation looked good and we started well, playing the ball around nicely. Stortford seemed one-dimensional to me, long balls and not much else. Difficult to comment on the penalty as I was standing some distance away, but it was far from clear cut. Not sure what it was awarded for, to be honest. Perhaps shirt pulling In the box? Seemed harsh. Anyway, we were still well in the game and I thought if we carried on with the possession based football we were playing, we would equalise. Their second goal stemmed from a poor pass o
  14. That’s an excellent start to the season! How lucky we are to have so many people willing to volunteer and help out. A veritable army of stewards 👏. I think the club have done exactly the right thing by setting the attendance at 250 for this first “proper” home fixture, given the 2 pre-season friendlies had to be cancelled. With the various working arrangements now trialled, people can be confident they will be safe when the capacity is increased. I don’t see it as lost revenue at all. On the contrary, it’s a sensible investment. The club would lose far more money if it had to postpone a f
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