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  1. If they can be beaten 4-0 by a ballboy they need to take a serious look at themselves! Sign him up for the rest of the season btw!
  2. A bit strong that Mr Jago. Admittedly we seemed a bit flat in the first half, but sometimes you have to admit you were beaten by the better side on the day. Potters Bar did their homework well, defended superbly and took their chances. End of story.
  3. Could have been worse. Shame it's not a new ground to visit
  4. Unless there is a very good reason, it takes a brave man to change a winning team
  5. Yes mate. See you Saturday
  6. He comes from sunny Spain, we can't pronounce his name!
  7. Cancel my membership please. My badge is down the drain outside the club and I will give my scarf to a homeless person tomorrow
  8. Cancel my sponsorship please
  9. Cancel my seat please
  10. Edward the Confessor was a regular on the Eastside
  11. RIP Mrs Hornchurch. You will be sadly missed by all who knew you. Sincere condolences to Ken, Lisa, Darren and all the family. Thinking of you all
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