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  1. Put me down for Remi please Tony
  2. I believe it has been cancelled, but I have no idea whether it will be rescheduled
  3. Surely we'll be the subject of Amazon's next "All or Nothing" series?
  4. Was hoping for a nice sunny day by the coast, but I suppose Canvey will have to do!
  5. Will the club shop be open too?
  6. Semis are a one-off game this season. Home tie would be nice, though we might need some new nets!
  7. Ridiculous. F#ck them. Does the equipment purchased allow for, say, a 10 second delay in transmission? That wouldn't be a live stream would it?
  8. If there is any beer that will go off before we come out of lock down, I am more than willing to help you dispose of it...
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