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  1. 19-February 11 - Happy Birthday Hannah :)

  2. Claudius, I use this site for PMing and occasionally see what's going on here and all I can see on this forum is a bit of provoking. In regards to "what might go on" on the other forum - I've never understood the problem you onlookers have. There's no problem with moderating or the moderators as far as I'm aware and to be honest it's quite pleasant. This site is definitely more functional and in a way yes, I do wish the forum was still here purely for those functional reasons. On the new forum it's hard to know how many posts or threads you need to read and it can be frustrating b
  3. Gaz... why are you poking the fire? I don't understand why this thread has started.
  4. This is probably my last post here, just to say... Gaz, oldfan and all you proper fans who post on here...leave the stirrers to it. Don't feed them. (I was rightly advised not to anymore). It's all recycled cobblers. We could be here arguing the same points forever and ever. Let this forum alone once and for all and let the idiots talk among themselves. Seriously. You're dealing with people who have nothing better to do than to talk about all the negative things possible attached to our club even though they have nothing to do with it... don't waste your time here anymore, there's no
  5. That is probably the only thing in the whole world we agree on.
  6. Originally Posted By: Claudius The more you ignore me,the closer I get... Morrissey fan are we?
  7. In my opinion, it's OK to go off topic a bit as long as it's connected somehow to the topic and the discussion is still able to go back on course. That is only natural when people are discussing a topic, for things to go off on a tagent and there is nothing wrong with that. What shouldn't happen though is people having their own personal conversations within a thread that nobody else reading can relate to or comment on. "Hi *insert name*, how are you?" being an example. I know that's blatantly referring to one of Darter's posts and sorry, not intending to attack, but unfortunately it was
  8. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: Hannah It will certainly benefit you if we all came back. how does it benefit me hannah..? I thought you owned this site nowdays? And Ebbsfleet was one of the busiest forums. Now it's nearly dead.
  9. It will certainly benefit you if we all came back. There's no reason for everyone to come back here again, and they won't.
  10. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Maybe more people will post now this is all over! there are very few people posting on the new forum les and this one will rise again when the currently nervous fans find out the way forward come february...FF takes some beating for good footie gossip and banter and with the major problem on here now out of the way you may well find more genuine posters and less star chamber members... It is busy if not busier than this forum ever was, at the moment.
  11. Not every regular fan has to post on the forum!
  12. I've been a supporter since I was 14 right and when I used to tell fellow male friends at the time what club I supported it was always "ohh they're ****, they're not even in the league." I've never met anyone my age from then until now who respect the fact that I support the local club. It's not "cool," and I think our location doesn't help, being close to all the much bigger London clubs, whom these people supported. Not to tar everyone with the same brush, but from experience I conclude it'll be very hard to get the youth of the local aera reguarly attending the matches. It's more of a
  13. If that kids go free idea was really worthwhile, surely all the clubs would be doing it?
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