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  1. I didn't see that coming
  2. Certainly hope it doesn't come to that
  3. I thought the grass was a bit long...
  4. Having read the item on the club website, I have downloaded the NHS Covid 19 App. It says it is for NHS Volunteer Respondents and residents of Newham and the Isle of Wight only. Any thoughts anyone?
  5. They've got more chance of signing Lionel Richie
  6. And Burf is the bald old guy who wanders around the clubhouse before home games with papers in his hand trying to get money from people ...
  7. Now that was funny. Yoda amongst a bunch of Mexican banditos 😁
  8. I believe he made his Premier League debut about 4 years before George Saunders was born!
  9. Has Arteta been to the Hayden Bird school of football management?
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