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  1. 15-November 10 - Happy Birthday Mitchurchin :)

  2. Well......wouldn't it be nice to have some stability for a while, to know that we'll have a club that can survive through these tough times and once we're through it, prosper and deliver to the expectations of the loyal fans we are lucky to have. Sorry, the club is lucky to have. When it all went belly up last time, it was our dedication and loyalty which provided the base to rebuild and get ourselves back where we are, where we deserve to be. Yes conference south should be on the agenda, but once we're ready. Look at what AFC Wimbledon have done, established, built and been patient. Now the conference is terrified of them, not just because they have a massive support base, but they are a sustainable business with people involved who care. We may not have the luxury of 3,000 every week, but we do have great people involved, so lets get behind the new owners for sure, but make sure that they know who we are, what we expect and collectively we can deliver both on and off the pitch.
  3. Sutton passed it about nicely, but were no better than us and at 1-1 I couldn't see any other result other than a draw. Even if he was pushed he shouldn't have had his hand raised. It was a cast iron pen even looking at it from the opposite end of the pitch, but there you go. At the end of the day the season was great, we were there at the end and still would have faced two tough games to get into the Conf south...
  4. So, it's basically there for the taking....a win puts us in the mix, you can't ask for any more than that. Great stuff lads and thanks for the updates unc and co.....Hope to see you at Sutton.
  5. come on you urchins, you can beat this lot, I think....
  6. Good luck Dale, loyalty beyond reproach. Great keeper and a proper club man. Enjoy whatever the future brings you.
  7. Good luck to them, it takes more than big budgets to make a team. Hendon has nout to spend last year and nearly made the play offs. Bring them all on I say, unless they get Ronaldo, in which case I might change my mind set.
  8. Whatever, it was a great season in a bloody hard league. Next year wot be any easier but we know what to expect. Fierce competition and decent crowds, so bring it on and many many congrats to Colin and all the staff and......of course the faithful.
  9. We have a very good chance, the pressure will all be on the wombles as they are favourite and at home, but that counts for nout when it comes to one off games. Whatever happens its been a magnificent achievement by Colin and all concerned, but it aint over yet. This is one hell of a league.
  10. Yeah, vote Boris, he de man, actually no, he de tw@t. C2C to Upminster and a short walk in the beautiful afternoon air.
  11. All sounds very tense, just as you'd expect from a game of this magnitude. A win would be superb, 1-0 would be just the ticket. But if I have to make the 3 mile journey to Staines, I will....
  12. Good luck to the boys tomorrow, sadly I'll be stuck in London so no chance. Sing yer hearts out for the lads, a win tomorrow would be massive points wise and on the psychology of the play offs. Bring it on!
  13. Great result again from the lads, sets up next week very nicely. The Angels are on a great run too and will be dangerous now and if they get to the play offs. The Wombles are firing, Staines keep on winning, so it looks very exciting and very tight. Bring it on.
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