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  1. Kel

    Remi Sutton

    Maybe we are trying to replace players who have to be picked up at Dartford when we play south of the river. A pain in the @rse that is!
  2. Kel


    One for me please
  3. Kel

    Margate Away - Was it a goal?

    As nil-nils go,and given the conditions, that was a pretty decent game to watch. I just wish we could have tested flora gloves a bit more in the second half
  4. Kel


    Free admission or a free pint would be better appreciated
  5. Kel


    1 for me please
  6. Kel

    Mark stimson

    As long as you are not Dagenham Kev in disguise!
  7. Kel

    Message from Jim

    East Side is the way to go mate!
  8. Kel


    1 for me please
  9. Kel

    Thanks for everything Jim

    Thank you so much Jim. So many memories of you as a player and a manager (the last minute diving header at Flackwell Heath will always be in mind!). Take a well deserved rest, and please stay involved in some capacity. It was a pleasure working with you mate. God bless
  10. I predict that I will pay £40 for a hotel room, £30 for petrol, £10 on minicabs and £5 for the Dartford Crossing, and some nob from Margate will forget to put fuel in the generator
  11. Kel

    Bostik Premier Away Days...........

    Anyone know how the southwestern train strike affects this route?
  12. Kel

    Loving this ...

    Just seen this. I don't know if any of you have seen it before but I love it:
  13. Kel

    FA Cup & Trophy

    We have been drawn Away to Aveley in the Preliminary Round of the FA Cup on Saturday 20 August, and at Home to Ashford Town (Middx) on Saturday 8 October in the Preliminary Round of the FA Trophy.
  14. Finally got a day off work which coincides with an Urchins game! See you all there.