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  1. Cheers Ian, this forum is hardly used now as we have our own Facebook Group. As you know Jay is also a Margate FC legend too and we are so pleased to get him as our new manager. Good luck to the Stones for the rest of the season.
  2. Yep only the Moderator can change it after a while. Enjoy too John and see you on 26th!
  3. Can't say I see anything wrong with it Jab ;-)
  4. They will come am convinced............
  5. Keep the faith John, things can only get better as the song says. PS where have you been the last few matches, you have been missed!
  6. Dont worry about it Bill, its because you are a Ramsgate supporter ;-)
  7. Yes that is true, but then only the same number used to post here in the past I guess?
  8. I think you are on the wrong Facebook group then as the one I see has a lot of people posting on there.Ok, some do post more but we have posts about all sorts of things, some moaning of course as we are talking of Margate FC :-)
  9. Exactly JR, all our chat is on those two medias.
  10. He hasn't been anywhere, believe me! Now move on!!
  11. Seems an Achilles injury according to a Kentonline report, injuries are starting to mount up.
  12. Exactly, its boring! Ryan is still at Margate FC, in a volunteer/fan basis as previously stated. The fact Gosport havent changed their website is down to them.
  13. Wondered where Lewis was on Tuesday, what has he done then Gator?
  14. If you listened to Nikki's interview on Radio Kent, he said Ali was offered a 2 year contract on a better deal and was allowed to go because Nikki just wants players there who want to play for us. He also said other players had been approached by other clubs but they want to stay.
  15. Why not just ask him at a game NKM......he is very approachable. Am guessing Gosprt are just slow to update their site.....who knows.?
  16. I give up, some people dont just get the hint, Ryan, as Gator said, is not at Gosport. He is now like a lot of otherrs at the club a volunteer as a true Margate fan.
  17. Gosport would be the ones who should be confirming re Ryan if he is not there sure surely?
  18. Why would the club say anything, Ryan is no longer employed there!
  19. I meant no he isnt re Gosport.
  20. I believe my original post is quite correct re Ryan, he will be at most games, (if not all), when Margate play.
  21. Ryan is, and always be a fan of Margate and will be seen at games both home and away........enough said.
  22. I think we are starting to FLOUNDER now.
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