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  1. Great team performance: my MOTM has to be Joe Wright though! Well done lads: onward and upward.
  2. I agree with what appears to be the majority of the Urchin faithful. If the cost of showing Kings Lynn that their stance is selfish and appears purely money-led is that I can’t watch my favourite team, them so be it!
  3. The Boss and I will be there, plus anyone else we can muster!
  4. I don't post much at all on here (!) but have to say a heartfelt thank you to Jim for all his dedication and hard work for so long. Through good times and bad he's been rock solid for us, and, as others have said, is a true gent. I hope he joins us on the Riverside in the not too distant future: I look forward to hearing him bellow "MAN ON!!!" from there.
  5. What about "Start me up" by the good old Rolling Stones ??
  6. 03-May 11 - Happy Birthday SilentButDeadly :)

  7. 03-May 10 - Happy Birthday SilentButDeadly :)

  8. Never mind all that: what's the score!!! ? ? ?
  9. Interesting news; how do you think this will affect the Riverside toilet capacity? And will AFC Utd of West Ham fund heating in our loos?? Also will "Uncles" provide special senior citizen rates for entry before 7pm (provided we leave quietly by 9am?)??
  10. Really enjoyed the game at Chelmsford yesterday and very impressed with their facilities. Quite enjoyed their parrot/macaw mascot's antics too. If we had a mascot though, what would we choose? A phoenix?
  11. 3-0 to the Mighty Urchins, gate 287. I'll be on the Riverside with Treeboy's Thermos and blanket. Can you hear the Eastside sing? No; no!!
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