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  1. Put me down for Remi please Tony
  2. I believe it has been cancelled, but I have no idea whether it will be rescheduled
  3. Surely we'll be the subject of Amazon's next "All or Nothing" series?
  4. Was hoping for a nice sunny day by the coast, but I suppose Canvey will have to do!
  5. Will the club shop be open too?
  6. Semis are a one-off game this season. Home tie would be nice, though we might need some new nets!
  7. Ridiculous. F#ck them. Does the equipment purchased allow for, say, a 10 second delay in transmission? That wouldn't be a live stream would it?
  8. If there is any beer that will go off before we come out of lock down, I am more than willing to help you dispose of it...
  9. I didn't see that coming
  10. Certainly hope it doesn't come to that
  11. I thought the grass was a bit long...
  12. Having read the item on the club website, I have downloaded the NHS Covid 19 App. It says it is for NHS Volunteer Respondents and residents of Newham and the Isle of Wight only. Any thoughts anyone?
  13. They've got more chance of signing Lionel Richie
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