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  1. I do not want to inflame things but I thought the explanation from the Manager was helpful in understanding the situation with regard to Ryan Scott. We are at the end of season that has seen highs and lows on the pitch but we will end up mid-table a position that is about right. I think it would be helpful to have a further open forum after the season ends so we can discuss the season and get a view from Craig,Waiting until July will be too late. Anyway let's all stick together support the Manager and the players, especially as we have a cup to win.
  2. Credit to the club for putting out an announcement about Ryan Scott, it stops any further speculation. I questioned the decision of the manager, I appreciate the fact that if players breach the rules there are consequences. Pity, I thought he was a good player with a bright future. Hope the matter can be resolved as he fitted in well and helped the club.
  3. Played ok first half second half fell away as we gave the ball away far too many times. Difficult to get head around a team that on their day can play so well and at other times play so poorly. Am supportive of manager but am confused why Ryan Scott was in the crowd whilst Sapps was playing full back, maybe Ryan was suspended or injured. Appreciate players try hard and we should appreciate this, difficult to take away many positives from yesterday.
  4. What an outstanding performance, every player worked hard and contributed to one of the best games I have seen. Nice touch so we could wish Billy well. We should have won by more but a pleasure to see the team play open football and defend well. More of this please.
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