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  1. A fantastic performance by Ashford saw them beat a determined Kempston side (who were chasing a play off spot) by 3-1. The match started with Kempston showing their intent to try and get a result from this game by chasing and closing down the Ashford players and attacking at every opportunity, Ashford's defence weathered the storm and held firm and kept them out ably assisted by the midfield coming back to help out. Slowly but surely Ashford came more into the game making good use of the gaps left by the high pressing Kempston defence and an excellent defence splitting pass put Mark Bitmead in on goal he made no mistake and deftly chipped the ball over the on rushing keeper and into the back of the net,this took the wind out of Kempston sails and now it was Ashford's turn to attack at every opportunity and again good work by the midfield put Mark Bitmead in on goal and again he made no mistake and smashed the ball into the net. The 2nd half started and once again Kempston pressed, going close several times, the game ebbed and flowed each side creating chances, Kempston were attacking and ball went out for a corner, over came the ball and under pressure from the Kempston players Tyler Tobin missed the ball and it hit Scot Weight on the leg and into the goal, this OG encouraged and gave heart to the Kempston players who were by now looking tired and they tried to get the equaliser which again left gaps in their defence, and a superb pass put Dan Fleming in on goal and he slotted the ball home. Kempston still played to their game plan but by now looked like a beaten team and when the final whistle blew Ashford celibrated an excellent win against a strong opponent.
  2. A horror display by Ashford in the 1st half of this game, Ashford conceded on 9 minutes because of very poor and sloppy marking which resulted in a Histon player standing unmarked in the 6 yard box with a simple tap in, and Histon scored again in the 19th minute when Histon's number 5 scored a cracker. Ashford huffed and puffed for the remainder of the half but got nowhere, they allowed Histon to dominate play and the Ashford players were getting frustrated which caused stupid tackles and needless fouls and free kicks,Histon were no saints either because they put in there fair share of reckless tackles and needless free kicks as well. 2nd half was much better by Ashford as they tried to get something from this game, and things looked good when Ashford scored in the 63rd minute, but it was not to be and Histon closed the game out and won 1-2 making light of their league position, well done to them.
  3. A much better display by Ashford, I know we didn't win but on the whole a good solid team performance. Good to see Dan Flemming back amongst the goals, and a couple of new faces whose names I have yet to remember, I wish them well in playing for Ashford. Really sorry to read that Kam English has gone to Marlow he was an excellent player for Ashford in the relatively short time he was with us, good luck to him and thanks for your commitment to the club.
  4. I don't go to many away games but I went to this one, and I wish I had stayed at home, what a absolute miserable display by Ashford. First I must say well done to Fleet for taking full advantage of Ashford's rotten display,Fleet took hold of this game from the very start and pressed hard and never let up for the 90 minutes, and they altermately won 3-0. As for Ashford, what can I say about such an embarrassingly poor display, well I will try, 16 minutes gone and yet again a simple pass cuts through Ashford's defence and Fleet's attacker is in on goal then he get's wiped out by Tyler, of coarse it's a penalty and how could the defence stand there and argue it's not, (you Tyler were so lucky not to get sent off) 1-0 to Fleet. 20th minute a corner to Fleet, over comes the ball, up jumps a Fleet player unchallenged and it's now 2-0 to Fleet, and once again the defenders all blaming each other. 25th minute a Fleet defender lunges in studs up and flattens Max Webb, the defender gets sent off and Fleet are now down to 10 men, but it made no difference to Ashford's appalling game, in fact I had to count Fleet's players just to make sure they were down to 10 men, half time could not come quick enough for me, I was hoping the 2nd half would be better, but it was not to be, in fact it got worse, no leadership or encouragement from the dugout Ben Murray just standing there hands in his pockets looking miserable as sin, devoid of any ideas as what to do about this mess, except to shout and blame the referee, (Ben the ref is not the cause of Ashford's problem's), no leadership or encouragement from the team's captain in fact Russ was subbed,even the subs coming on made no difference to Ashford's game, and to cap it all Fleet got a third goal( who are down to 10 men), full time could not come quick enough and put Ashford out of their misery. I left Fleet's ground feeling angry that the team I love to support could play so bad and I hope Ashford can pull themselves out of this wretched period of form but it has gone on for a long time now, do we have the player's to do this I wonder?
  5. Much better by Ashford, good to watch the lads play a passing game instead of the long ball all the time. Couple of new faces in the team today,are they perminant or on loan? A goal apiece for Bayley Mummery and Tommy Brunton,both well worked goals and both well taken, the number of passes and the movement involved for Tommy's goal was a joy to watch. Hopefully Ashford will shrug off the poor form and gain some confidence from this result because the frailties within the team are still obvious (Arlesey's goal being a prime example) but enough of that, i will take pleasure in Ashford's win and hope they carry the confidence and belief into the next game. For me Ashford's man of the match was Max Herbert.
  6. What a boring game,yes we got of to a flyer with Kam's goal in the 5th minute but sadly that was the only bright spot in an dour performance by Ashford, and it was all down hill from there highlighted by giving Bedford a free header( the player was completely unmarked) and then watch the defenders argue amongst themselves as to who should have marked him, and a penalty kick by Dan Fleming that was so bad the Bedford supporters were happily laughing at him. To me Swifty the answer is obvious as to Ashford's free fall down the table,as I have said before there are several 1st team regulars that are finding the step up difficult to cope with,2 out of the 3 main goal scorers for Ashford are so out of form that if Ashford had a reserve side they would be in it. In my opinion poor team selection by the manager, why was Will Boye left on the bench?( He never got onto the pitch), why was Scott Weight left sitting on the bench until midway into the 2nd half? Ashford desperately need new blood in the side. Nearly all the problems can be worked out on the training ground, a lot of hard work to be put in by the players and management alike.
  7. Oh dear oh dear what an awful display by Ashford,we were pathetic, no pace,no enthusiasm,no skill,no desire no urgency,need I go on,all the symptoms of a team so lacking in confidence that it is painfull to watch. It is now obvious to me that more than a couple of 1st team regulars are struggling and finding life hard at this level of football.Ben Murray has a tough task ahead to put the confidence and swagger back into the team I love to support and watch. Just a question for you Ben, why was Scott Weight not subbed before he received his 2nd yellow and thus the sending off? with 1yellow to his name and the way he was playing the 2nd yellow was always coming.He will now be banned for 1 or more games and his experience will be missed,we need all the experienced players on the pitch to help the team get through this rough patch. Who is the player that has apparently left the club?
  8. It's been a few weeks since I watched Ashford and I almost missed this match,so pleased I managed to get here. A real pleasure to see Ashford play such good flowing football and put six goals past Barton who were obviously no mugs.Ashford's forwards worried the life out of Barton's defenders with their speed and goal scoring abilities and were abley backed up by the midfield. The only down side was the appalling marking in the penalty area that aloud Barton's number 9 to score the first of his hat trick (well done to him). Ashford played the best football I have ever seen them play,especially the 1st half,a joy to watch. The 2nd half was just as good,if the 1st half belonged to the forwards then the 2nd belonged to the defence,a solid no nonsense display,I know they conceded two very dubious penalties but take them out of the equation and you can see just how good the defence was. Make no mistake Barton played a huge part in this match,they never gave up and attacked at every opportunity and it says a lot about them even when the score was 4-1 the game never looked safe. People were asking who was Ashford's man of the match,impossible to choose,to me and many more said the same the man of the match award go's to the whole team. Well played Ashford fantastic performance.
  9. A fair report Swifty and I take nothing away from Chalfont who on the whole played an excellent game,as did Ashford,who battled away non stop to try and get something from the game,for me the stand out player and my man of the match not only for his goal but also for his all round play is Mark Bitmead. Ashford's defence must wake up and stop playing like schoolboys,take the 1st goal for Chalfont,it came from a throw in,every body in the ground could see it was going to be launched towards Ashford's goal,and so it was,the ball was coming straight to an Ashford defender(I won't name the player) who ducked down and let the ball go,why I don't know, it landed at the feet of an Chalfont attacker who crossed the ball to the far post for an unmarked player to tap the ball home,schoolboy defending. The second goal was just as bad,a Chalfont player runs into Ashford's penalty area,5 yes 5 defenders go to him,leaving the far post unmarked, gifting a simple tap in for the unmarked attacker,schoolboy defending. The third goal just as bad,an over hit pass to an Chalfont attacker was going straight to the keeper,(yes the attacker was rushing in)but the keeper had time to deal with it,the ball should have gone into orbit but he left it, in nips the attacker and scores.schoolboy defending. I hope this kind of defending will be sorted and tightened up for the coming matches.
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